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Four Paws Ear Mite Remedy For Dogs Product Reviews

Four Paws Ear Mite Remedy kills your pets' ear mites quickly, safely and easily with organic extracts which include aloe vera to soothe irritated ears.

Rated 4 out of 5 by 7 reviewers.

highly toxic pesticide. do not buy

this product is highly toxic according to the many warnings on the label. it says avoid contact with skin, so why would you put it in an ear? by on 06/13/2010
Difficult to administer

I would have to agree that it is hard to tell how much solution made it into my 3 cat's ears. It is very difficult to hold my cat's head still for 5 minutes after application as the instructions advise... I'm also very nervous that one of my cat's will get sick from grooming each other even after I wiped away the solution as there still appears to be residue. If it works it'll all be worth it though! by on 06/27/2009

Used on my 2 new kittens, messy and made them hide. I am unsure of amt put in ears and I'm hoping it works so I wont have to repeat. by on 09/25/2008
Worked so far

One application and my cat is no longer itching at his indoor cat but have been told that even through screens they can get these. by on 07/18/2008
Jury still out

The first thing I noticed is the bottle is very hard to squeeze. So while I'm wrestling with the bottle, my puppy is squirming. She had it on top of her head and all over her ears. Don't know how I kept it out of her e1. After waiting another day and trying again, it really didn't go much better. She isn't scratching her ears or shaking her head as much but she still does it every once in awhile. I would recommend the manufacturer put it in an easier bottle to dispense. It was really hard to tell exactly how much product really made it into her ear canal so that might be the problem too. I'll try again. by on 05/27/2008
Instant Relief

With just one application of the ear mite treatment, my cat Toby, has not been pawing at his ears! Thank you Pet Care RX.Diane by on 05/19/2008
Reactions to Mite Remedy

I have 2 cats that are currently facing ear mite issues. I purchased this product and used as directed. Be especially careful to remove all solution that the cat shakes out. My cat tried to clean his face afterwards and he started foaming at the mouth from a reaction. He is feeling horrible and won't do anything. If this persists I will be taking him to the animal hospital. by on 04/01/2008