Fat Cat Classic Kitten Little
Fat Cat Classic Kitten Little
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Fat Cat Classic Kitten Little

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Kitten Little toys will throw even the most Potato-Like (as in lumpy couch potato) cats into a sweet frenzy of the highest level. We've made them small for supreme airborne possibilities. Filled with our exclusive Zoom Around the Room high-test organic catnip. Collect em all!
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Are Catnip Toys Safe for Kittens?

A sight to watch your kitten having fun for hours with the Catnip is delightful. The catnip is safe though you might notice your cat going crazy playing with it. You can give the catnip to your kitten at an early age, but she might not respond if she is too young. Many cats love to spend some time with a few fresh catnips or their most adorable catnip-filled toy. You need not worry about their safety as it is 100 % natural and harmless fun for your kittens.

What Age Can Kittens Have Catnip Toys?

Fat Cat Classic Kitten Little toys can put even a potato-like cat in a sweet insane mood. Catnip never harms your cat. It benefits your cat's health by helping it settle down and is helpful for training. 6 months to 1 year is the ideal age for your cat to get introduced to the catnip. By this time, their senses have developed fully. Our recommendation is to avoid catnip before this and let them develop and grow naturally. Not every cat gives a response to the herb but gets entertained while they play with the toy.

What Does Catnip Do to Kittens?

The catnip targets the brain of your cat as they eat or inhale. When the cat is having fun with the catnip, it might lick, bite, roll on it, chew or rub. The natural herbs take effect and enter the brain through the nose of your cat. Researchers are yet to find out the way catnip affects certain parts of the cat's brain. Still, according to some research, the scent of the catnip promotes some โ€œhappyโ€ chemical reactions in a few of the grown-up cats. If your cat eats the catnip it makes your kitty mellow and tired. It is because some cats have a genetic susceptibility to catnips. Yet, some other research shows that the response of some cats to catnips is different. There is more research needed to conclude about the cat going crazy for catnip.

Do Kittens Like Catnip?

Catnip is a plant having an actual name as Nepeta Cataria which gives your cat an extraordinary effect. The cat encounter with the plant or the catnip-infused toy increases the excitement level. The cat usually inhales or rolls itself on the surface or the catnip. Nepetalactone is a chemical actively present in the plant. It gives a similar effect to LSD, but the reaction is for some time only and is not harmful.

Does Catnip Calm Kittens Down?

Yes, catnip soothes and calms the kitten down. It is easy to grow catnip herbs at your home itself. You will notice your cat getting involved with the catnip regularly during the day or even consuming it. Need not worry, as it is harmless and has safe indulgence. However, overeating dry or fresh catnip leaves generally upset the stomach of your cat. It results in diarrhea or vomiting. Always make sure that your cat consumes catnip in moderation and only occasionally as a fun treat.

Can a 9 Week Old Kitten Have Catnip?

Age is not a factor to give catnip. But generally, cats below the age of 6-9 months usually have no response to catnips.

How Do You Calm a Kitten?

Cats are the cutest pets and are curious by nature. They look adorable, and we fall in love with them every time we see them. But we need to keep in mind that kittens have a lot of energy, and it is not easy for them to get away with it. So, take a deep breath, relax and never tend to lose your calm. There are several ways to keep your kitten calm and provide them with proper training to acquire the best etiquette during the process. You will have to allocate appropriate time to let your kitty play, as it will help to bring down the energy that she carries. Soothing music is also an ideal way to calm down your kitten. If possible, make a separate space for your kitten. This place needs to have stuff with which your cat can play alone. Scratch-post would be of great help to release her energy in a non-destructive and positive way. None of us likes to be alone, the same way your cat will love to have a companion to play with and maintain her calmness. Your kitten not only needs you to play with her, but she wants to get a feeling of being loved. Make her sit on your lap while you complete your task on your laptop or watch TV, embrace her in your bed. They love to get petted when you are holding them in your arms. It helps you in the best way to keep your cat away from negative behaviors. If you avoid giving attention to your cat, they might feel neglected, bored, and isolated.

Fat Cat Classic Kitten Little is manufactured by Fat Cat
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Fat Cat Classic Kitten Little 792196501446

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