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  • Seafood Sensation Love
    My cat loves the Seafood Sensations cat food. He actually, for the first time in his life at age 5, actually finishes the entire bowl. by on 11/10/2014
  • seafood at its best
    Tried the sample you sent and Pip loved it. Bought it for her by on 11/10/2014
  • Friskies is the only one for my cats!
    Having tried many samples of cat food my cats would simply not eat I just keep returning to Friskies - they like the Seafood Sensations and the Indoor formula - they are not fond of the Grillers or the Rise and Shine though. by on 11/10/2014
  • Happy Kithas
    I just bought this product and my kittens are very happy. by on 11/10/2014
  • They like it
    They enjoyed it and dug right in and when there bowl was empty they told us it needed filled up.We will feed this to them again we like Friskies varieties. by on 11/10/2014
  • friskies seafood sensation
    i received my sample for this in the mail and my cats loved it !!! by on 11/10/2014
  • Kitty loved it
    Even though my cat eats mostly chicken and turkey flavored dry food, he really seemed to enjoy this just as much as other flavors. by on 11/10/2014
  • My cats kept meowing for more
    Received as a sample and fed it to my cats and they were happy and ate it all gone, I have since bought a bag and they are eating it and seem to enjoy it by on 11/10/2014
  • great cat food brand
    My cats love everything Friskies they wont eat any other brand of cat food by on 11/10/2014
  • Thoroughly enjoyed!
    The cats were very anxious to "dig in" after getting an initial whiff of the Friskies! And that's positive feedback from not one, but FOUR, cats! by on 11/10/2014
  • she liked it.hey gracie
    my cat ate this up like she was starving!!she wouldn't even let her son near the bowl until she cleaned the bowl. by on 11/10/2014
    I have 9 cats all rescues. They are very picky and will only eat seafood sensations. We can't always afford it so sometimes I mix cheap food with it to stretch it out. I'm on disability so finances are tight at times. But I'll never give up saving fur babies. by on 11/10/2014
  • A favorite
    This is the only cat food our two cats will eat. They just love it. by on 11/10/2014
  • My kitties loved it
    I gave my two kitties the friskies seafood and shrimp and they gobbled it up and licked their lips after they finished it off. by on 11/10/2014
  • My cat loves the food
    My cat absolutely loves the seafood sensations food. by on 11/10/2014
  • she liked it alot
    i put this bag away in another room while she finished her regular food, she did'nt wait she ripped the bag open, i do not take pictures or know how to post online but she really likes this food, i dont know what to do with the other kind of cat food it was sitting next to the seafood sensation and never touched it. by on 11/10/2014
  • Cats love it!
    Actually, my 3 cats love all the Friskies brand foods. I've tried other brands and they balked at them so I now stick with Friskies. It's hard to fin the Seafood Sensations where I shop because it flies off the shelf. My cats seem to be able to tell when I serve it to them and they meow for it as I open the bag (they won't typically meow for other brands, just Friskies). by on 11/10/2014
  • My cat loves it!
    My cat truly loves this treat. Whenever she sees me walkinh over to the cabinet where I keep her snacks, she'll follow me & sit there until I give her some. by on 11/10/2014
  • Fluffy Loves the flavor
    My kitty Fluffy Loves the shrimp sensations hard food by on 11/10/2014
  • A hit!
    Seafood Sensations was definitely a hit! All 6 of my cats couldn't wait for me to put the bowl down. 3 jumped up on the counter while I was filling it. They love it! by on 11/10/2014
  • Cat Food
    Our cats loved the Seafood sesations cat food. We have since bought it 3 other times since then.Thanks so much!Would love more coupon offers, thanks by on 11/10/2014
  • My cat loved it!
    When I received the sample I poured it into my cat's bowl and he went straight to eating it which is very unusal for him. by on 11/10/2014
  • Very acceptable to my cat.
    Although I never received the coupon from Purina, I did wind up buying the product out of simple curiousity. My cat loved it! Still wish I would have received that coupon. by on 11/10/2014
  • Number 1 in our household!!
    Friskies is the only brand of cat food that my finicky felines choose to eat. Seafood Sensations has raised many generations at our home! by on 11/10/2014
  • Cats Love it
    This is all my cats will eat. They are healthy and happy by on 11/10/2014
  • Love it.
