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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 839 reviewers.

  • lets me know that there are greens in it.
    I buy your products all the time. we have for the past ten years. It is always a good product and the price is right. Both of my boys enjoy your product and they're very healthy. by on 06/19/2014
  • Cats come running
    My cats absolutely love this food! They can't get enough! by on 06/19/2014
  • Satisfying.
    I finally found a cat found that my cat enjoys! My new kitten loves it too! by on 06/19/2014
  • Super Food
    I bought this 3 weeks ago . Now my cat turns up her nose at the other cat food i have , she only wants the Friskies . by on 06/19/2014
  • cat' loved it
    they gobbled it up great taste apparently.... great value for the money by on 06/19/2014
  • My Happy Anie
    My Anie, Just loves your Grillers and Indoor mixed by on 06/19/2014
  • Happy Cats
    It seems like no matter how much I spend trying to spoil my cats with expensive food from pet "shoppes", I always come back to this brand if I want them happy--not to mention, they tend to upchuck much less with this (one cat couldn't hold down Wellness brand at all--it was a disaster). by on 06/19/2014
  • Controls weight and hairballs
    My indoor cats need this formula to help control their weight and hairballs. They love it! by on 06/19/2014
  • Purrfect Quality!
    I bought this food last month for my fur baby "Icarus" and normally he hates food thats healthy for him but when i put his bowl in front of him filled with friskies indoor delights, he couldn't get enough! Iam so pleased by the quality of the ingriedients used in this food, I will definitely be buying this food again! by on 06/19/2014
  • Free Sample
    The free sample disappeared really fast! I was impressed. by on 06/19/2014
  • Catrific
    My Cats LOVE Friskies Indoor Delights. The best cat food we've ever purchased by on 06/19/2014
  • Indoor Delights
    Great quality. fresh smell - Kittens immediately began enjoying it. by on 06/19/2014
  • Another one does not do the trick
    I purchased this about a month ago. Now I want to let everyone know that my cat is 18 years old and is getting very picky about her food. While I try new food every week just hoping to find something she will like, I am having problems. I know that she is really slowing down. I really gave this a good chance. But it just did not work out. Therefore, I did donate the rest of the sack to our local Animal Shelter. by on 06/19/2014
  • If the Cat likes it, so do I!
    Having 10 cats I find it hard to find a food everyone likes... Friskies seems to satisfy their appetites & the bowls are cleaned by the end of the day. I would say that is a winner! by on 06/19/2014
  • Great
    My cats love It ! They look in all the bags when I come home from shoping by on 06/19/2014
  • Indoor Delight-ful!
    Please don't ever stop making this flavor! My two cats LOVE it and the neighborhood cats get some, too! by on 06/19/2014
  • Love
    My cats love the indoor delights cat food anything to keep them happy! by on 06/19/2014
  • Cat loved it but his tummy didn't
    I bought this to give my indoor cat (never goes out side) I thought he indoor delights would be great and provide the greens and ability to help him with fur balls. Unfortunately, he loved the food but the food didn't love him, Not soon after he eats, he is puking up a food ball. While there wasn't fur in the ball, the fact he was not able to really digest it well was tough for him. He is 12 so it could be a sensitive stomach thing. But I would recommend it to those cats that may not be as sensitive as mine. by on 06/19/2014
  • My indoor cat loves it
    I found my cat in the parking lot where I work. I brought her home - there's NO houses near my work complex for a mile on all sides - once I got her home, she never returned to the outdoors, and was completely happy living indoors. I tried several foods. This turns out to be her favorite. Occasionally I give her Friskies grillers also. by on 06/19/2014
  • Good eatin for Oscar
    Oscar just loved it so much he ate it all up, thanks !!! by on 06/19/2014
  • cats love them
    Another great tasting treat from Friskies! My cats cats gobble them up. by on 06/19/2014
  • Dig In
    I buy this regularly and my cats love it. And always want more. by on 06/19/2014
  • Indoor Delights VS Indoor cats
    My three cats will eat anything that smells good to them. With this in mind they will eat lint on the floor to broccoli. When you make anything that has a smell the cats will come running. I need a food that they will eat and love. This was that food. by on 06/19/2014
  • Mealtime Choice
    Friskies indoor delights is the catfood of choice they eat it up and love the taste and its good for them. by on 06/19/2014
  • Our eggroll loves free sample
    My indoor cat loved it couldn't wait to get more ate every last morsel by on 06/19/2014
  • in door cats
    I recommend you buy this if you have indoor cats I have two male cats that share one cat box and this product made a big difference in the odor by on 06/19/2014
  • cat approved
    My two cats go crazy when they gear the word treats. This must have an awesome taste. They come back for more and more. by on 06/18/2014
  • indoor delights was a great delight for my cats
    got this a few weeks ago and my cats were estatic about eating it.. no picky eaters here.. they simply loved it !! by on 06/18/2014
  • Two Paws Up!!
