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Rated 5 out of 5 by 642 reviewers.

  • They Got Tired of it Quick
    The free sample I got went over like gangbusters, so I bought a full bag of it. After about a week, they wanted nothing to do with it. by on 07/02/2015
  • Great job!
    I feed multiple strays and the love the friskies surf & turfin. Keep up the good wok by on 07/02/2015
  • Great Product!
    I have been buying this for a while and my cats love it!! by on 07/02/2015
  • My kitties love it
    They gobble this food up! And they're picky as can be! by on 07/02/2015
  • Surfin&Turfin Favorites
    I didn't know which flavor to write a review on because my cats like all the flavors of Friskies we always switch them up so they always have a different flavor and tried your new flavor Friskies 7 and they loved that one to we will always buy them Friskies thanks for a good product for my cats. by on 07/02/2015
  • Our cats love it.
    the cats love there friskies. it gives them playful energy. by on 07/02/2015
  • She Loved it!
    I received a free sample of Friskies 7 in the mail. I usually feed her different varieties of Friskies wet food such as the Pates, Flakes, and some Special Diet series. Tried this type and results were great! by on 07/02/2015
  • My Miss Noodles
    My Miss Noodles loves any friskies but the new one she likes alot by on 07/02/2015
  • Cat Loved It!
    I got a free sample in the mail and I fed it to my cat. He ate it all in about 2 minutes. He was a happy cat with a happy tummy! by on 07/02/2015
  • Food
    All 5 of my fur babies love your food. Both dry and can. by on 07/02/2015
  • My Kitty loved it!
    I have an outdoor kitty who dived right into this. Thanks for a tasty treat! by on 07/02/2015
  • Great food.
    My cat loves it and the dog thinks the cat knows what is good so he eats it too. by on 07/02/2015
  • My Cat's Favorite Food!
    I received a free sample for my cats and they both loved it! I honestly can't remember the flavor but since then I have tried other flavors and my cats love them all. Will definitely continue to purchase Friskies. by on 07/02/2015
  • Excellent Food!!1
    It was gone is 5 seconds. Yummmmm She ate it all up and did share with the other cats. by on 07/02/2015
  • my 5 kitties
    they so love friskies and all the flavors, loved the 7 flavor sample so I had to buy the big bag. They are totally spoiled on your foods. by on 07/02/2015
  • Surfin and turfin
    Just tried this flavor. My 3 cats love it. Previously tried the shrimp sensation and none of my cats would eat it. All of my cats are crazy about the friskies treats and run to the treat drawer whenever they hear it open. by on 07/02/2015
  • cats think it has great taste
    My cats really enjoy this food They are very picky and will not each some of the flavors. by on 07/02/2015
  • My Princess Loved It
    My cat at the sample like they were treats. She loved them! by on 07/02/2015
  • My cats love it!
    Having 5 cats it's hard finding a dry food they all like. When we switched to surf n turf they all immediately took to it. It must taste great!! With 5 cats we go through food like crazy! This is a great value. I would suggest this product to anyone with cats. by on 07/02/2015
  • Review for Friskies 7
    Received a sample of Friskies 7 in the mail; not sure why it is not offered as a dry kibble to review. My cats enjoyed the Friskies 7 however after reviewing the ingredients I have decided to go with a grain free and meat listed as first ingredient as a much better option for my cats. Maybe Friskies can sell product like that. by on 07/02/2015
  • Four cat's very pleased!
    I use my always get surf and turf because it pleases cat's well by on 07/02/2015
  • Lotto cat
    My cat is finicky but seems to like the surf and turf better than the grillers, however she will eat either. She has grillers now but I'm going to purchase a different flavor this time. by on 07/02/2015
  • favorite
    This is there favorite but than again my cats will eat what ever I give them by on 07/02/2015
  • Cats love it!
    I feed a colony of feral cats and also 4 indoor cats. All of them love this food. It's all they eat. by on 07/02/2015
  • Best Flavor Ever
    When I put out a bowl of this Surfin' & Turfin', my cats RUN to the bowl. I guess the combination of chicken, beef & fish is just right. by on 07/02/2015
  • loved it
    my cat really enjoyed this had it gone in a few minutes by on 07/02/2015
  • My cats love it'
    I have 2 cats. They both love Surfin and Turfin. I've tried other flavores and they love them too by on 07/02/2015
  • Great Food
    Enjoyed this product! My cat loved it! Great product! by on 07/02/2015
  • They loved it.
    We have 3 cats and all they all loved it. They seem to prefer this over other brands. by on 07/02/2015
  • Awesome
    I give this to my cat as a treat and she loves it. by on 07/02/2015
  • Kitty loves!
    I have been feeding my cat this flavor for years and he loves it! by on 07/02/2015
  • Mrs
    My cats loved this. If they're happy, I'm very happy! by on 07/02/2015
  • scarfed it right up
    my cats were falling all over themselves to get to their bowls!! by on 07/02/2015
  • Favorite Dry!