    My 2 cats are seafood lovers and fussy eaters they loved there Friskies. Now this is the only cat food I buy. by on 11/10/2014
  • My cats can't refuse....
    I bought my bag last month and my cats (3) love the food. Sadly enough my dog loved the great taste too. by on 11/10/2014
  • Loves it!
    One of the best Friskies flavors that my cat loves! by on 11/10/2014
  • Happy Kitties
    I bought this product for my bunch, 8 kitties, who are ages 2-15 yrs old. They loved it. A 3.5 lb bag of food usually lasts a few days, but I don't think the bag lasted very long because they liked it so much. by on 11/10/2014
  • They loved it!
    Our cats loved the Seafood Sensations! They can be pretty fussy with their food too. Great product and will buy again. by on 11/10/2014
  • Yummmmmm
    All my Ferals LOVED it! didnt last too long at my house! by on 11/10/2014
  • gone in minutes
    my kitty just loved it and ate it all in minutes like I forgot to feed her for days. by on 11/10/2014
  • My kitties love the new shrimp flavor!
    I got a free sample of the new shrimp floavor of Friskies Seafood Sensation, and they practically inhaled it. Once I am done with the bag that I have right now, i'll be buying it for them for sure. Thanks for making such a yummy food fr my kitties! by on 11/10/2014
  • great value
    My cat loves the seafood sensations! She can't get enough! by on 11/10/2014
  • liked it alot
    both of my 2 cats both loved it...they ate it quicker than normal by on 11/10/2014
  • Big hit with my cats
    My cats fell in love with Friskies Seafood Sensations right from the start, they always ask for more. by on 11/10/2014
  • They Love It
    My girls only eat Friskies and they love all the flavors and varieties by on 11/10/2014
  • Appealing!
    I was surprised that he didn't seem to like it as much as the Griller's or the green bag. Neither did the feral, neighborhood cat that I also feed. Maybe it was just this particular bag (the larger one - I usually buy the 3.5 one). by on 11/10/2014
  • Cat's loved it!
    My two cat's got the opportunity to try Friskies Seafood Sensations Shrimp dry cat food thanks to a generous coupon! They both ate it right up. I will continue to give them Friskies because I love to see them happy. by on 11/10/2014
  • Darcy says 2 paws up!
    My 7 year old cat loves it. She is a great fan of another cat food brand but ate this just as fast as the other brand. by on 11/10/2014
  • Love at first bite
    Our 20 year old has a very picky tummy. He has never cared for fish, especially salmon, but give him.anything with shrimp in it and he is happy! by on 11/10/2014
  • my kitties love it
    My kitties love this flavor. I have two indoor cats that eat it and we also feed 3 strays and they seem to enjoy it too by on 11/10/2014
  • Loved it!
    My three cats loved this food! They love anything that is seafood flavored. I would definitely purchase this food in the future. by on 11/10/2014
  • Timmy the lover boy
    I am so glad that you have come up with the Seafood Senations, Timmy loves it and now i am feeding him less wet food, so that is wonderful! He used to sleep in my room and wake up in the middle of the night wanting something to eat. Now all i have to do is leave Seafood Senations in a bowl and i get a full night s sleep. Thank you so much! by on 11/10/2014
  • Appealing look
    Couple weeks back I recieved a free sample of Shrimply Irresistables. My cats were drawn to it instantly, although only one ate it. I guess one out of two isn't bad, but I need something for both. Thank you for the opportunity to try something new without wasting money on the whole. by on 11/10/2014
  • my cats love it
    my cats love the seafood sensations. in fact, my four cats like most all of the friskiesproducts. definitely will buy again! thanks friskies by on 11/10/2014
  • They loved it
    Both of my cats loved it. They are really picky... by on 11/10/2014
  • All of the cats were going nuts for it.
    I have 2 cats and am now feeding a stray cat too. I put a bowl on the porch for the stray cat and all 3 cats were eating together. I filled my kitties bowls and they ate the whole bowl. I thought they were griller cats. LOL by on 11/10/2014
  • My cats loved it
    The cats love something new and ate this right up. by on 11/10/2014
  • Meow!
