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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 65 reviewers.

  • my cats hate this one
    for some reason my cats hate the shreds especially this flavor! my cats alwaysss vomits this one up!! by on 06/06/2016
  • Ginger love's it!
    another can I bought when it was in sale and my cat is a picky eater especially with fish and she loved it one can takes two days for her normally but this one lasted a day! by on 05/17/2016
  • Only one for my picky 3.
    I have 3 cats a 19, 17, and 3 years old. All 3 are very picky eaters. I have tried every brand out there and Friskes is the only brand they will eat. Molly is 19 years old and she will want to be fed 3 or 4 times a day. I figured with her age she needs the extra. I just wish there would be coupons for these. It is hard to feed them on a fixed income.PLEASE Friskies help. by on 05/01/2016
  • The favorite of all!
    Although this review request was to be on Concoctions, I haven't received coupon to try yet. So I am reviewing the this one instead! Every rescue/stray cat that we have had experience with so far have chosen this dinner as their favorite! They all have loved it, every morsel of it. by on 04/26/2016
  • Delmer's 2nd favorite wet food.
    I generally buy the variety pack of shreds, and he really likes all of them. I chop theshreds even smaller. Seems all he is interested in is the gravy/sauce. Wish there was a brand that was more gravy than food. I've tried all the gravy sensations, etc. and he mainly just licks up the gravy and eats little of the food. by on 04/14/2016
  • Friskies Shreds
    My Tigger will only eat Shreds we bought Pata, Flakes, Bits. He just walks away unless there anytime Friskies Shreds and gravy. We can't find it at Wal-Marts anymore. Did they faze them out? That's a shame. My Tigger will starve without his Sheds. by on 04/05/2016
  • great cat food
    My cats love friskies! It's the only canned cat food they'll eat. by on 03/29/2016
  • Picky Cats!
    Not actually mines but my sister's cats and They lick the plate clean all the time. by on 12/30/2015
  • yummy
    cats love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by on 12/22/2015
  • Great product
    My cats are picky and they love this product that goves me peace by on 12/20/2015
  • The only food my Tiggy will eat.
    I brought all kinds of food for my cat. This is the only cat food he will eat and it has to be shredded or he won't eat it. He really likes this brand. by on 12/17/2015
  • all my cats agree
    my cats love Friskes I buy the canned kind all the time different ones but the all love the tuna the best I also buy the dry kind and sometimes i put the canned on the top of the dry.. They seem to like that done.. Its like getting a dinner and a dessert all at the same time.!!! by on 12/17/2015
  • Likes the gravy but not the shreads
    My cat, Russian Blue (10) has eaten the pate since young and likes it. However, he does not like the shreds, regardless of flavor. He laps up the gravy and leaves the shreds behind. Out of desperation and hunger he will sometimes finish most of 1/3 of a can eventually. He likes the fresh opened room temperature better than the refrigerated. Warming it in the microwave does not improve the appeal. I thought he might adapt to it over the 32 cans I bought but we are 2/3 of the way through and his response is the same. We are going back to the Pate. by on 12/11/2015
  • Loves the shreds!
    We have tried several of the option and he likes the shreds and bits the best. Would love to try home style but can't find near by. by on 11/20/2015
  • She Ate the Whole Thing
    Since there are a number of cats, She had to eat it on the dryer to keep it away from the others. She ate the whole thing. Thanks for the coupon for a free can to try. by on 11/20/2015
  • Savory shreds
    Chicken & salmon shreds are my cat Frankie's favorite flavor! by on 11/19/2015
  • Savory Shreds Chicken and Salmon
    I used the coupon and also purchased 2 more (total of 3) since I have 3 cats. They ate the chicken and salmon so fast I couldn't believe it! They loved it.l Next, I will have to buy some for the strays that I feed (not really strays, but country cats who's owners don't feed them enough apparently. by on 11/19/2015
  • My cat loved it!
