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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 67 reviewers.

  • Pate
    My cats love this food very much They will not eat anything else but Friskies by on 05/24/2016
  • Great for my cats
    I buy your food for my cats when they need it. I am on a fixed income and I find I have to buy it where it is prices within my range . I have bought it at the local pet store but it is more expensive there. But I will say they have more virility . by on 04/20/2016
  • Only the pate,
    It's only the Friskies pate, for my finicky felines. I would like to try my cat's on the Concoctions, but they haven't hit my stores yet. Can I order them on line, if so where? by on 03/09/2016
  • Mariners Catch is quite a catch with my cat
    My cat is so picky about what she wants to eat. She turns her nose up to almost everything, but for some reason, she loves the Mariners Catch flavor. I have never seen her dive into a can of food so quickly as she does for this. I am not sure what you put in this flavor, but its a winner in my cats eyes. by on 01/14/2016
  • dissatisfied
    I allways buy friskies when I went to feed my cats I opened the can and to my discust I found a white 3 in animal hair will be looking for a different brand very upset I buy 20 cans a week this has me so upset by on 01/03/2016
  • delicious
    I bought this for my puss and boy he loved it came a running meowing all the way by on 12/27/2015
  • Cats love fish
    My cats love the fish in Mariners catch. They wait with their tails high for their breakfast. by on 12/19/2015
  • My cat enjoys food
    I (my cat) will eat almost anything. She appreciates the sample & will continue to enjoy Friskies. by on 11/24/2015
  • My cats loved these
    My 2 cats usually only eat dry cat food. I bought some canned to give them a little variety. They both love all the different flavors of Friskies. by on 11/21/2015
  • my picky cat loved it.
    This is now my choice when it comes to wet cat food. I mix it in with the dry. by on 11/21/2015
  • They love it
    My cats are picky but they love friskies it one of two brands that they will only eat by on 11/20/2015
  • Thanks for the coupon.
    Cats love it! Thank you for the coupon Purina! Have been feeding them Friskies for years and they are very happy and healthy! by on 11/20/2015
  • Cats loved it's!
    Neither of my boys are picky but I will say this was eaten immediately instead of sitting around for a couple of hours. ive since bought more with the same results. by on 11/19/2015
  • Icky & Mickey
    My 2 cats are so choosy and they love their Friskies food! All flavors except for the Mixed Grill (no clue as to why by on 11/19/2015
  • The cats' favorite!
    Both my cats like to have a variety with their canned food. The Mariner's Catch is their all time favorite. This is one flavor they never turn down! by on 11/19/2015
  • Good taste according to my cat.
    My cat sure seemed to like it even though I usually buy chicken by on 11/19/2015
  • Cats love the pate
    I have finicky cats, but they love the Mariner's catch pate. by on 11/19/2015
  • Mariners Catch
    All three of my kitties love Mariners Catch. It's the only fish product that all three will eat! by on 11/19/2015
  • Mariner's Catch
    My cat goes crazy over the Pate Mariner's Catch. He tries to wake me up at 5:00am to get fed. by on 11/19/2015
  • Too Cute!
    My cats LOVE Frishies!!! They adore all flavors and always want more! by on 11/19/2015
    I was so surprised when my cat, who is such a fussy eater just gobbled up this cat food.. Have bought some since and he is still eating it. by on 11/19/2015
  • great
    good and graet taste the new friskies for my three cats by on 11/13/2015
  • He eats everything but..
    My cat eats everything but Mariner's catch. i have put him on a soft wet diet because every time I gave him dry food (some expensive brands) he would throw up.. I was told he throws up because he's not chewing his food. So I switched. As I said he eats everything but mariner's catch. He even tried to bury it. by on 10/13/2015
  • Love it
    My cat love this food. Great consistency amd easy to serve by on 09/30/2015
  • Mmmmm!
    Stratton and Jump. monsTrosities late especially fish.They will not eat anything else. by on 09/28/2015
  • Great food
    My cat loves this stuff.He can't get enough. When I open it he comes running by on 09/25/2015
  • Picky kitties only eat Friskies
    My cats only eat Friskies. From kittens to adult cats they have been Team Friskies! by on 09/18/2015
  • my cats & community cats love this.
