Image of Four Paws Wee-Wee Pads

Appropriate for use almost anywhere, WeeWee Pads make house training your dog or puppy easy and convenient. For use whenever nature calls, this product will soon become your go-to training item.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 7 reviewers.

Great replacement pads

I use these pads for my cats litter box pellet system and they are so much cheaper. I have to fold them to fit but other than that they work great! by on 08/14/2022
great pads great price

am so glad I found this website. Like the prices and customer service is the best. by on 07/27/2019
rating of training pads

Mfr changed product from soft and absorbent to harsh and not as absorbent.This is not a good product by on 09/22/2010
Wee Wee Pads

Our oldest Maltese has bladder cancer and is incontinent. so we needed to get some type of pad that she could use in doors. We found these Wee Wee pads at a local pet supply store, then looked them up on the internet. We have been very satistied with this product. The pads don't leek, they do not smell, they stay together very well and our dog started using them right away. The delivered price is competitive with what we would have to pay locally so we like ordering them over the internet and having them delivered to our door. Usually arrive in three to four days. by on 05/24/2008
good for cats too

I have a cat that sometimes makes "naughty" tinkles along side the litter box. I have been using the wee wee pads and she goes on them. No mess!!! by on 04/26/2008
Apt living

trained to pads for day and night used and especially when I am out of apt. by on 07/29/2007
They work very well.

I'm very satisfied with pee-wee pads.The only one's I don't like is the one's with baking soda, in them. by on 06/13/2007