    I used the coupon the first time I went to Walmart and even though they only had one variety I only had a coupon for one so it worked out fine. My cat usually eats dry cat food so any canned food is like a treat and she licked the plate clean. by on 11/19/2015
    EXCELLENT PER PRINCESS PEEPS! so good that mr beaver gained four pounds by on 10/20/2015
  • shreds
    I have a very picky mainecoon he will only eat shreds and he loves it by on 10/15/2015
  • yumyum
    My cat will only eat the shreds cat food. And he loves the gravy also by on 09/28/2015
  • great
    Cat loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by on 09/16/2015
  • My kitty's love it
    Been using this brand for ever my cat all love it so much. by on 09/14/2015
  • eat every bite
    my 3 cats have this for supper every night..HAPPY CATS by on 09/09/2015
  • Best cat food
    I only buy the best for my cat and she eats nothing but Friskies dry and wet and how she loves it and she's so content thank you Friskies!! by on 09/08/2015
  • Meow
    Cat loves it! She eats it every night. Won't eat anything else by on 08/19/2015
  • Cinder and I like this very much
    Mom bought this last week and we only will eat the shreds. We get the juice and my outside cousins get all the rest. They love it too. by on 08/12/2015
  • Kiki's Favorote
    Out of all the several flavors and brands on the market, my cat "kiki" will only eat the Chicken and Salmon Dinner Shreds! Amazing... by on 07/13/2015
    My cats get the variety pack, i feed them wet food in the morning and kibble at night, and this is by far their favorite! by on 07/09/2015
  • Favorite
    I've been feeding a stray cat in my neighborhood and all she eats is Friskies. The other brands just sit in her dish and get eaten by the birds. Even the stray is selective and she prefers Friskies by on 06/29/2015
  • She loves loves it!!!
    This is the favorite food!!!! The prefers this one by on 03/11/2015
  • happy cats
    This food makes all 7 of my cats meow for more every day. by on 02/16/2015
  • Savory Shreds Chicken & Salmon Dinner in Gravy
    I have 4 cats and one of my babies needs to take meds, it is so easy to give it to him when I put it in the gravy of Friskies Shreds. They all love Friskies though, especially my 25 lb fat boy. by on 02/02/2015
  • chicken and salmon
    my cat wakes me and my wife to give her chicken and salmon in gravy every day. she absolutely loves and craves it!!! by on 02/01/2015
  • Cats love it
    So easy to find and the cats love it. They always come when I call Friskies by on 01/11/2015
  • Awesome product!
    My Boo loves all of the Friskies Shreds! She wont eat anything else. by on 01/05/2015
  • Gravy Lover
    If it has gravy and is not in big chunks - she LOVES IT. by on 12/05/2014
  • She loves it
    We have been buying Friskies since we adopted our cat, Coco. At first, she would only eat Friskies Beef flavor but now she is addicted to all of the shreds. by on 12/05/2014
  • cat's favorite
    I have three cats and they all love the chicken and salmon shreds. We tried others bit they refused them. We buy only friskie's wet food. by on 12/04/2014
  • They come running
    Goes so fast! Buy multiple cans all the time. Taste and shape work together. by on 10/29/2014
  • my cats will not eat the so called meat
    for about a year now i have tried various types of purina wet food my cats will eat the sauce and leave the so called meat it does not look even close to meat without the sauce more like wet cardboard layers they used to love this food till about a year ago i dont no why . time to buy something else by on 08/31/2014
  • Friskies Salmon and Chicken
    Friskies is a popular cat food due to its low price and many varieties. It also has its detractors, based primarily on its use of by-product and filler, in the highly competitive cat food industry. The product is nutritionally complete in accordance with applicable standards. I feed Friskies Salmon and Chicken to my cat and she eats it enthusiastically. I also feed kitty a Salmon and Chicken product in a new Purina product in its more expensive "ONE" series which the company markets under the title "Pairings". The Friskies product has a guaranteed analysis of 9 percent protein while the ONE pairing has eleven percent protein. ONE has a 2 percent fat content compared with 2.5 percent for Friskies. Friskies shows meat by-products as the primary ingredient in this "salmon and chicken" product and also shows large components of wheat gluten and corn starch. The ONE pairing has chicken as the primary ingredient, and it includes a larger amount of salmon as well in comparison to meat -by-products and corn. The ONE also includes added antioxidants and Omega-6. The Friskies "Salmon and Chicken" is a good basic food, It is inexpensive which will appeal to the many owners of cats who must watch their budget. There is no need to feel irresponsible to the pet in feeding kitty this food. On the other hand, the ONE product has both more chicken, salmon, and nutrients. It is probably worth the extra expense. I tend to alternate the use of Friskies and ONE pairing for "salmon and chicken" with a slight preference to Friskies based primarily on the factors of cost and convenience to buy. It is available in the grocery story while the ONE pairing requires a special trip to a pet store. It is fun to learn about different products and to give kitty a variety in her food. by on 06/06/2014
  • Two Paws Up
    I just brought my first shelter kitty home, as a welcome home I bought two cans of each flavor shred [there was an amazing special at my local store] to figure out what one she likes most. She loves them, every flavor- it doesn't matter for her. She digs right in and once she's done eating comes up for cuddles and 'thank yous' Thank you very much for providing affordable, and according to Zoey, yummy food! by on 04/25/2014
  • My Molly will only eat Friskies Shredded
    My cat isa super picky eater but some how weighs 14lbs. at a little over one years old. I finally transitioned her from kitten dry to adult dry and even that eas a challemge. by on 03/13/2014
  • Love my Cats & Kittens.