    Surfin and Turfin is the favorite dry in my house- they tried "7" but did not like it (the squirrels did!)- by on 07/02/2015
  • my babies favorite
    I bought this and my cats seem to like it better then anything else I buy them........... by on 07/02/2015
  • All 3 cats LOVE Friskies
    I have 3 male adult cats. and the only food they will eat is Friskies. There favorite for years have been the surfin turf but now they love the new Friskies 7. they go absoloutly crazy for it. ive never seen such a thing. by on 07/02/2015
    My fur baby, loved it, she cleaned the bowl. I now look for this brand at the store when getting her food by on 07/02/2015
  • Cats loved it
    It was gone in a snap. Cats loved it , I also feed it to the outdoor cats by on 07/02/2015
  • great cat food
    My cat loves this food. My problem is she has a tendency to over eat due to being an abandoned cat. My problem is the dye used in this cood is impossible to clean. The red color stains the carpet and no amout of cleaning will remove it. by on 07/02/2015
  • Must be yummy!
    All 10 of my kitties agree on this one. They ALL love it. by on 07/02/2015
  • Demands treats every night
    My cat loves the treat and will meow every night until she gets one! by on 07/02/2015
  • Great flavors!!
    I bought this about a month ago and my cats love it!! by on 07/02/2015
  • Her Royal Highness Carrie.. "It's fit for a Queen"
    When the bag is shaken, HRH Carrie forgets her royal demeanor and runs for the bowl! by on 07/02/2015
  • not bad
    my cats always eat the stuff in the purple bag..... by on 07/02/2015
  • Fur baby seal of approval
    I received these as a free sample from Friskies and Mittens loved them! She did her special tricks over and over again to receive these tasty surf & turf morsels. by on 07/02/2015
  • Great product.
    My cats love this. It's the only dry catfood they eat. by on 07/02/2015
  • meow so good
    my cats loved it .will buy again.so happy to have found this product by on 07/02/2015
  • my boys love it
    I've tried different brands but this is my boys favorite by on 07/02/2015
  • Surfin' and Turfin' AND 7
    My 2 cats, Jasmine and Priscilla, both love Surfin 'n Turfin', but they lose their minds over the 7 the most. by on 07/02/2015
  • Excellent Product!
    I gave this to my cat and she gobbled it all up and was wanting more! by on 07/02/2015
  • new favorite
    our 4 cats all agreed it was fabulous!would try it again/ by on 07/02/2015
  • keeping kitty happy
    the next time I need to buy cat food, I will be buying this one. by on 07/02/2015
  • love the color of the bag !!!!
    This flavor is the best. We rotate between all the flavors and out cats love this the best ! by on 07/02/2015
  • Good value and cats love it
    I have been buying this product for my cats for several years and they consistently enjoy it. We trade off on the other flavors and varieties but this seems to be their favorite (I have 4 cats) by on 07/02/2015
  • yumm yummm give me some!
    This has been Harpers favorite some the get go!! She comes running when she hear the bag rattle- by on 07/02/2015
  • My cats give Friskies a "tail-up" rating.
    In reality, all your flavor varieties are winners with my cats. I change off from one variety to another so that the cats can enjoy them all by on 07/02/2015
  • Love Surfin'&Turfin'
    So the cat,Lucky loved this!! We will buy for sure! by on 07/02/2015
  • surf n turf
    I bought my cats a bag of this and a bag of the friskies 7 and they loved it by on 07/02/2015
  • GREAT !
    i just recently bought this cat loves it , it purrs when being served by on 07/02/2015
  • Gone!
    We have 5 fur balls. From ages 3 to 15. When I gave them this they thought it was a treat. They ate the bag in one gulp. Love all friskie products. I trust and love them for my babies. Soon to get one more by on 07/02/2015
  • Great appearance and smell
    I received this as a sample and although my cat isn't a real picky eater, she really seemed to enjoy this by on 07/02/2015
  • Picky Eater
    I have eight cats and they all are happy eaters except Penelope. She is a 3 year calico and has a habit of turning her nose up at food she doesn't approve of. Surfin' & Turfin' meets her taste buds and the other 7 cats approve too.. . by on 07/02/2015
  • My Cat Loved this food !
    My extremely picky cat loved this food ! I was so happy that he will now eat something different ! Thank you for a great product ! by on 07/02/2015
  • they loved it!!
    My two cats love friskies both dry and wet kinds!! by on 07/02/2015
  • Cats love it
    This is all I feed my cats, tried others and some of them they get sick on.. They love this by on 07/02/2015
  • flavor
    My cats really enjoy the Friskie products. Wet or dry all seven are quick to clean their bowls. They are big fans of pate, a few, more selections would be great by on 07/02/2015
  • Bentsonboy gives paws up!
    Received a sample in the mail. Was skeptical as to whether I would like the change in food and was purrfectly surprised. Two paws up! by on 07/02/2015
  • My cat loves it
    Got a sample in the mail and my cat went crazy got it!! by on 07/02/2015
  • Awesome!!!