    My three divas have tried Indoor Delights several times previously, along with several of the other flavors. All three girls give Friskies "two paws up:. by on 06/18/2014
  • My cat loves it
    My cat won't eat any other brand of dry food/treat. by on 06/18/2014
  • Excellent!
    My cat knows when I get a sample of another brand and picks at those. However, he absolutely loves the Friskies brands. by on 06/18/2014
  • Yum
    My cats will not eat any other food. They love this brand. by on 06/18/2014
  • Happy cats!
    I bought this cat food and my two cats loved it. I will buy it again. by on 06/18/2014
  • my cats love this product...
    i had mentioned that my two babies didnt like the grillers.i did want t o let you and others know that they love the indoor delights and will continue to purchase this blend.thank you for making this blend... by on 06/18/2014
  • good features
    I always buy this it all my cats will eat they're very picky eaters by on 06/18/2014
  • Indoor Delights
    We have 2 cat and when we get home with there new bag of Friskies they try and open the bag. If we do not watch them it will be all over the table. by on 06/17/2014
  • The food that rocks!!!
    I have been giving this to Tucker my rescued cat for years. It is truly the only dry food he will eat!! I have read the ingredients and am pleased on what it contains. Tucker is now 12y/o and doing just great!! by on 06/13/2014
  • praline loves this food!
    we swiched to meow mix, sheba, and friskies for praline by on 05/31/2014
  • No real meat
    Although my cats used to love this...I read the ingredients and saw that ground yellow corn and cornmeal are the first two on the list...chicken by product is the next...then all of the chemicals...there is no actual meat and cats bodies are not designed to digest corn and other junk...do your research before choosing a food for your precious baby by on 05/28/2014
  • No age limit for loving it
    I've been buying Indoor Delights after one of my then 4 cats had more hairballs than usual using a different brand and decided to give one a try. They are all inside/outside babies. Both my now 1,2,and 3 yr. old are happy I did. Our 14 yr. old passed over the rainbow bridge 2 wks. after we adopted the now one-yr. old. I love my Tabbies, and they love Indoor Delights. by on 05/18/2014
  • Sounds more like a treat than a dry food
    The cats like it better than their previous indoor dry food. by on 05/18/2014
  • great product
    My cat loves all the flavors, but is very picky and tires of any one after just a couple of servings. She will not eat wet foods, and having having multiple boxes to satisfy her is not practical. Would love to see a box of single serve packets in all flavors. by on 05/17/2014
  • Friskies indoor delights
    I was going broke buying wet food for my two cats and they turned up their nose at the dry I was buying. On the advice of a friend I tried Indoor delights, they loved it and have cut their wet food consumption by 2/3. Thank you, Friskies by on 05/09/2014
  • super Friskies!
    My 15 yr old Twinkie loves Friskies canned and dry,,he adores Homestyle Casserole esp..yhe only dry he doesny like is the one with"vitality Bursts"!!! by on 04/21/2014
  • Clowder fav
    I have 7 cats and I don't think there is anything that you make that they dont like. Half are indoor and the others are 50/50 but when I get ready to feed them they run to the feeding room. Thank you! by on 04/20/2014
  • Spoiled! :)
    Friskies Indoor Delights is the ONLY food my cat will eat! She absolutely loves it and I love her so Friskies ID it is! :) We tried this as a sample & since then never bought anything else. #thanku by on 04/16/2014
  • BEST cat food for indoor cats, hands down!
