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4 Paws Indoor/Outdoor Repellent is an animal repellent designed to keep dogs and cats away from forbidden areas like garbage cans, gardens or expensive furniture.



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Eating my trees

For some reason or another my dog likes to push around a rock, he licks it and barks at it he does this until he gets tired. But I have planted a few new small fruit trees in my yard. So when the rock gets on the other side of small tree instead going around the small tree to get his rock, my dog chews through the small tree to get to his rock cutting it in half. That's is when this product came in very handy, very handy, need I say more! by on 05/08/2020
Four Paws Indoor and Outdoor Repellent for Pets

This works! I used this to spray on my storage fabric cubes, wicker furniture, or leather chairs, any items my cat likes to scratch. She just runs away when she smells this spray. I think it the spray smells like ozone. by on 12/21/2019
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