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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 160 reviewers.

  • Cats enjoy fancy feast
    Charlotte and Beautiful live fancy feast. Their favorite is the tuna. by on 01/15/2015
  • Salem loves Fancy Feast!!
    Salem absolutely loves Fancy Feast. He enjoys the medleys and the appetizers. He fusses each morning for his breakfast and dinner! God forbid I sleep...because he will let me know loud and clear that his tummy is rumbling! by on 08/20/2014
  • Wet food
    My cat is very picky. When I give her something she doesn't like she sniffs at it and and meaws at me at walks away. This time she went right for it and ate the whole thing. by on 08/05/2014
  • Amber loves Turkey Florentine
    My elderly cat Amber loves the Turkey Florentine flavor of Elegant Medleys. It is her favorite! The Chicken Florentine is next in line for her preferred food. Our seven year old Domino will pretty much eat whatever is put in front of her. The last time we went shopping the store was out of Turkey Florentine. (Gasp!) We are getting by on chicken though. by on 07/07/2014
  • my cats won't eat anything else
    We switched to Fancy Feast Medleys in the midst of one of the pet food poisoning scares about 6 years ago because we were looking for a product that was made in the US without a lot of fillers. Fancy Feast Medley's fit the bill. Boone and Bandit won't eat anything else now and they used to eat more than one brand of wet cat food. Their special favorite is turkey Florentine by on 06/06/2014
  • My cat loves ALL the Fancy Feast Medleys!
    For as long as I've had my cat, I've offered him many different varieties of wet cat food. Every time he has always preferred the Purina Fancy Feast Medleys. He also eats the other varieties that Purina offers like Gravy lovers and the regular fancy feast foods but I know he loves the Medleys best because he devours them first and eat most of them on the first go round. As far as the texture is concerned, my cat prefers either the pate or the very finely chopped entrees, not the larger bites. For your information, my cat is 7 years old. Keep up the good work! I hope you can come up with a truly grain-free dry food product so that I can also offer this to my cat. Up till now I thought that Blue Buffalo was a better product and I was giving their dry food product to my cat but now I'm upset that they have been caught in this lawsuit that claims their foods aren't grain-free. Does Purina have a grain-free dry cat food that is better than what Blue Buffalo claims to be?I love my cat and since he has been having some blood sugar issues, I wanted to make sure that his food is free of questionable ingredients. I spoil my cat and the first product I've tried to give my cat was the Blue Buffalo canned foods but he will not even eat them! He does, however, eat their Blue Buffalo supposedly grain-free dry product because I thought their product was truly grain-free. Thank you for making this lawsuit available to the public because this directly effects my cat's health maintenance. by on 06/03/2014
  • Turkey Florentine review
    Ebony usually prefers regular Fancy Feast seafood selections, however, one day the turkey florentine was accidentally purchased. I was skeptical about her reaction to it, seeing it had vegetables and I wouldn't think she would care for it. Wasn't I surprised when she just lapped it up. Thanks Fancy Feast for providing such a great selection of cat foods. It's the only brand we buy. by on 06/02/2014
  • My Kittens
    My kittens love it, but like many others the cost is almost prohibitive. by on 06/02/2014
  • Kitty favorite
    My cat Mongo loves Fancy Feast Tuscany selections. His favorite is Tender Turkey with Long Grain Rice and Garden Greens. The can size is perfect as he is an older cat and there is no waste. The selections are great and it keeps my "fur baby" happy!. Thank you for such a great product!! by on 06/01/2014
  • His Majesty Condescends
    His Majesty condescends to favor this above all but the Gravy Lovers. We prefer Fancy Feast above all other cat food brands (including Blue, IAMS, Science Diet, etc.). His Majesty has noticed that a reviewer has "Broth". Must have. HIs Majesty has dispensed his cavalry in search of Broth. by on 05/31/2014
  • My cat's favorite
    My cat can be really picky. She will like one flavor for a while and then demand something else. However she loves the tender turkey Tuscany. She will never turn this down. Although I buy other flavors, I always choose this flavor because I know it will be a big hit. by on 05/31/2014
  • My Cats Love Fancy Feast
    My 4 cats love Fancy Feast - I just wish it was less expensive. We buy a minimum of 50 cans a week and would love to be able to order it wholesale to save money. We have tried many other brands but my cats tend to get an upset stomach from all others. They are Fancy Feast fanatics!!!!!! by on 05/31/2014
  • Good eats!