    I've had cats since as far back as I can remember(& that's a LOOONNG time!). I know good from bad based on how my cats act/look. My 2 current cats have eaten nothing but Friskies Indoor Delights since weaning off kitten food. Both are incredibly healthy, the tuxedo (one of the only true Tux's, being 100% identical on both sides) black fur is very glossy & his weight's controlled. His sister (pure white) has lush, soft fur & is still active after 9 yrs.). No urinary issues, no vomiting, no hairballs, no digestive troubles at all. by on 04/16/2014
  • Great
    My cats really enjoy this food, they just can't get enough of it!!! by on 04/16/2014
  • Wonderful product!
    Even though this food has several ingredients that are criticized by the gourmet cat foods, our 2 kitties love it. We free feed and refill their dishes at least once a day. They have energy and their coats shine. I'm glad it has greens in it that they don't get being indoors. We're all happy! by on 04/15/2014
  • thankyou friskies
    I have two cats one is 3 and the other is a year old they are both picky eaters , but they both love I mean LOVE the friskies indoor delights by on 03/07/2014
    I have 2 cats one is 1yr and the other is 3yrs old. Friskies is the only food they both agree on. by on 03/07/2014
  • Babhoot, Bagheera and Baroque are Friskies Fans
    My finicky cats will only eat Friskies Indoor Delights! Babhoot is 8yrs old and she throws up or will not eat any other brand! Babhoot is 2 1/2yrs old, this is the only brand she likes. Baroque is 1yr old and he loves it so much he even plays soccer with his food before he eats it! The value is just right also! by on 03/03/2014
  • Great Food
    My cats love this food. And I have excellent luck with it as far as no digestive issues. My cats range in age from 5 to 17 years. Each of them eat this food and are happy healthy cats. by on 02/28/2014
  • Happy, Happy, Happy cats
    We have tried several foods. We have five rescues that adore the indoor formula. One of them had a hairball problem on occasion. Now that we only use this formula the problem has disappeared. We only buy the 16 pound bag two at a time. controlled odor in the six litter boxes. No tummy aches from this food. I used to breed and show Persian cats and used a more expensive food and had nothing but problems with upset tummies. Will no longer use anything else. by on 02/24/2014
  • Cats Meow
    Our three fussy felines like this better than the canned food especially the pate they turn their nose up at. by on 02/18/2014
  • Great taste
    I have been buying this cat food for a couple of years and Oreo loves it. by on 02/07/2014
  • Even my picky cats like this.
    I've got three cats who are strictly indoor cats, and they all like this food. The male cat will eat whatever doesn't eat him first, but the two females like dry cat food and only dry cat food. They especially like Indoor Delights dry cat food. by on 01/18/2014
  • My cat loves Friskies Indoor Delights!
    You would think a cat would get tired of a certain flavor and texture but he hasn't! I've tried others just to give him a change but this is the only one he will definitely eat without getting tired of. So I stick with it and he is a happy, contented cat! by on 01/13/2014
  • cats loved it
    My cats came running as soon as I walked in the door with this. I fed them and they ate it right away. by on 01/10/2014
  • my cats love this cat food
    I tried this for my cats and they just love it.  My one cat started to eat it right out of the bag.   by on 01/09/2014
  • Great for fussy felines
    Sammy doesn't go out much so he gets Indoor Delights to supplement for this.  He likes many of the Frisky products.  by on 01/08/2014
  • Life saver at home and the bank !
    i was looking for a dry food that the cats wouldn't just enjoy eating but would agree with their digestive tract . my cats love this food and so do I ! there seems to be a big different in up keep of the litter box ! they don't seem to be getting the hairballs the were before either . I had tried about everything and this really agreed with them and MY wallet ! by on 01/07/2014
  • Love the Indoore Dry Food
    My 2 indoor boys and many feral cats love the indoor dry food, the shreds and bits. My Cats are very fussy will not eat beef or fish. Love that you have so many choices in turkey and chicken. by on 12/27/2013
  • Have a happy Cat!
