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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 40 reviewers.

  • Satisfied
    My cat seemed to like this food she ate it and didn't leave much left in the bowl by on 06/04/2016
  • Urinary alternative
    Shadow gets urinary infections. She loved the urinary formula of this canned food but it is no longer available. She also eats Purina One urinary formula dry food. She loves the gravy and devours the large chunks. She won't eat any of the pates. For financial and mobility reasons, specialty pet foods and pet specialty stores are not an option. After talking with our vet, she suggested we slowly start adding water to this canned food to increase her urine flow. Her bowl now looks like soup. This may not be beneficial or palatable for other cats but is working beautifully for Shadow. It's been a year and a half since her last infection. by on 05/27/2016
  • Kitty loves it
    My kitty will only eat Friskies prime filets. And chicken is her favorite. She wakes me every morning hollering for her breakfast! by on 05/16/2016
  • Great!!
    The only canned food my Jax will eat!! He loves it by on 04/12/2016
  • Excellent!
    I always get the prime filets for my Jackie girl, and she loves them, all different flavors. by on 03/16/2016
  • Both cats won't eat the fake filets
    I tried the canned food as a treat for my cats. They like the gravy, but they pick the fake filets out of their bowl and put them on the floor for me to step on. I read the ingredients and noticed that wheat gluten and soy flour are major ingredients, which are not what I expect cats to eat. by on 01/19/2016
  • Kitties Love It!
    I have two cats and they both love the chicken filets. Keep up the good work Friskies! by on 11/26/2015
  • The Cat named Friskies
    My red tabby cat received her name because she will only eat Friskies brand wet cat food. Preferably chicken fillets. Loves it! Yes, we have tried to get her to eat other food such as dry but no go she WILL go hungry unless she has her Friskies. We love our Friskies and your Friskies too. Thanks! by on 11/22/2015
  • Yum Yum
    My cat, Savanna, will eat no other brand of cat food. She loves the filets, all flavors. She has branched out to saucesations a bit also. by on 11/20/2015
  • It was a hit!
    Mewww, he loves it, purrs while eating. Loves all with gravy or sauce. I give him half a can but he always wants more, I think he would several cans at once if allowed.! by on 11/19/2015
  • Good taste
    My cat wasn't a picky eater till I fed her Friskies. Now she won't touch her dry food or any can food that's a pate. She is now my alarm because she can't wait for her breakfast. by on 11/19/2015
    My cats favorite!!! The first thing they want in the morning... by on 11/19/2015
  • Our cat likes but where is the nutrition info?
    Not on can or website?? What is the calorie count? by on 11/03/2015
  • House Favorite!
    Our cat loved this meal! He loves every meal by Friskies! by on 10/17/2015
  • it works well my cat don't eat that much until I
    my fat loves it shenever eats until I bought this for her she uis playing by on 09/28/2015
  • Now Has Too Many Large "Chunks" of Chicken
    I have 5 cats and feed a neighbor's 2 and they all love small pieces of food in gravy. "With Chicken In Gravy" use to be their favorite. Now it has many larger pieces, which my cats don't like, and less gravy. I'm very disappointed that one of their favorite foods is no longer... The other Filets flavors seem fine, I buy all of the many varieties and they enjoy them. by on 09/01/2015
    My cat's LOVE Friskies Chicken and Gravy, whether it's the meaty bits, savory shreds or prime filets!! Why did you'll DISCONTINUE the Special Diet Urinary Tract Health formula of this?????? It was an affordable great cat food that mine LOVED!!!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!! by on 08/25/2015
  • Pickey eaters
    I have 6 cats and they will ONLY eat filets or shreds chicken, beef, turkey, fish. I can only afford to buy it when its on sale or I have coupons. The store keeps raising the prices. by on 08/23/2015
  • Eye catching!
    Miss Peepers, my cat adores Prime Filets with Chicken in Gravy. She tries to climb me when I pop the top and is very vocal. She will purr the entire time she's eating. She gets so excited. She eats better than I do! by on 07/16/2015
  • I buy this on a regular basis.
    My two picky cats enjoy this flavor each and every time I offer it. Thank goodness because they are very finicky! by on 07/12/2015
  • Friskies Chicken Chunk in gravy
    My finicky cat will only eat your products, both dry and wet food...She loves the gravy, she enjoys all wet food excluding the pate' as she loves gravy!!! by on 05/27/2015
  • Sometimes yes, sometimes, meh
    The Kats-n-jammer kids love the gravy, no question, however, sometimes the cans are full of huge pieces, which none of my cats will eat, they just lick off the gravy. What a waste! If all the cans had small pieces (and this is consistent with all flavors), then they would gobble them up! A little consistency is all I ask. by on 03/02/2015
  • my cats love,love,love the chicken&beef fillets!!!
