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  • Wow
    My cat actually liked it:) Lionel loves tuna. He knows when we open a tuna can, before we open it lol. by on 07/11/2012
  • My kitty loves this.
    I like this because my kitty likes it. She is more than 15 years old. I got her at a local shelter so I really don't know when her birthday is. She is a tuxedo cat, black and white. She is very finicky but she loves this. by on 07/11/2012
  • Omar Loves Gravy!
    This is Omar's favorite of the blends. He loves food with gravy and will ONLY eat the Fancy Feast medleys - he knows where they are kept and sits in front of the cabinet waiting patiently till you fill his bowl. And he never leaves any leftovers - he also likes the turkey and for an occasional treat the yellowfin tuna and salmon but the chicken florentine is his very favorite! Omar won't eat other brands that I have tried - he has very discerning tastses - he's a Fancy Feast feline! by on 06/14/2012
  • Max's Favorite
    My Maxi cat will be 14 years old on July 4th. As he is older he loves the Facny Feast that is already chopped into small bites for him, and has lots of gravy. It costs a little more but my old guy is worth it. The other cats love the treat every once in a while too. The all get regular Fancy Feast every day. Our neighbor cat has discovered that my cats get Fancy Feast and sneaks in the house every morning for a bite of his own. >^..^< by on 06/14/2012
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