    My indoor kitty has been on this for aprox 6 months now,she is very satisfied..finally. No more vomiting it up! by on 12/18/2013
  • good food for cats
    My cats only eat friskies in the dry and also the canned food. Any other brand makes them sick. by on 12/17/2013
  • Mushies Favorite
    Hi, my cat Mushie, will only eat Friskies Indoor Delights hard food.... Trust me when I tell you I've tried different brands and flavors... But Mushie will just come to his bowl smell it and walk away.. When I tried Friskies Indoor Delights.. I stopped searching.. He just LOVES it.. When I say Loves it, I mean LOVES it.. by on 12/12/2013
  • He can't get enough!
    Rowdy always cleans his bowl now. And instead of acting as if he is still hungry...he's full for a change and sleeps most of the night! by on 12/08/2013
  • Rates highest with my nine
    Buy this all the time, they will not eat anything else. by on 12/02/2013
  • A great Proudect
    this is the only cat food he will eat he just loves it by on 11/29/2013
  • My 9 cats love friskies
    My grandma bought friskies last month and the cats loved them by on 11/23/2013
  • kitty loves it
    my cats gobbles this stuff down. they not only love it but seem to get more energy when they eat it. by on 11/21/2013
  • Best ever
    I tried other dry food but my cats kept getting sick until I found Friskies Indoor Delights. They are again happy cats......... Thanks Friskies. I also feed 3 stray cats and they are at my door every morning & night waiting. by on 11/20/2013
  • great product
    this is the only cat food that my cats will eat. Other brands just don't agree with them. My only question is about the fat content in the food....my one cat is very over weight, and for health reasons, I need to help her lose the pounds. by on 11/15/2013
  • My babies will disown me if I didn't buy this!
    I have been feeding my brood of fur babies this flavor for the last 5 years. One time I grabbed a different brand in a pinch, and they practically punished me for almost a week. They love this flavor! I would recommend this for anyone who keeps their kitties inside. :) by on 10/26/2013
  • My Kitty loves INDOOR FOOD
    I have been buying this for my Sunny D. She is 14 years old. About to 15. She loves it. by on 10/21/2013
  • best for a totally indoor cat
    Before I started using this brand, my cat Shay Shay would try to eat my house plants, which isn't a good idea. Now with indoor she's getting all the things she needs to thrive. by on 10/17/2013
  • great food for my 4 indoor picky indoor cats
    I love it my cats are happy, When they happy and playful makes me happy. I buy dry friskies indoor delight and the wet. Both my babies just love. Being using about 1 1/2 ago. by on 10/15/2013
  • Doesn't matter to me, but Beau loves it.
    We bought it, he liked it, we'll keep buying it as long as he does. by on 10/15/2013
  • Happy me, happy cat
    She's healthier and I'm happier knowing she's eating healthy. by on 10/15/2013
  • My cats love this food!
    Feed a lot of cats and work at an animal hospital in south florida. I would recommend this food to anyone. All my cats love it! by on 10/09/2013
  • complete
    glad I bought it I hated to have to give my indoor kitty supplements it's all there she eats it fine by on 10/01/2013
  • Mistake but not really
    About two weeks ago I went to store to shop for cat food, we actually purchased this product mistakenly thinking it was the regular cat food we purchased for our 13 year-old kitty Pita. Once home we noticed it wasn't his regular food but decided to let him try it anyhow. I cannot tell you the difference this has made to his overall health. Being an older cat and an indoor one at that, he is prone to digestive upsets...but no more! Since he has been eating Indoor Delights he has no more digestive upsets, he has put on a little weight and is in better health overall. He loves the flavor and eats all we put in the bowl for him. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this product for my little fur baby, he is such a happy and healthier kitty now. by on 09/20/2013
  • Friskies cat food
    Fed this brand to Ashley since she became an adult cat and has eaten and adored this particular food to this point by on 09/19/2013
  • My cats say YES to this cat food!
