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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 24 reviewers.

  • great
    My cat absolutely loves it that he wakes me at 530am every morning and stands by the fridge. by on 06/09/2016
  • My cars loved it
    My cats love all the food, but this one the best, They can`t wait for it each day by on 04/26/2016
  • All my cats love Prime Fillets!
    Pate and Prime Fillets are my cats favorite foods! Well, besides Friskies nuggets. They are not too found of meaty bits and Sauce Sensations, though. I trust the Friskies brand even though it is now owned by Purina. We did get a coupon for a Bacon flavored canned food which all the cats loved, too. by on 11/20/2015
  • great!
    got a sample an my cat loved it..been buying it since by on 11/19/2015
  • Great Gravy
    My house manager, Emma, just loves the Beef Filets - not the bits and not shreds but filets. She keeps busy during the day with inspecting the mail or a visitor or a repairman and then digs into her Filets. It takes great food to keep her sharp. She has 8 other brothers who follow her lead. They love the Filets as well. by on 10/28/2015
  • Great Gravy!
    My cats provide the gravy and willingly will eat 2 cans a day , plus dry food as well. by on 08/13/2015
  • Filet Recipes
    WE have 10 feline rescues who used to each nothing but Friskies - but lately they have refused to each the Tuna & Egg, Beef and Turkey Filet flavors. Has Friskies changed they recipe? by on 07/09/2015
  • friskies only in this house.
    My cat's are spoiled. The only can food they will eat is friskies. They won't eat pate. But open A can of shredded, bit's or fillet. Just stand back and watch them eat. I love it. Thank's friskies for can and hard food. by on 06/22/2015
  • Goes crazy for it!
    My cats both love this product (and the other flavors, too). They can't wait to dig in. by on 05/03/2015
  • friskies
    my cats love this and this is about the only wet cat food that they will eat. by on 04/15/2015
  • prime fillets
    My cats love this ,come running before i can open it lol by on 04/02/2015
  • Moderately Tasty
    My tabby cat really enjoys this beef fillet in gravy. However, I believe that the peices are way to big. After several minutes, when my cat finally gets a piece in his mouth, he usually spits it back out. I usually have to mash it up with a fork. Overall this fillet is fine, but could be much better!! by on 03/23/2015
  • new formula?
    Have you changed the recipe for the prime filet (beef)? My cats used to love it, but now they don't want it at all. by on 01/14/2015
  • prime filets with beef
    my 3 cats love it wont eat anything else, they also love the beef shreeds lots of gray and meat. by on 01/09/2015
  • My kitties love it.
    Beef is their favorite flavor, and the dog doesn't mind helping them finish it! by on 12/08/2014
  • Good but filets are too big
    My cats like this okay but the filets are not consistently cut and more times than not too big for a cat to eat. It's obvious that the filets can be cut better but for whatever reason(s), there seems to be a lack of QA on this product by on 12/06/2014
  • no leftovers!
    I have 7 cats and they all seem to prefer beef & poultry vs. seafood and they prefer bits & filets vs. pate & shreds. If I feed them their preference, there is no leftovers - they eat it all. by on 12/05/2014
  • A Good Basic Food for Your Cat
    Friskies Prime Fillet with Beef and Gravy is a beef-based cat food that comes is small thin strips (as opposed, say, to the blob texture of pate). Out of several foods I serve my cat, this variety is one she eats fully and unhesitatingly. She rarely lifts her head from the dish before finishing her portion. A happy enthusiastic cat is likely a healthy cat, and I am not one to argue with a successful feed. And the food is substantially less expensive than many of its competitors. With its low price and its appeal to kitty, this food is easy to recommend. Let's look a little further. It is interesting to note that this inexpensive brand includes beef as well as by-products.. Beef is listed as the primary ingredient following water for processing. The food meets the standard for complete and balanced cat nutrition established by an organization called AAFCO -- the Association of American Feed Control Officials. This is a reliable indication that the food is healthy and balanced for the cat. Friskies and its parent company take substantial criticism for their products from competitors and from some users. Some of the criticism is undoubtedly overblown or ideologically based. I looked at several different ratings of the product under different standards. The discussion I found most persuasive is by a group called Goodguides, which rates a variety of products including several hundred varieties of cat food, wet and dry, by the leading manufacturers. The food is rated by experts under standards that are explained in assessing the different foods against one another. Standards for the quality of the food include nutritional adequacy, caloric content disclosure, life stage specificity, and specific ingredients that may be particularly desirable or undesirable. My examination of Goodguides gave me confidence that the rating was impartial and knowledgeable. The Goodguides overall rating for Friskies Prime Filet with Beef in Gravy is 6.8 with a health rating of 7.8 (Goodguides also scores manufacturers on environmental and social policies, which slightly reduces this product's overall rating.) More meaningfully, the product was rated as 65th out of 360 tested varieties of wet cat foods. This humble Friskies product thus is within the top 20 percent of its peers. With the combination of my own (and my cat's) experience with this food and what I have learned from reading, I think this is a solid product, particularly given its accessibility and low price. The cat loves it. As with all things, variety is important. I wouldn't feed this product to the cat every day. But it is nevertheless a staple of her diet and a healthy, inexpensive, and welcome meal. I am pleased to see my cat happy when she eats it. I have enjoyed learning enough about the product to try to write about it here. by on 06/10/2014
  • My cat loves this
    I have used this Prime Filets with beef abd gravy for a while now.My cat Silky loved this till the end,and now my cat Rocky graves it. by on 06/09/2014
  • Awful smell ; but cats love it
    My cats love the prime filet varieties of foods. The only problem I have is the smell once the food is released from the can, it really smells fowl.  When my cats poop, the smell makes me gag it is so very awful. But compare to what else is available to me, this is the better. by on 02/07/2014
  • lots of verify
    Its all my cats eat, i have 6 cats and they won't anything else, even table/people food by on 01/19/2014
  • Need more gravy
    I have two cats so we use four cans a day. They eat up the gravy first and return during the day to eat the shreds of beef. When I return from work I open another two cans and they lick up the gravy again and eat the shreds during the night. Would you consider selling just the gravy so it can be added to the food? by on 01/14/2014
  • filets with beef
    I have two cats, Bo will eat anything, Maggie is the VERY pickey one. There are times that the only food she will eat is the Prime Filets Beef, or even the cubed. And ONLY Friskies by on 06/11/2013
  • Picky Felines Favorite
    I have 2 picky cats, that refuse to eat many kinds of cat food, but they love the gravy and texture of the Prime Filets. Beef is their favorite flavor! by on 06/05/2013
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