    My cats hear the lid peel off &they come running!!!! I actually trained them with this food...most of them go outside&I get them in for the night by tapping the can with a spoon&it don't matter how far away they are.they here it&come running!!! They are spoiled! by on 02/21/2015
    This is my cats favorite food. Just wish all the fillets, chunks, bits and etc. hadn't started being made in bigger pieces. I have to cut some of the pieces so my cat can eat them. by on 12/12/2014
  • My cats just love all the Friskies varieties
    Their favorite is the Prime Filets with Chicken in Gravy. I tried the Sauce sensations, but they really don't like them. They prefer the regular sauces on your filets and in your pates. by on 12/06/2014
  • my cat will eat nothing else
    every since we got our kitty she eats nothing but friskies by on 12/05/2014
  • Only chicken for my kitty
    I have been buying this regularly for my cat who had been eating only hard food. She loves the gravy but does not eat the chunks of food. I wish that you would make a gravy product without the food in it. I feel like I am wasting food, since I throw it away after she licks the gravy off. by on 12/05/2014
  • Great Cat Food
    I have been feeding my cat the Friskies food and she loves the Filets the best, just enough Gravy and the filets are a good size for her . She also liked the OH NO HAIRBALL Treats but I can't seem to find them anywhere do you still make them, she loves those and kept her hairballs under control. by on 12/02/2014
  • my surprise
    I bought this as my faith has always been in Purina dog chows etc. so to my surprise the skinny mother and baby cats we rescued would lick the gravy but not eat the bites, no matter what we did. They would eat the dry food before eating any of the bites....... by on 11/29/2014
  • Best on the Market.
    This is Harley's favorite food, the only kind and flavor he will eat. by on 10/02/2014
  • Ohana means Family ....
    our little street rescue , she has tried everything under the sun.... but she is all about this food .... she has a routine ....7am eat , 1030 am eat , and 7pm eat without failure and by the clock ..... by on 05/07/2014
  • Obviously Great Taste! Ask my cats!
    I have rescued over 20 cats so far in my life and they have always loved their Friskies wet food. I am happy to say a few of my babies are still going strong in their 20's. So Friskies must be doing something right! by on 03/27/2014
  • Cat food delight
    My cats (two) prefer this treat. They eat up all the gravy and then eat the food. I tried other brands but they just left it. Waste of money! Wish they were a bit more wet. by on 01/14/2014
  • Cairo & Giza Love this!!!!
    My babies are picky eaters, but they love the chicken with gravy!!! by on 09/13/2013
  • all my picky cats love it.
    however they are all feral cats and you think by living in the streets and finding food they would eat any store brand cheap food left out for them. NOPE only friskies filets with ck gravy and the chicken with gravy savory shreds! i have lost my job in sept 2012 and about to run out of funds for me and the 8 ferals in the colony that i have fixed and released. I guess they will go back to nature for food and am sure they will miss their Friskies. by on 08/20/2013
  • Shere' Khan Loves Friskies!
    Khan is 12 years old & can no longer eat dry food, since he has lost a tooth. I tried him on several different canned cat foods, but when we open the Friskies can, he can't wait to get it. He especially likes the egg ones. He's gaining weight again, & doesn't look like a bag of bones anymore. Thank You, Friskies! by on 07/31/2013
  • Tasty
    I have a 2 1/2 yr old Tuxedo named Mystique and she's a very picky eater. I bought the Friskies Prime Fillet with Chicken in Gravy and thought I would try that with her. She loves it. Now I have at least 2 different types I can give her. Thank you for making something special that she loves. by on 06/11/2013
  • Only one my girl will eat.
    The cat we had before her was very picky and only would eat Fancy Feast Salmon. Jenny will only eat the Prime Filets Chicken and Gravy. She is very stubborn about it. by on 06/05/2013
  • My cat Miss Lucy
    This is the only food she will eat ,except her dry Friskies food. She is very finecty,I would recommend this before any other food. by on 06/05/2013
  • Excellent cat food
    I buy the 32 cans in a box -- I am so glad you came out with a different variety. My 5 cats know when I bring it into the kitchen and walk over and around the box, until I serve them each their own box - using at least 2 different varies at a time. They go from dish to dish making sure they all get the wonderful taste. Whatever is left over goes to the stray cats outside -- they sit on the porch waiting for their supper. -- One dish of canned cat food and one bowl of dried Friskies. by on 05/21/2013
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