    My three cats LOVE this at food. They get all excited when they hear me filling their bowls I tried other food but they didn't like it. by on 09/14/2013
  • Delightful Friskies Indoor Delights
    I have been feeding this dry food to my indoor and outdoor kitties for years and love it, and so do they. by on 09/10/2013
  • Delightful...
    I have a VERY picky eater.....LOKI (Manx) will only eat dry food.  Have wasted $$$ on wet and he would only eat 2 kinds of dry (grillers and now indoors).   One day a friend gave me a cup of your "indoor" and LOKI has fallen in luv.  When he is out of food he will go to cabinet and meow til I feed him.   Thank you....he's happy and so am I.     by on 09/09/2013
  • Indoor Delights
    This is my two cats favorite of your five varieties; They are strictly indoor by on 09/04/2013
  • great foodmy cat hank meos loud for it when his di
    I have a 19 pound manx . cat and  he's an indoor cat. He loves his food by on 09/04/2013
  • suits my cat just fine.
    Bought a big bag because not only my cat eats it , but my dog loves it too. by on 09/02/2013
  • My cats love it!
    Everytime I put it in their bowl, they can't WAIT to eat. I have an overweight cat and she seems to be slimming down with this food and exercise. Thank you Friskies! by on 08/31/2013
  • Kitty's got a brand new bag!
    My cat is really spoiled! He gets Friskies canned pate, a variety (since I never know what he’s in the mood for) sigh, and he eats Meow Mix indoor. For a treat he will only accept, ”Party Mix Beachside Crunch”. Even though I was tossing out lots of half eaten pate, it was expensive but ok. Then my next door neighbor <whose cat is an identical female version of my black cat> decided she didn’t like her Friskies Indoor Delights. I got the bag with a note to Stormy <my cat> from Freckles <her cat> saying my mommy makes me eat this but I don’t like it. Please try it and see if you like it. If not please return it since I have other friends who might. I gave Stormy a hand full to see what happens and he gobbled it up! He never eats fast! So I thought wow he really likes this stuff, I’ll replace his treat with this.. NOT! Since he tasted Friskies Indoor Delights, he will not touch his Meow Mix anymore. I don’t know what it will cost but I hope I can find big bags on special like I do the meow mix because he really, really loves that food. by on 08/27/2013
  • Daisy is an indoor cat, so this suits her fine
    i bought this recently and she loves it. She won't eat anything but dry food and this is crunchy and good for her by on 08/22/2013
  • What a change for my 4 cats
    I have tried every brand and style of cat food out there. I have 4 cats ages ranging from 3 yrs old to 5 yrs old. 2 of my cats have problem throwing up, and gaging after eating. My vet said they have nerves stomachs and she suggested the very expensive cat food from her office which I couldn't afford, so I decided to try Friskies Indoor Delights. Why not they don't go outside.... it was worth a try. Well it works now they only occasionally but very rarely every throw up or gage. by on 08/21/2013
  • Finally found the right one
    It took several different try's now they have indoor delights. And morning munch for treats. by on 08/19/2013
  • Dusty is picky but happy
    Dusty was getting very picky.  The day I brought home the Friskies Indoor delights, she dove into her food bowl and continues to do so every time by on 08/16/2013
  • My cat loves this
    My cat has been eating this for years now. She loves it. by on 08/15/2013
  • Best Review Ever!!!
    My cat has had terrible hairballs his whole life. I put him on this food many years ago. My cat is now 10 and rairly has a hairball episode! Thanks Friskies! by on 08/13/2013
  • Happy cat house!
    I have been using this for a while.  All 9 of my cats love it!  My cats ages range from 20years to 4 years. by on 08/12/2013
  • my cat best
    great product my cat loves it shes been eating it for 3mo now wont eat anything else! by on 08/11/2013
  • cat food
    My Tigger cat LOVE's your Indoor Delight's & Temptation's-WHY have I not received yor newsletter for awhile? by on 08/10/2013
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