    I buy nothing but Friskies Seafood Sensations. My little girl wouldn't have it any other way! She knows what she likes and it is definitely this! by on 11/10/2014
  • The only cat food we buy
    We have 6 cats and after trying several different brands, this is the kind they all love best! by on 11/10/2014
  • It's Maggie-approved.
    What can I say? My Maggie loves Seafood Sensations food. And she's a kind of cat who can be very hard to please. by on 11/10/2014
  • Seafood Sensations was a hit
    I have three kitties and all of them loved this one a whole lot! by on 11/10/2014
  • Loved the taste
    My kitty's love this food flavor. Gobbled it up and mellowed for more in fact. by on 11/10/2014
  • It's All She'll Eat!!!!!
    I have to buy Seafood Sensations, the BIG bag because my girl will only eat The only brand and only this flavor. I have purchased the other flavors, thank goodness that I also feed strays because Minet will turn her nose up until I give her favorite. If you ever stop making this I have no idea what I would do! by on 11/10/2014
  • Made a kitty a very happy kitty
    My kitty's an eater, doesn't seem to finicky when it comes to food!! I have ocasssionly come across one that's been left in the dish though!! This was not the case with this one!! by on 11/10/2014
  • Kitties are happy
    My 2 kitties seemed to really love Friskies Seafood Sensations! by on 11/10/2014
  • My furbabies love it!
    I have three cats. I have fed them Friskies since they were little. They love all types of Friskies. Won't change their food ever! by on 11/10/2014
  • Magical Menu
    Magic trick: Disappearing Dinner......they liked it! by on 11/10/2014
  • My cat loves it.
    I alternate between all the friskies cat food flavors because it's my cat's favorite. by on 11/10/2014
  • Cats come running
    All I have to do is pop the top on the container I store Friskies Seafood Sensations in and both of my cats come running. No matter where in the house they are, one click is all they need to know their favorite food is available. by on 11/10/2014
  • seafood delish!
    i bought friskies seafood delight my cats just loved it they new when it was time to eat too i open the cabinet and they ran like crazy for it! by on 11/10/2014
  • Gee to I have to Pick!
    I titled it that way as my cat likes all the flavors, but of course being a cat she would choose seafood first. Yes she loves it. Five stars all the way. by on 11/10/2014
  • great item
    my cat loves this stuff very affordable great buy... by on 11/10/2014
  • love it!
    Been buying this brand for a long time now. My cat loves it! by on 11/10/2014
  • Older Cats
    Awesome product my cats are older and I have found this product to be the best by on 11/10/2014
  • My Cat loves this food!!!
    I am so happy I decided to try a new brand. My cat loves it and comes running everytime she hears the bag open! by on 11/10/2014
  • great
    so happy with this brand of food, recommend that everyone try this and you will fall in love with this product just like I did. by on 11/10/2014
  • good food
    cats love it! the bowl is empty by lunchtime! cats wont eat any other brand by on 11/10/2014
  • very good product
    my cats love this food... they go crazy when I bring it home by on 11/10/2014
  • Sensation
    My cats love it and clean their bowls every time!! by on 11/10/2014
  • Friskies
    Seafood Sensations and Friskies canned food are my cats favorite food. They all have healthy coats and are healthy. by on 11/07/2014
  • If it ain"t broke don't fix it!!
    My 13 year old cat has been on Frisky's all his life and now he leaves the small green pellets in the dish will not eat them....what are they and why the change? He will not eat any of the other Frisky's meals. by on 11/07/2014
  • great food
    my cat loves this food and won't eat anything else by on 11/04/2014
  • Best ever
    We have used Friskies cat food for the last few years. Our son had a science project at school and we used 4 cats with 5 other name brands of cat food to see which brand the cats would pick. It became very clear when the cats would climb into the Friskies bag. We have continued to use Friskies since then. by on 11/02/2014
  • outstanding
    This is the only dry cat food my cats will eat so they must like it. by on 11/02/2014
  • Allllll of my cats love it!