    My cat loves the food with gravy. There is no smell. Nice, smaller portions with no left overs in the refrig by on 05/31/2014
  • lilly
    My cats only eat fancy feast and the elegant melodies are the favorites by on 05/31/2014
  • The princess approves
    We have a very spoiled Maine Coon named Shaylee, which means fairy princess of the meadow in Gaelic. She will only eat seated on a bar stool eating from the counter. When I offered her the Turkey Tuscany I hoped she would at least try a lick or two, as is her habit. Boy was I amazed when she ate half the can in one sitting. All of our cats love Elegant Medleys, but for Shaylee to like a food that well is unusual. It was wonderful to find something she really likes. by on 05/30/2014
  • The Best!!!
    Looks and smells good enough for human consumption! My little guy just loves his food! by on 05/30/2014
  • Paw lickin good
    I have 4 cats........ They all just love elegant medleys with the greens. Plus I think it is so much healthier for them too. Thank you for making a great product. by on 05/30/2014
  • Elegant Medleys Tender Turkey
    Velvet was raised on fancy feast and loved all the gravies that it comes with. She especially loves turkey like her mom. by on 05/30/2014
  • Only thing my finicky cat likes
    Hi My finicky cat turns his nose up at almost every other food except Elegant Medleys Florentine cat food. They are so funny but they know what they like. by on 05/30/2014
  • Scooter approved!
    Scooter the cat LOVES this stuff! I try not to change her food(s) too often, and she doesn't mind one bit! by on 05/30/2014
  • Elegant Medleys
    My cat hates this stuff. Anything with gravy, cheese, rice, greens other than basic meat or fish flaked or pate winds up in the trash. He loves the classic by on 05/30/2014
  • Delicious
    So creamy and good. We go through 14 cans per week...holy cow! by on 05/30/2014
  • not their favorite
    They just won't eat this - not been their favorite at all. The mornings version is just awesome, however, these always disappear in a second. by on 05/30/2014
  • fancy eaters love fancy feast
    My cats are so picky but thank God for fancy feast elegant medleys, as they offer your cat the choice of being picky but still getting the best of healthy food and vitamins plus taste. Fancy feast is great and mine prefer the tuscany turkey varieties!!!! by on 05/30/2014
  • He comes "a running" for Medleys
    My cat loves this food, he likes all Fancy Feast, but the Medleys is his favorite. My cat had been mourning the loss of his mate and would not eat at all, He was getting thinner by the day and I was afraid that I was going to lose my old cat too. I started him on Medleys Turkey and he actually dove into it, so now all of the Medleys chicken and Turkey are his favoroite. He has gained some weight (3 cans a day) and I am hoping for the best. Thank you Medleys. He also loves the Fancy Feast Beef in gravy, strange, but he is not much of a fish eater. Therefore it is Turkey, Chicken and Beef and I only buy Fancy Feast, because I believe they are of the best. by on 12/28/2013
  • my cats really like elegant medleys
    of all the fancy feast products my cats like this one the most. it also looks the best out of all of them. and the packaging is cute. my cats are picky eaters, but they like this flavor the best. i like that it has garden greens in it that makes it seem healthy to me by on 09/27/2013
  • Elegany Medley's~ The Best!
    My Three Ladies (Cats) Love all the Elegant Medley's, it is all they will eat... and you know if your a cat owner, there is no substituting for what they love! by on 09/07/2013
  • Cats love it
    I have 4 cats, all siblings from a rescue mother, who sadly passed on a year ago. They will eat nothing but Fancy Feast, and only Elegant Medleys. Their favorite was white meat chicken tuscany, but lately it has been a tie with turkey tuscany. They do not like anything with beef or liver. Nor do they care for any of the pates. I am fortunateto be able to give them what they like. by on 08/21/2013
  • my cats come running when i open the can
    As soon as I open the can, my cats come running from all over the house into the kitchen for meal time! by on 08/06/2013
  • Cats love this turkey
    The Tender Tuscany Turkey must be the best tasting cat food in the world, because our cats all agreed to love it. There is no calling to meal time with Tender Turkey Tuscany. by on 03/18/2013
  • All 4 cats really like this
    I have four cats and they get Shredded Turkey Fare every morning. They all clean their plates and I find that it does not upset their stomachs. I have one cat with a pretty severe food allaery but she tolerates the turkey dinners well. Please don't change or remove this product, it's great. by on 02/28/2013
  • Turkey Florentine is never available
    I am having a difficult time gettin Turkey Florentine flavor at my local supermarkets. Has it been discontinued? There isn't even a space on the shelf for this flavor. by on 02/22/2013
  • my cat injoys it i will continue to buy
    My cat enjoys it. He can't stop eating it.The price will keep me coming back to purchace more by on 12/09/2012
  • The ONLY Food my cat enjoys
    I have tried other similar cat food for my cat and she is extremely "finicky"and will ONLY eat the Florentine,or the Tuscany style canned food!You cannot fool her for a minute!She walks away from ant other canned food I tried in the past to give her!She has been eating as well as Dry Food,one can a day and the vet said she looked very healthy since her last visit last year and has gained about 4 lbs!.She is an indoor cat about 9 years old and I am in a tizzy when I can't find these brands in the store!Not just Fancy Feast,It has to be TUSCANY OR FLORENTINE!!!Please don't ever stop mass producing,or my cat won't be happy!!And neither will I.Whatever it is you do to this food please keep doing it because she is fed well and VERY HEALTHY!!!Thank You Purina!!!She also eats Purina One dry food!!! by on 12/08/2012
  • Our cat's favorite. Wish it was real turkey, not compressed mystery meat.
