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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 46 reviewers.

  • She went crazy for it!
    We bought two cans of this for our 3 year old. After licking the spoon she went crazy for the bowl! We will now keep this at home for her "treat" meals! by on 04/26/2016
  • Gourmet Kitties
    We've purchased Friskies wet food for our 3 lunatics. So far they all have a favorite. Porto loves the tuna and egg, Kalitsa adores the beef and gravy and Demo, our youngest loved the Rise and Shine, which apparently you no longer make, because no one carries it, now. WHYYYYYY!!! Demo is the one who asks for the "yummy food" and he can no longer have his favorite. He is very unhappy about this. by on 03/15/2016
  • paws down with beef
    All three of my cats have made an unanimous declaration they don't like beef canned food. Will only eat it when I leave it out all day and they are really hungry... by on 02/14/2016
  • Jaxson loves her food!
    My Jaxson LOVES her beef in gravy! She knows where I have them and she knows when I open them. She can't wait to eat so she jumps on the counter to watch me put some on her plate. <3 by on 01/29/2016
  • Like a steak dinner
    My two cats only eat Friskies wet food and dry food. They have tried ALL of the canned ones and LOVE the Beef with gravy Bits the most!!! I just say "who wants steak?" and they come running and eat it up SO fast. by on 01/08/2016
  • Chester's favorite
    By far, our cats eat this one the fastest. the turkey dinner second. Chester, our youngest cat, also the fussiest eater will not leave the bowl until he eats it all. by on 12/31/2015
  • must have tasted great!
    Bought this for my 17 year old cat and he loved it. He has gotten picky as he has aged, but this is among his favorites by on 11/29/2015
  • sample cat of food
    My cat ate most of it he like beef friskies some times thanks for the sample by on 11/19/2015
  • meaty bits with beef in gravy
    Received coupon for free can of cat food. Mr. Whiskers enjoyed every bite. by on 11/19/2015
  • Loved it
    My cat enjoyed this flavor..we recommend any of these. by on 11/19/2015
  • Great and my cats love it.
    Only brand I will buy for my cats. All they will eat. by on 11/19/2015
  • Its all i buy for my Cats!
    My 3 cats love this flavor of "Meaty Bits". I have some happy Cats at home since switching from another brand. The Meaty Bits must be flavorful because all 3 are finicky about "taste". Its a brand and flavor that stays on my shopping list! by on 11/19/2015
  • I love my cats
    I have cats stray up and I cant turn them away.One just had four kittens.Another had 3 kittens.I have two house cats.The eat Friskies and cat chow and Fancy feast.They each have their favorite.Its a good price.I try to buy when they are on sale.Its a healthy food for them.So I but it.I Love them by on 11/07/2015
  • nice texture
    My cats love the beef! Its the only wet food they'll eat! by on 10/25/2015
  • Cats won't eat it
    I buy several different types of canned Friskies in bulk for my two cats. Lately BOTH of them turn their noses up at it! I can see if one cat happens to be feeling finicky that day, but for the both of them to smell it and back away from their dish tells me something's wrong with the food. This morning I put down TWO different flavors and they wouldn't touch either one. I intend to contact the corporate office to complain. by on 10/25/2015
  • my cats love the beef
    I have a few cays that are picky. So I have to buy the kind in gravy. Lol I feed them your dry food as well as friskies in the morning and at night by on 10/14/2015
  • perfect size bits
    My cats don't seem to like the size of the shreds, however they love the bits and gravy. by on 09/07/2015
  • My kittens' favorite
    this is by far their favorite flavor, they practically beg for it! by on 08/29/2015
  • Friskies can food
    The can Gravy with beef, turkey, chicken and see food is the only food my cat will eat. He loves his Gravy! by on 07/27/2015
  • Like, but they eat the gravy first and leave bits
    Both my cats lick the gravy off first of all the brands and leave the bits. I now mash it all up beforehand, or stick to the pate, which I do wish had a little more gravy. by on 07/09/2015
  • My best son DEXTER
    I adopted Dexter about three months ago.I tried many different brands of wet cat food and your brand he loves the best can't get enough.Thanks for making my job easier as a new father.EM by on 06/25/2015
  • What my cat dances for
    Slick will dance circles just to get his can food, loves it more than anything! by on 06/15/2015
  • niner girl loves the beef
    My cat loves it she wont eat anything else she knows when her dinner is and goes crazy everytime. by on 05/24/2015
  • it is grate they love it
    we have to cat and they both love it. it is the only wet cat food they eat by on 05/05/2015
  • My Spoiled Babies
    Since they tried the bits, especially the beef bits in gravy, they try to bury everything else I put down. Wish it came in 13 ounce for my crew since I have to use 5 cans to feed everyone. by on 04/05/2015
  • great food
    I buy Friskies Meaty Bits and Flakes for my cats and they love them I have been feeding them can food every morning for 14 years. by on 02/25/2015
  • 4 out of 4 cats recommend
    the darker the color of the meat and in bits, shredded or filet styled the better for these four finicky cats! by on 12/07/2014
  • Loves the Beef!
    my cat loves the beef in gravy. He wakes me up at 6 am everyday so I'll feed him the beef in gravy. ( He doesn't care for the fish or chicken varieties.) by on 12/05/2014
  • no chunks, please!
