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One reason that cats naturally like to scratch things is to trim their claws. The Four Paws Scratching Post with Catnip is perfect for cats to maintain healthy claws. Cats' claws are constantly growing, and they regularly claw at all sorts of things to get rid of the sheath encasing each claw. Unfortunately, they occasionally claw at your furniture. They'll want to scratch at this post to gain access to the catnip within, but they'll also enjoy grooming their claws. You'll love this post because... Read More



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My Cat Just Attacks this Scratching Post!

My cat goes insane over Four Paws Scratching Post with Catnip. However, it could be a little sturdier. I have to tighten the screw on it weekly. Plus, my cat ripped off the catnip ball on the first day. I do notice that she scratches the furniture much less since we added this scratcher to our household. by on 05/20/2014
vet recommended

My vet actually recommended this for my cat to use and it works pretty well. by on 01/19/2012
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