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Flexadin Plus for Large Dogs are an easy way to ensure that your large dog's joints stay healthy through old age.   Flexadin chews are made to care for your dog's cartilage with a series of ingredients known to promote joint care in dogs. The chews are easy to feed to your pet whether in a treat or mixed in with your dog's food, taking care of your pooch's joint problems has never been easier! Flexadin Plus Chews comes with 90 chews to keep your dog happy and healthy. For other joint care p... Read More



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great product that really helped our dog to stay active

We have purchased Flexadin when we noticed that our 9-year old lab started to have difficulty jumping on the bed which was not a problem before. She started to prefer to lay on her dog bed instead. After using Flexadin consistently for over 5 moths now there is no more issues and she is also more active and running and playing with our younger dogs, same as before. We recommend this product as maintenance to anyone who has large older dogs that need to maintain pain-free mobility. by on 02/10/2020
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