    Friskies is my go to brand. I feed an army of cats, inside, garage, and barn. Even the skunks tip the cans to get to the Friskies. by on 11/02/2014
  • 7 happy cats
    Friskies canned cat food is the only kind my 7 cats eat by on 11/02/2014
  • my cats wont eat anything else
    my guys love the dry food as well as the wet food. I have tried other brands and they wont even try them. by on 11/01/2014
  • seafood sensations
    I have been feeding our outside kitty this product for many years and he is very healthy and his fur is soft and shiny. by on 11/01/2014
  • The cats just love it.
    The cats all gather around when I fill the cat food tin and like to eat right out of the big can. by on 10/30/2014
  • My Cats Love This
    This is my go to food for my finicky cats. I've tried most flavors and they love them all. by on 10/30/2014
  • Love this food!!
    My 4-legged furry children love this food - they hear the bag rattle and come running!! by on 10/29/2014
  • My cats love it!!!!
    I have bought several flavors of Friskies dry food but I think my cats like this one the best. Good job folks. Keep up the good work. by on 10/29/2014
  • Great!
    Spunky, Throckmorton, and Skeeziks are crazy for it. They love it as much as their canned food. by on 10/28/2014
  • Great product
    She like this food. She was found by my daugther some people moved out of a house near them and left her. She was just 4 weeks old. She is a joy. She get into anything but she is shy. She even like to drink Tea out of my glass. I have had her now for about 10 yrs. by on 10/28/2014
  • Expressions
    The cat's expressions and the motion of the leaves combines with great music to keep you watching. When the cat places its paw upon the last leaf it expresses satisfaction allowing the connection of the cat and the product. by on 10/28/2014
  • Seafood "Sinsations"
    My cats Love Seafood Sensations-all of them! Tryit. by on 10/27/2014
  • great flavor
    my cats love this dry food! this is the only dry cat food i buy by on 10/27/2014
  • great taste
    I buy about 4 bags a month my cats love it. I also feed some stray cats outside and they also get the same food and they always come back. I also buy the can food about 48 cans every 2 weeks. by on 10/27/2014
  • Awsome
    My cats love the taste and refuse to eat any other cat food. by on 10/27/2014
  • Our cat loves Seafood Sensations
    Our cat Roscoe loves the product. We had tried various cat foods with not much luck. The shrimp flavor is a added bonus. How about offering sample sizes to allow our cat to try Friskies other products. by on 10/27/2014
  • My cats love it!
    My cats love all the Friskies products, dry food, treats and canned food by on 10/27/2014
  • Tasty food
    My cats love the Seafood Sensations and adding shrimp is a great idea by on 10/26/2014
  • Picky Kitten Satisfied
    After adopting a kitten from my local shelter, I stopped at the store to get some cat food. Just grabbing a random bag off of the shelf. I brought the food home and Murphey refused to eat it. I let it sit for a day to see if he would eat it. No such luck. I then took my 8 year old daughter to the store and let her pick out a bag of food. She decided on Friskies Seafood Sensations, I would assume due to the bright and clever packaging. I read on it to make certain it was nutritionally acceptable for kittens. We brought the food home and put it in Murphey's bowl, next thing you would know Murphey is gobbling it up! He loves Friskies Seafood Sensations. As do I. Great price, happy kitty, what more could you ask for? by on 10/26/2014
  • Friskies Always!
    I have always bought Friskies catfood. The Seafood Sensations is both of my cat's favorite and every time I don't buy it, I can tell they don't like it as much. by on 10/26/2014
    My cats just love the Seafood Sensations. shrimp flavor. by on 10/25/2014
  • Don't like
    My Cats don't like sea food cat food. That's why I don't buy it. by on 10/25/2014
  • Great dry food
    I have 6 cats from age 1 year to 7 years old and they all love Friskies seafood sensations dry food, in fact they love all Friskies dry foods by on 10/25/2014
  • All Gone again !
    I bought this a few weeks ago and my heavy weight cat went nuts. I have two and she is larger then my 19 yr old Tommy. I feed them and go about my day . I noticed Tom looking down and looked the dish both dishes were empty "she ate his too". All gone I said and gave Tommy his again. Miss Kitty jumped up and wanted more too. Sadly I had to say No and put her down. Now I know that look. All gone again on Tommy's face. by on 10/25/2014
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