    Our cat's favorite. Wish it, and all Purina pet products were real meat and fish, not compressed mystery meat. by on 11/29/2012
  • She loves it!
    My cat surprisingly loves this flavor, seeing as my cat is usually very picky. The only brand my cat really loves! by on 07/11/2012
  • great product
    My cats love fancy feast. they always perk up when I open a can by on 07/11/2012
  • My cats just inhale it!
    It is healthy for my cats and they love it! My cats fight over who can get to it first. by on 07/11/2012
  • Cats love it and I have to wear earplugs because the dogs bark for it
    My cats rush to the door as soon as they hear me open the can of Tender Turkey Primavera. My dogs start barking because they can smell the deliciousness. by on 07/11/2012
  • my picky kitty LOVES this!
    I have one cat out of 5 that usually REFUSES to eat moist/canned cat food...this is the exception to that rule :) I don't like to feed her just dry food so this is the perfect solution. I also have one other cat that goes CRAZY over anything with veggies in it, she will behave like someone tossed her a piece of steak rather than a veggie. by on 07/11/2012
  • Gobble it up every time!
    Very satisfied with it's quality and the cats LOVE it! by on 07/11/2012
  • yumm
    my cat loves this stuff! she just cant ever seem to get enough of it. my dog even trys to get some, and boy, does that ruffle some fur. dont steal Penelope's cat food! lol by on 07/11/2012
  • Cats love it
    My cats love these, one of my cats favorites. Good for a snack to make them love you more =) by on 07/11/2012
  • A Favorite in my house
    My cats love it!! Its one of their favorites. Happy Cats make Happy People! by on 07/11/2012
  • cats loved it
    gave this to my cats for the first time and they absoulutely loved it. only negative the can should come with more! by on 07/11/2012
  • FAVE
    yUMMY YUMMY YUMMY - this is our cat, Denim's favorite. by on 07/11/2012
  • The Best
    My cat loves Fancy Feast cat food, both they dry and the canned. by on 07/11/2012
  • meow!
    This is one of my cats favorite flavors to eat!They can't wait for me to open the can up! by on 07/11/2012
  • Delicious , My cat thinks so anyway :)
    My cat absoulutely loves it he inhales it! For some reason it says my review is too short. Waht more can I say he likes it :) by on 07/11/2012
  • The only kind my Mittens will eat. She's very finicky for sure
    Perfect, but wish they made tiny litle lids for the cans. My Mittens can't finish a can but demands it twice a day. by on 07/11/2012
  • wonderful dinner
    My two kitties love this stuff! and it is great for them, i use to give them friskies but since trying this i could never go back to that other stuff! by on 07/11/2012
  • Great Product!
    My cat's all love Fancy Feast and they get this special treat on their birthdays. My oldest cat molly is 15 years old and she expects her fancy feast treat on her birthday which is coming up in 2 months again! by on 07/11/2012
  • Yum
    I am pretty sure that my kitties love these medley's the best! I feel like I am giving them real food and not just some processed can of who knows what. Thank you fancy feast! Also thank you for being affordable! by on 07/11/2012
  • Yummy Yummy good for their tummy's
    My 3 love the veggies and turkey, they hear the top pop and come running!! by on 07/11/2012
  • Veggies for my fat cats!
    Having five cats with huge appetites, I am constantly on the lookout for new and interesting tastes for my cats that are also healthy since their human mother tends to feed them treats way too often. So when I found the Turkey Primavera with Veggies I bought a few cans and to my surprise, my slightly obese cats loved it! They usually don't take very well to anything veggies but they loved this type. It is now in the food rotation and looks to be staying there for some time! by on 07/11/2012
  • Leeloo
    My cat loves this!! I don't give it to her very often though...I always make sure it's a special treat for her!!!!! by on 07/10/2012
  • bad ingredients
    Contains animal by products, and gluten. Bad items for any animal. Cat likes it, trying to wean her off of it. by on 06/29/2012
  • medley's products are the best
    A cat food that looks good enough to eat...in our home, if it doesn't come from a green can we don't eat it. by on 06/13/2012
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