    I use this product daily for around 20 cats. It's also great for older cats who have gum problems or no teeth. by on 09/17/2015
  • Cat loved the smell
    I bought this last week and I didn't even get it opened all the way before my cat came running into the kitchen, then she just kept crying until I fed her. She loved it! by on 09/13/2015
  • my cat's favorite!
    Hands down this is their favorite. After each of them finishes, they check out the other bowls just in case a tidbit was left. The two strays do the same. Keep it up! by on 08/25/2015
  • Friskeys from 7 weeks!
    My 3 girls will not take to any other brand. I have tried but they walk away! Proving to me that I am on the right track! by on 08/02/2015
  • Fish without tuna
    It's proven too much tuna and salmon is harmful to cats and this flavor has neither with lower carbs. by on 08/02/2015
  • Classic Pate Mariner's Catch
    Young or old, all of my cats love this mixture of mariner's catch. The blend is easy on a fussy diet, but still gives them the "ocean" flavors. by on 06/26/2015
  • Cats love it .
    I feed stray cats. They love it .I just wish it cost less. by on 06/07/2015
  • Most Favorite
    Our cats love this food. They would love it more if it had a little more gravy! This is a can that they eat completely. by on 05/13/2015
  • My cat, Zsa Zsa, LOVES Friskies Pate-style canned
    My cat won't eat any other brand than Friskies, & she especially likes the Seafood formulas. I always stock up on a month's worth of them in my cupboard when I shop. by on 05/11/2015
  • Homeless animals
    I have been nuturing all the cats in my neighborhood with Mairiners Friskies Cat dinners, feels great to help out homeless cats, kittens. Even though I'm allergic feels good to help them. #Purrkindergeart by on 02/11/2015
  • Catchy
    My cats love this one for breakfast. I feed them 2 times a day with wet food and they love their Friskies by on 12/06/2014
  • Cat like but needs more gravy
    Our cats like this flavor fairly well, but over time the food seems to have less and less gravy accompanying the product. I look to buy the freshest based on expiration date, but even those that don't expire for 2 years seem to be dry and I have to add some water to "juice it up." I don't know what has happened; several flavors of Friskies cat food (pates such as Salmon, Sea Food Capt., and others) are "dry" with very little liquid when I open the cans. Salmon used to be one of the juiciest and our cats loved it, but over time, it's gotten to be less and less which has made me look for other selections of cat food. by on 12/06/2014
  • Our picky eaters' current preference.
    Our three cats have long-term preferences for various flavors of Friskies wet cat food. Currently, and for the past two or three years, it has been Mariner's Catch pate. We buy it several cases at a time. Occasionally, we may toss in another flavor or style, but they always show more interest in their current favorite. They've switched in the past, so who knows --- they may again, but for now, that's their favorite and the don't mind having it every day. by on 12/05/2014
  • good look on can
    unfortunately my 3 are verrrrry picky, don't like anything resembling gravy by on 12/05/2014
  • Pate Mariner's Catch
    My 2 cats love pate.......but love this particular flavor the most!!! by on 12/05/2014
  • Cat's Favorite
    Our cats loved this new meal for them. I am sure it will be a part of their diet often. by on 12/05/2014
  • Gobbled it up
    The cats loved this, they ate it really quick. I also enjoyed it becuase the price was great. by on 12/05/2014
  • Finicky Feline
    Our cat Duke got sick recently and stopped eating, then refused to touch anything. The only thing he's been willing to eat lately are the seafood varieties of Friskies. We're so glad it's cheap and good for him! by on 12/05/2014
  • Need bigger buying options on this flavor
    I only need to buy this flavor, all the cats LOVE it and lick their bowls clean, it needs to be sold in bigger lots so I don't have to deal with buying individual cans. Thank you for making this flavor. by on 12/04/2014
  • Sea Captains choice. Oceanfish.
