Four Paws Tender Touch Brush
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Designed for cats with sensitive skin or delicate coats
Helps prevent hairballs while keeping coat shiny and healthy
Makes grooming a soothing experience for you and your cat

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Rated 3.5 out of 5 by 3 reviewers.

    It states that this is a brush for use on cats and kittens. I would NEVER use this on a kitten and am thinking twice about using it on an adult cat. One would have to take even more care than normal when using this brush. I have a Tender Touch wire brush that is soft and gentle (you still have to be careful of ears and noses because it can stick like pins if the angle is right...) and I was hoping to get two more. So I ordered this one. The purple handle should have been a give away--my soft brush has an uncolored wood handle and it works just fine on both my long-haired and my short-haired critters. Even so, I would not use it on a kitten! Get a baby brush for kittens! This was disappointing so will have to keep looking. by on 05/12/2015
  • Very effective lil' brush especially for the price
    Our cats have always ran away @ the sight of a fur brush, but they thoroughly enjoy this one. Don't realize how much fur they really do have until we used this brush! by on 08/08/2013
  • Very effective!
    This is a very effective tool for brushing your cat! We have three cats and one is particularly apt to get matted hair. Using this occasionally seems to solve the problem. They even seem to enjoy the attention and the sensation. by on 10/29/2009
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