    My cat loves this cat food. He eats it right up. I recommend it!!! by on 07/02/2015
  • Yum Yum say my kitties
    All my cats are long time supporters of all the Friskie brands but they really seem to enjoy the Surfin &Turfin brand. They all do a lil dance for me at dinnertime because of the great taste. by on 07/02/2015
  • Sam's Fav, Surf n Turf
    We adopted our cat Sam when he was 7 weeks old! He's grown up very healthy on Friskies! Sam is 11 years old & Surfin & Turfin is his all time favorite, Seafood Sensation is a close second & for added variety he loves Seven too! He has excellent taste (Friskies)!!! I tried another name brand years ago, he'd starve rather than eat it so we continue to be loyal Friskies Fans! Thank you for high quality, great tasting kitten/cat foods at very affordable prices!!! by on 07/02/2015
  • What cats love.
    There are two Friskies in this household. Surf & Turf and Friskies (7). No problem with cats NOT eating. by on 07/02/2015
  • Surfin' & Turfin" Favorites
    I use this as treats for my cats and they both just love it. by on 07/02/2015
  • Ashley loves her Friskies
    My cat Ashley really likes her Surf & Turf when I come home from the grocery store she can smell the bag an starts her meowing and rubbing on my leg. by on 07/02/2015
  • Cats favorites
    This is my cats favorite, they enjoy change for a very short time then they demand their favorite but now Friskies 7 flavor is becoming another favorite. by on 07/02/2015
  • Cat loves this set of Flavors
    I use it as a treat on special days when they have been really good! by on 07/02/2015
  • Good Value
    Cat enjoys this product daily, ....good value for the money by on 07/02/2015
  • They love the friskies flavors
    My cats love the flavors. There is no surprise when their favorite flavors are bought up by on 07/02/2015
  • diffently a favorite of my 3 cats!!!
    All three of my cats came running wheever we opened the bag, by far their favorite!! by on 07/02/2015
  • Great Combination
    my cats just love the flavor combination of this product by on 07/02/2015
  • Enjoying
    Received a free sample. My cats seemed to really enjoy it. by on 07/02/2015
  • rrecallef
    This is the only brand my girls get. They like surf n turf. The only brand safe. by on 07/02/2015
  • Happy Kitties!
    So far, the Surfin' & Turfin' Favorites seems to be the best choice for my two kitties. They love it! by on 07/02/2015
  • LOVE
    My cats loved it ! They were was happy to get a treat . by on 07/02/2015
  • Great flavors!
    My cats absolutely adored this!! They ask for this particular product everyday. by on 07/02/2015
  • Great Eats
    Kitia absolutely loves this food. She is normally a Fancy Feast girl ! by on 07/02/2015
  • Am I at the ocean
    I bought this product week ago and my cat thinks she is on vacation at the beach. Love the ocean flavor dry food by on 07/02/2015
  • Taste Approved!
    I received this sample in the mail. Our year old cat is so spoiled or picky, she only eats canned cat food. I decided to give this a try. What was there to lose, it was a free sample. She loved it! Thank you for samples....they allow me to try before I buy...and I might not have, at all. by on 07/02/2015
  • Pretty slick Friskies, pretty slick.
    Yes, all 5 of my cats loved the Surfin' & Turfin' food. Unfortunately, they refused to finish up the brand I still had a 15lb bag of. They don't want anything else. Not even other Friskies dry food. I can always donate the other bag to my local humane society. That is unless the cats there have had Surfin' & Turfin' before by on 07/02/2015
  • I trust Friskies brand.
    My cat loved this, so I went and bought her more of this flavor! by on 07/02/2015
  • MrsMEOW
    My cat received a sample. She ate it all and loved it! by on 07/02/2015
  • She loves it!
    Presch begged me for more than the sample size so I had to go out and buy it! It's become her favorite dry food! Thanks! by on 07/02/2015
  • Great Catch
    My cat gobbled it up the free sample. It's the brand I buy now... by on 07/02/2015
  • Yummy in the Tummy
    My 3 cats are very particular about what they eat, so I always try a small bag first. Needless to say I was back at the store purchasing a larger size. All 3 cats enjoy mealtime with Friskies Surfin' & Turfin'. Now my cat food shopping is no longer a chore. by on 07/02/2015
  • Baby cat loves this food!!
    This is the only dry food that she will eat consistently. She is now 16 years old. by on 07/02/2015
  • Nam, Nam, Chomp!
    Thank you for the sample! It was delicious!! I ate every crumb, and I think the dog ate what I threw up. I may have pushed some off the table for the dog, too. Please accept my gratitude for the special parcel. by on 07/02/2015
  • Surf N Turf Yumminess
    I received a sample of this product and my cats love it. Just like humans love surf and turf meals, so do the cats. Not sure what they love more the seafood or the meat. by on 07/02/2015
  • Our cats love this
    Our 6 cats love Friskies Surf & Turf, they love the combinations of the meat & seafood, this is there #1 favorite dry cat food by on 07/02/2015
  • My cat ate some of it.
    I must have a very finicky cat, because it took a long time for my cat to finish this food. by on 07/02/2015
  • They loved it the Friskies 7 sample
    We recieved the Friskies 7 sample and they absolutely loved it! I will be buying it again. by on 07/02/2015
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