    I think you people changed the ingredients in Sea Captains choice? Was it ever called Oceanfish? My cat Lilly will NOT go near this food! She only eats Pate. Is there something in these two cans of food that is not in the others. I have to return to the store as I usually give this away when I by the big box. Please let me know. Disappointed. by on 11/28/2014
  • Classic Pate Mariners the Best
    This Classic Pate's Mariners is one of my Jacko's favorite... ! When he see that i opening the can he never stop kissing my face, its a nice pet food...! by on 11/03/2014
  • Could not find mariners choice at store
    This is Rustys favorite, but I could not find it at the store this week. I hope you did not discontinue this popular product. by on 10/31/2014
  • A special treat with a purpose
    My cats normally eat dry food (Purina Cat Chow Indoor). One of my cats has a heart condition that requires taking two pills every day. I tried the "pill shooter," and that was a disaster. I tried inserting the pills in capsules, and that did not work either. Finally I started hiding the pills in small "meatballs" of Friskies Mariner's Catch Classic Paté. They love the special treat of moist food, and the treat has become a ritual before bedtime. All I need to say is "Are you ready for fish?" and they come running. Some advice: Mold the paté tightly around the pill and make sure none of the pill shows so the cat does not smell the pill and eat around it. Also it helps to make the meatball just large enough to encase the pill so that the cat eats the entire meatball rather than biting into it and then discovering the pill. Thank you Friskies, for turning a traumatic event into something he cats and I look forward to. by on 10/01/2014
  • Cannot find large cans
    My cats love this, but I cannot find it anymore in the larger cans! Has the company stopped making it? by on 09/18/2014
  • excellent
    it's delicious to my cat & convenient to me to seve him by on 09/09/2014
  • Pate for All
    All 5 of the cats Like this one. No one turns their nose up and walks away. I buy the variety and generally put a little bit from each flavor in all the bowls. This is the favorite of them all by on 05/31/2014
  • All pate titles make it easy to find
    I have 3 cats, 10,7&5. They love all the pates, except for the Salmon. I know. Weird cats!! I mix it with Friskies Dry Seafood Sensations, add a little water to wash put the can & to make gravy!! I buy my canned by the case & my dry in the 16lb bag. The cats walk away from anything except pate!!! I also buy Friskies snacks & have pics of Grumpy Cat on my fridge. Friskies, you are the best!!!! by on 05/10/2014
  • Pate Mariner
    They just make it disappear in just a few minutes and want more by on 04/24/2014
  • Ashes Loves Her Some Mariner's Catch
    Our kitty Ashes is a picky eater, however every time Mariner's catch is in front of her she can't resist. Thank You for this flavor. by on 03/09/2014
    My cats love this and this is what I mainly feed them. THe only thing is I would LOVE it to be in a big can like Mixed Grill. I go thru at least 12 cans a day and the convenience of larger can would be awesome. I have a rescue and it would be more convenient. by on 01/07/2014
  • Great taste for cats
    My cats will not eat anything else. They immediately come running when I open the can by on 01/05/2014
  • Kali Loves this flavor
    My Calico Cat, Kali, Loves this flavor. it is definitely one that will be in her food bowl again by on 10/20/2013
  • My kity sextet loves it!
    I have 6 kitties from ages 4 - 15 and this is their very favority paté food! I know I can always count on clean plates with this one! by on 08/19/2013
  • Pate' Mariners
    Our cats love all the pate' flavors of Friskies cat food. by on 08/17/2013
  • Classic Pate Mariner's Catch
    This is the only wet cat food my cats will eat. I have even tried wet food I got from the vet. They turned their noses at that one. I recommend mariners catch to anybody who owns a cat. by on 08/05/2013
  • Great
    This is the only cat food Jamie will eat.She is 10years old. I have tried other kinds,but she turns her head away. Ihave to feed her with a fork and she sits on a high chair.  by on 06/29/2013
  • 5 out of 5 stars!
    All of our cats thoroughly enjoy this pate very much. It seems the more smelly it is the better they like it. by on 06/11/2013
  • Love it!
    We have been eating Mariners Pate since Dad got us off the dry. Seems like a distant memory when we were needing a drink of water after every bite. Lucky Dad has a well with cool sweet water or there would have been trouble. Now we have Pate every day!  Dad is a bit concerned about how the costs have gone up so much. He knows there are many cat owners on fixed or limited incomes. Please donate to your local pet food bank. by on 06/08/2013
  • Tippy's favorite
    Tippy loves any seafood pate'. Mariner's Catch is by far her favorite. Followed by: Sea Caption, Classic Seafood, and the hard to find Salmon pate'. But it's ok she'll go for the Salmon Shreds. Too bad she does not like hardly any of the new flavors or textures. So her momma cat buys the pate's when ever she see them. Please do not phase out the classic pate's. Tippy has been a Friskies cat since she was a baby kitty. by on 06/05/2013
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