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Rated 5 out of 5 by 131 reviewers.

  • The only food Ol'y will eat, he loves it!
    This Brand/type is so hard to get and the only food Ol'y will simply eat and love to the last bite. I need your help to get it, I have to travel outside my area to get it, if at all and take my chances to get it. Ol'y is worth the effort. by on 02/19/2014
  • My Cats Love The Cheese Flavors!!
    Out of 10 cats, all 10 really go for the Tasty Treasures Cat flavors, especially the chicken and cheese. All 10 get fed 2 wet food meals a day with Friskies in a variety of flavors and this is certainly one of their favorites!! by on 02/16/2014
  • Meowlicious!!!
    My two cats love this food. They are so finicky that they won't even eat tuna or tuna flavored food. Yet I get hollered at twice a day for Chicken and Cheese. I can set my watch when it is time to feed them. I do use other Friskies flavors but the Chicken and Cheese is their favorite. Although they like the other Friskies flavors (except tuna) they will clean thier bowls if it is Chicken and Cheese. I have tried other brands and even more expensive brands yet they prefer Friskies. Great job Purina. Don't stop making Chicken and Cheese and don't change it. by on 01/29/2014
  • keeps him around
    I keep hoping this creature will run away...but as long as he's here I'll feed him...he loves this brand and only this at my house, my wife checks his bowl before mine...thanks Friskies for keeping PIECE in my house...and that cat..... by on 01/22/2014
  • Satisfing for my pets.
    I have three cats that are above 4 years old. They love their Friskies. they com running when they see me getting a can out of the pantry. Makes them very happy!! by on 12/26/2013
  • Again, this product is great for older cats.
    Ditto from Review Title that all the Tasty Treasures products are good for older cats. by on 12/19/2013
  • OK
    My older cat with bad teeth loves this product and I will continue to buy it. by on 12/19/2013
  • My cat loves this one
    He's old and picky these days so I try everything.  This one is a winner by on 10/28/2013
  • Absolute Favorite
    Our little rescue cat is surprisingly picky about her canned food. She only wants Friskies, especially Ocean Fish, Tuna, and Cheese in Sauce and also the Indoor Saucy Seafood Bake. by on 08/06/2013
  • The best new addition
    My cats, all five of them, absolutely love the tasty treasures. Before I tried this, there was always one who didn't care for one flavor or another. Now they all gobble down there meals and there is no waste, ever. by on 06/16/2013
  • The cheese makes it!
    My 3 girls can be quite picky when it comes to moist food, they love the Tasty Treasures variety of canned as long as it has no fish in it.  My cats are non fish eaters.  They prefer chicken, turkey, liver, egg and cheese.   by on 06/12/2013
  • What my cats fight over!
    I have to make sure we never run out of it. My cats just love it. If I am going near my room and they hear me they cry for their soft food and I have to give it to them or they just won't stop till I do! I currently own 8 cats and as I feed them, I have a few cats that will not only eat their share but next stick their little face into the bowl of another one and eat up their food too! You'd think I starve them to death! They get their "soft foody" as I call it twice daily and always have their dry food out available to eat. SO they are never hungry. It's just that they prefer the shreds and filets to all else! So I spoil them and feed it to them twice a day. They are health and happy cats. They all range in age from 7 weeks old to 10 years old! At mealtime all I have to do is call " Soft Foody for the babys!" And they all come running up to me like a herd of cattle! I love it more than they do. by on 06/12/2013
  • CATS LOVE FRISKIES!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Picky Ghost
    My 13 year old cat Ghost is a picky little Fella & he is diabetic......He loves cheese and this is all he will eat. The pate he won't touch. He enjoys the taste and come a running to eat Tasty Treasures. He Enjoys the shreds also but Tasty Treasures are hi all time favorite........ by on 06/11/2013
  • My cat's LOVE Friskies dry and wet cat foods!