    I started my kittens on Savory Shreds and they love it and sit at the door waiting for there meals. I have 8 kittens and number of other cats.  by on 02/04/2014
  • Friskies Savory Shreds / Variety Pack 32 Cans
    Once I fed them Shreds they could eat it easy and they eat it very well , in fact they love it. by on 02/01/2014
  • how many calories there is in one can of 156g?
    My cat loves it. She is overweighted and I have to limit her food. by on 01/03/2014
  • Amazing
    My cats love this!! It's the only thing they will eat. I have tried the cheaper cat foods but they won't eat it. They are hooked on this brand.  by on 09/20/2013
  • My Mama cat just gave birth to (7) seven kitten
    My Mama cat loves all the Savory Shreds, and Pate. by on 08/25/2013
  • Taste
    this is the only one my cats will eat  They just don't like the other flavors   by on 07/17/2013
  • Little-little and Kitty Boys MOM
    My two cats will not eat any fish products fresh or canned BUT loves this. I just recently tried it and will buy again! by on 06/20/2013
  • Her Favorite!
    Trixie gets a good variety, but this is her favorite by on 06/13/2013
  • ms rainyday
    my cat rainy is very picky but when she see this can and hears it opens she will come running ,moving in between my legs until i put it down and then she eats like it will be her last meal.she is always grateful and is my best friend until dinner time when it starts all over again by on 06/07/2013
    I love the variety. And all my cats love all the flavors. When I open the can they come a running. They just LOVE it... by on 06/07/2013
  • my cats
    i have five cats i feed them only friskies they love it the price is great by on 06/06/2013
  • Saddles
    This is the only canned food my cat will eat, He loves it by on 06/06/2013
  • Shreds all the way!
    My three cats turn their noses up at anything that is not shredded and Friskies Shreds are the best!!!! They will not eat any other kind......and the love the Chicken and Salmon :) by on 06/05/2013
  • savory shreds
    really good product but like I stated above it needs extra gravy and a little less meat... by on 06/05/2013
  • Kitty tested and approved.
    It's not me who reviews this, it's my cat. She loves Friskies. Digs right in every evening for her dinner. She doesn't care what flavor as long as it's friskies. by on 06/05/2013
  • My 3cats love your worms and gue any favor
    Great my cats are a little finicky. But they love Friskies cat food ,dry or wet.they even like the pate kind if I mix it with the dry. by on 06/05/2013
  • Cats love Friskies dry and canned food
    My cats love all of the Friskies canned fillet and shreds flavors. They are not that interested in the pate's. Don't turn all the flavors into the pate's. They also love the Friskies dry foods in all the flavors. The Chicken flavors are their favorite in the canned food. Thank you for your cat foods and please keep up the good work. by on 06/05/2013
  • All Shreads
    It is not how I feel! It is how my 5 cats feel. Three of them will only eat Friskies Shreads. The other two cats will eat any Friskies. So I buy mostly Shreads when going to the store.The chicken and the salmon takes care of land and sea and my 5 cats love it. by on 06/05/2013
  • Good Stuff but...
    Shreds is the only type of consistency my one cat likes. Some of the cans have to much liquid and not enough shreds. But I won't stop buying them. by on 06/05/2013
  • Shreds
    I have 15 cats and they all love the Chicken & Salmon shreds, but.. I have to cut them up because the pieces are too big for their mouths. Otherwise they just lick the juice and I end up throwing all the solid stuff away. All of the shreds and pieces are like this. Cats have very tiny mouths and they need either pate or very tiny pieces, like the size of a grain of rice. Thanks! by on 06/05/2013
  • Makes my cat's day
    I buy this every time I need to restock my cat"s food. This is her favorite. She is so picky that she ill not eat any other brand. She will settle for other shreds form friskies but that is all. Thanks friskies  by on 06/02/2013
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