    I am surprised to read all the reviews about cats liking the chunky, shredded, fileted, etc cat food. My cat, and friends cats that I know, will not eat any of that kind. All they do is lick the gravy/sauce and leave the rest to dry out in their dish. Try mashing it up...it's like rubber. Now she does like the pate, but there doesn't seem to be as much of it around as there used to be. So disappointed. by on 10/11/2014
  • My cat loves Friskie's Wet Foods
    My kitten loves pretty much any Friskie's canned food that has suace are gravy. However he will not eat any of the fish flavors nor will he eat pate. I felt guilty about the "by-products" and tried an expensive brand. He would eat it. He has to have his Friskie's; especially the Rise and Shine varities. by on 09/08/2014
  • Runaway Kitty
    My cat Books really loves this food. We were traveling and she managed to escape our hotel room, then she ventured into the hallway, and promptly fond a hiding spot behind a plant. All we had to do was open a can of Friskies wet food and she can running back to the hotel room. She looks forward to mealtime each mourning and even deceives other family members to give her seconds and occasionally thirds! by on 08/02/2014
  • My Cat's LOVE IT!
    My 3 cat's go nuts over the meaty bits! I have tried a few different textures and this one is their favorite! Great Job Purina! by on 07/31/2014
  • Only brand my cat will eat!
    My cat is one picky eater. I bought her the variety pack where there is about 3 or 4 different flavors in one pack of 12 and this is the only flavor she will eat. My cat loves it.Thank you Friskies! by on 07/26/2014
  • My cat loves this!!!
    This is the ONLY food that my cats will eat. They don't like any of the other flavors, just the Meaty Bits With Beef in Gravy. by on 06/16/2014
  • Prince Grey loves this flavor
    We used to buy the pâté and he stopped eating it so we tried the bits and it was a hit. by on 03/25/2014
  • Looks good enough to serve for dinner
    My cats just love these tasty bits and the gravy is their favorite. I bet people think we are crazy when they hear are talking about no they don't like that one oh yea that one is their favorite and they think for gosh sakes they are only cats. Not to us and they deserve what they like. Friskies in GRAVY by on 01/12/2014
  • Excellent for my housecats!
    It took awhile for me to find something my cats would't change their minds about. They absolutely LOVE Friskies bits. No more finicky eating, just full and happy tummies. Thank you Friskies! by on 01/09/2014
  • They love, love, love it.
    I tried a variety of different brands the super expensive ones included. This is the only one they wanted. by on 09/22/2013
  • Jazzy loves
    I've tried feeding my cat a many different brands of cat food. She hated all of them except for Friskies. Just want to thank Friskies for doing such a great job. by on 07/19/2013
  • Friskies
    My Cat will not eat anything unless its shredded and has a lot of gravy mix in with the meat by on 07/17/2013
  • My cats love it!
    My cats love all flavors of Friskies canned as long as they have gravy in them.  They particularly like beef, chicken, turkey, & mixed grill.  They also like the kind with cheese in them.  Very good price for Friskies products. by on 07/15/2013
  • Only Canned Food Our Cat Eats
    My cat is the most picky eater I have ever known. She only ever liked dry food, she always turned up her nose to canned, that is until she tried Friskies Meaty Bits With Beef In Gravy!! Now she can enjoy both canned and dry food! Thank you Friskies for providing my cat with a canned cat food she enjoys! by on 07/14/2013
  • Nothing but Friskies
    My cats will eat nothing except Friskies canned foods. They love the meaty bits, and the shreds. They like all the flavors, especially the new egg and cheese one. But, beef is their favorite one. They do not like anything pate though.  by on 06/12/2013
  • Beef bits with gravy
    I have 2 rescue cats one is 5 and one is 8. Both had a rough start in life but I got one from the pound and one from the side of the road. Now you would think they are a Queen and her Princess. Spoiled rotten and refuse to eat anything but Friskies !! I have tried less expensive brands and they turn their noses up. Their favorite is the Beef Bits with Gravy they both love it. I give them the dry Purina Cat Chow and the wet food and they are both healthy and happy. by on 06/12/2013
  • All My Cats
    My cats will have nothing but canned Friskies meaty bites. I have 4 of my own, and I feed 8 stray cats that have no home. They all love the meaty bites, and I can stretch it by mashing it and it goes much further, I mean I'm feeding 12 cats two times a day, it takes a lot of patience and money, but I love my Friskie cats. They also eat the Friskies Surf and Turf dry food. They are all FRISKIE CATS. by on 06/07/2013
  • beef and gravy
    My 3 cats love the gravy but that is all will leave the rest for me to throw out having a hard time finding something the will eat. by on 06/07/2013
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