Four Paws Free Standing 5 Panel Walk Over Wood Gate
Four Paws Free Standing 5 Panel Walk Over Wood Gate
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Four Paws Free Standing 5 Panel Walk Over Wood Gate

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Four Paws Free Standing 5 Panel Walk Over Wood Gate is especially designed for small pet, providing households with the ease and flexibility of containing their pet. At only 17 high, this solid wood gate safely contains your small pet while allowing family members to easily step over the gate. The free standing gate sets up in seconds (no tools or assembly required) and expands from 48" - 110" wide. This flexibility provides the freedom to move the gate from room to room and from a small opening to a large opening. Fits openings 48" - 110" wide 17" high with slats approximately 1 1/4" apart Wood Gate Designed for Small Pets Easy to setup and move from room to room No tools or assembly required
  • Four Paws Brand
  • Doors & Gates Crates & Furniture
  • Dog Pet Type

Are Gates Good for Dogs?

Dog gates are more of a necessity than a positive thing for dogs. A dog or pet gate is a must for all pet parents in the world. Dog parents can use them to block off unsafe areas to prevent your dog from entering them. Some such places include bathrooms, rooms with electronic appliances, a kitchen with stoves within dog's reach, baby rooms and so on. Additionally, some pet parents also use dog gates to house train dogs and contain any accidents. Moreover, no two dogs are the same and two different dogs will have different abilities. Therefore, what might keep small dogs contained might be easier for other dogs to hop over.

How Do You Use a Wooden Dog Gate?

A dog gate is often used to draw boundaries and keep your dog outside or inside a particular area in your home. A wood gate gives the dog a safe and dog-proofed space to run around without any trouble. Wooden freestanding gates are one of the best options since they are portable and easy to set up. Moreover, most wood gates feature side panels and rubber feet to prevent escape. You can put it at the entrance of a room, blocking access or exit from that particular room for your dog. Moreover, there are foldable wooden gates that can be folded to fit large and small areas conveniently. Make sure not to use the wooden gates for dogs that are known to be heavy chewers. For such dogs, it's the best option to go with metal gates.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Jumping up the Gate?

There could be many reasons for your dog to jump over the gate you have set up for it. It could be an animal or a stranger that it felt compelled to chase. It could also be a friendly person or dog, separation anxiety, boredom, fear of being alone, look for mating, or an intriguing sound. It's a must to figure out what's causing the frequent jumping of the dog over the fence or the gate. Only when you know the reason behind the behaviour can you address and solve it. Once you have figured it out, try to remove the stimulant for jumping from the equation. Apart from this, ensure that your dog's social, physical, and behavioural needs are being met. Provide daily exercise, spend time with them, dedicate some time to play, and provide dog toys that can provide entertainment for hours. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, talk to your vet for advice and figure out a treatment for the concern.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Pushing the Gate?

There are multiple reasons for a dog to make a dash for it and push the dog gate to escape. It could be another dog, an animal, a friendly person, and other such reasons. Not only does this behaviour cause worry about your dog safety but also frustration. Some of the best ways to stop your dog from pushing the gate are extending the face, removing anything that helps in climbing the gate, and adding jump blocking landscapes around the gate. It also helps some dogs if they do not have a view from the gate to prevent the tendency to escape. Other practical tips include an airlock, double gate, puppy bumper collar filled with fiberfill to minimise escape through openings, use treat-dispensing toy in the dog-proof area, and more.

How Tall Should a Dog Gate Be?

Unless you're getting a custom-fitted dog gate for your dog based on its height and weight, you'll have to select from the options available in the market. Pick a dog gate considering the age, size, and breed of your dog. The most important consideration to factor in is to choose a height that would prevent the dog from being able to scale it or jump over it. Most standard sizes for dog gates available commercially range from 20-inches to 36 inches. There are also gate extensions available in the market that can be added on the top to increase the height by several inches. It goes without saying that while a pug will not need a very tall gate, a great dane might require a considerably high dog gate to avoid jumping over. Also, make sure that the dog gate you choose is sturdy so that the dog doesn't knock it over.

Can a Dog Knock Over a Freestanding Gate?

Bear in mind that freestanding gates are the least sturdy and secure options available for dogs. They should be chosen only if you cannot opt for pressure-mounted or hardware-mounted gates for your dog. These gates are often ideal for smaller spaces like an apartment. While these are easy to move and portable, they are also easy to knock over by a heavy set dog. Use freestanding gates only for smaller and lightweight dog breeds like a chihuahua.

Are Dog Gates Better Than Crates?

They both have their pros and cons. Using a crate provides dogs with a safe environment free of any surface to chew on. Crate training is also efficient for potty training your puppy. On the other hand, using a dog gate gives more freedom to the dog to move around, and they might end up nibbling on the drywall, the gate itself, or try to jump over it in case of boredom.

Why Is My Dog Scared of Gates?

Dogs are generally not scared of dog gates for no reason. If your dog is scared of the gates, there might be a trauma associated with it. Situations like accidental closing of the door around the neck, loud clattering noise from knocking over the gate and having the gate fall on itself may have instilled the fear of the gate.

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