    If I manage to get the lid off of the can without my baies hearing it, they come a running just by the smell! It does have a stong fish oder, but this is by far their absolute favorite flavor! Most of the time our kitties come and find us when it's supper time (around 4:30pm). If we don't promptly attend to their hunger at that very second we ar climbed on, nibbled on , liked - anything until we feed them. My kitties NEVER did this before with the other canned foods. I'm kinda beginning to think that there must be some kitty narcotics in the food! LOL Thanks for making a food that out cat's truely love! by on 06/11/2013
  • Scrumptous
    My cat just loves the Tasty Treasures foods. I try to give him something different every night. by on 06/11/2013
  • tasty treasures
    Bothe my cats love Friskies tasty treasures, all flavors as long as its Friskies! my Tigger won't eat anything else! by on 06/09/2013
  • Friskie's Chicken Treasure's
    I have 8+ cat's they get a blend of 8 different Purina dry cat food all day . For dinner they get treasure's, shreds, bit's,and fileites and a large can of patte. I have no complaint's from any of my cat's or kitten's. by on 06/09/2013
  • Perfect for your cheese lover
    I have two very picky boys who often waste food! Tasty Treasures is the best bang for my buck because they eat every bite!!! by on 06/05/2013
  • My cat really didn't like wet cat food this.
    My Toothy never would eat canned wet cat food before I bought this for him. I tried a variety of different flavors and brands and he would never eat it. He'd just sniff it, take a few licks and walk away, only for my other cat, Bubbles, to come over and clean up what Toothy didn't want. Toothy is a cheese lover and after I purchased this for him he ate half a can almost immediately. Bubbles is equally satisfied, although, he will eat any kind of wet food. Will definitely be buying this on a regular basis. by on 06/05/2013
  • 6 paws up!
    My six babies love this stuff. It has plenty of gravy for the gravy lovers who lick it clean then eat the chunks, but they also love the cheese bits too. Even my 14 year old Diva finicky cat loves this stuff! Just pop the top and they come running and meowing! Please never stop making this stuff! by on 06/05/2013
  • Good to the Last Bit
    My cat "Bear" just loves the Tasty Treasures food. The pieces are just the right size and it's creamy texture is wonderful. That's one of his many favorites. by on 06/05/2013
  • Tasty Treasures
    My 2 cats go absolutely crazy over the Tasty Treasures wet food I serve, especially the chicken one. Must be the cheese. by on 06/05/2013
  • My cats all love this food
    I feel that this product is great. I have 6 cats and they all love all of the Friskies products. Ive had numerous cats for over 40 years now and i have always fed them only Friskies. My cats eat all the food that i put down for them only by friskies. Anything else i feed them they walk away or meow for something else. Keep up the good work Friskies. by on 06/05/2013
  • Tasty treasure
    The only thing my cat will really eat! He loves it. by on 05/28/2013
  • Great Quality; preferred taste
    Love all the Frisky flavors, just need them in a 32 can pack for convenience - especially the fish flavors -- currently I am buying them separately as a special treat. by on 05/28/2013
  • Only one my picky kitty will eat.
    As long as it's tasty treasures, she's happy and eats it. Must be her flat nose. by on 05/21/2013
  • George LOVES his TREASURES
    This is the only kind of food my cat eats. I have tried everything. He eats a can of treasures in the morning and throughout the day his has his Friskies dry food by on 05/20/2013
  • Fantastic!
    Ocean fish AND tuna?! Check. Cheese?! CHECKMATE! My cat has never been happier! Every night he even brings a friend or two by the house to taste what has made him a SUPER popular cat in our park. Most nights I have to throw an extra bowl or two out because he has so many friends I dont want to be a bad host! My favorite friend of his, Dolly, loooooves to wake me up laughing about how she just cant get enough (I think it's the ocean fish). She always gives me a reassuring wink with her good eye after i let her down off the gutter, this product changed our lives.  by on 05/17/2013
  • Mesmerizing
    My cat General just couldn't get enough.. he really went to town on it. I've never seen him go to town like that on any other can of cat food. He cleaned the can and looked up at me as if to say "I want to go to town on more of this cat food." I guess he liked it. by on 05/17/2013
  • Favorite
    This is my cats favorite. Nothing left in the bowl when they are done. Two thumbs up. by on 05/17/2013
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