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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 27 reviewers.

  • My cats love it!!!!
    I have 3 cats. I have one cat who is allergic to Friskies. So I decided to give them Fancy Feast. Well at first there were just two eating it. Until one day I had the one who wasn't eating it lick the spoon. Well she decided she liked it too. So now all three now eat it. They eat between 2 to 3 cans a day. They go nuts either when I open it or show them the can. My cats didn't like anything pate like food. They like the classic or any kind. I just want to say thank you for selling this product. by on 03/10/2016
  • Fincky Frankie
    As my Frankie Girl has gotten older, she's turned into quite a picky eater. Over about three to four months she progressively lost weight, to the point the vet and myself were becoming concerned. I tried brand after brand of different wet and dry food as she eats a combo, both moderately priced to the most expensive with her at first eating some to eventually refusing any of it altogether. As a last resort I bought a medley of Fancy Feast, something most people had told me not to do as it has a good portion of the product made from that dreaded mystery called "meat-by-product". I struck pay dirt with the Tender Liver & Chicken Feast, and I couldn't be more thrilled! It's also stimulated her to resume snacking on her dry food when I'm away at work which is amazing. My new philosophy is any food is better than no food, even if it doesn't have the purest of ingredients. She's gained a bit of weight over the last month and the crisis has been averted, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! You must be doing something right, so keep it up. by on 01/27/2016
  • Case loads Unwanted
    My cat is very picky on the flavors that Fancy Fest offers and I'm going nuts when my cat refuse to eat those flavors, do to the lack of "gravy / broth" or the cat food it's moist enough or the smell of the food that is been offered isn't smelling right. The flavors that I purchase from Fancy Fest by the case loads: Turkey, Beef, Shrimp/salmon, Liver/chicken, Chicken and Salmon. All are in the "Classic" style. I believe Fancy Fest should do more on the label, specially on the sodium and MS65 intake per grams. How's much sugar is in one 3.3 can? Also they need to add more fiber. Fancy Fest isn't the only brand that my cat is refusing to eat. by on 01/21/2016
  • Great product
    I labeled this review a great product because Sadie really loves the "classic" grills. She can't eat fish or seafood favors! What cat can't tolerate fish?! She always chows down the Classic Chopped Mixed Grill Feast and the Classic Turkey and Chicken Feast. Thanks for making a great product, one that she seems to enjoy and is readily available and affordable! by on 12/13/2015
  • Fancy feastin' kitties!
    I have always had success with fancy feast. My cats love it! I have an older cat that can eat this food with no digestive issues whatsoever. by on 09/27/2015
  • my cat
    Tiger loves all the fancy feast wet foods. He even knows where I keep them and goes and sits in front of pantry when it is time to eat. by on 09/26/2015
  • something
    My cats used to love the classics and would eat only that. They don't' like it so much any more for some reason. by on 03/10/2015
  • Great cat food!!
    This is a great product!! It agree's with my cats!! by on 01/16/2015
  • One of my cats' favorites
    My cats love this particular variety of Fancy Feast, though they like a number of others as well. I have tried many different brands of canned 'premium' foods, and most of my Ragdolls leave them in favor of Fancy Feast. They also like Purina One cans too. by on 03/02/2014
  • great product!
    this is my cats treat food and they love it!! They wont eat any other wet food. by on 12/01/2013
  • Healthy low-carb cat food that disappears without waste..
    The Fancy Feast Classics were recommend to me for my diabetic cat instead of the expensive veterinary prescription formulas and with the help of Fancy Feast she is now completely off insulin. This is one of her favorite flavors and I can always count on her cleaning her bowl..a sign of a happy, healthy cat. I stock up to avoid the shortages that sometimes happen at my store. by on 11/28/2013
  • Sixteen year old cat loves this flavor!
    My sixteen year old cat had eaten dry cat food all her life until about a year ago. She was not eating and losing weight, so I tried canned food. Fancy Feast Chicken and Liver Entree is her preference. She eats half the can and then begs for more. I try to give her smaller portions several times a day. She is doing better now and keeps the wet food down better than the dry. My three year old cat always has to have a taste of the Fancy Feast as well. by on 10/23/2013
  • Liver and chicken saved Pearl's life.
    Pearl is a Russian Blue mix who is severely allergic to fish. After many trips to the vet for steroid shots and countless rounds of pills we decided to try Fancy Feast liver and chicken. She has regrown all her hair and does not spend her day grooming herself to a bloody mess. Thank you so much Fancy Feast, without you I really don't know what would have happened to my beautiful Pearl. by on 05/15/2013
  • My cats' favorite
    My two cats love FF Liver & Chicken flavor. They've been happy eating Purina dry food for 10 years. But last Fall my vet was concerned about their increase in weight over the years and the possibility of diabetes. She also said wet food has fewer calories and carbs than dry food. She recommended that I switch them to wet food and even recommended FF. I was like a deer in the headlights... I'd given them wet food a couple of times but it seemed too rich for their stomachs. I was worried about them starving. So being the good mommy I selected a very expensive $$$$ brand. I was also trying to feed them gluten free like me. After emptying out my bank account and reading many reviews on various wet cat foods I chose FF Classic. The Classic is also gluten free. They love it, and there's something special about this particular flavor that they like best. by on 04/20/2013
  • This is my cat's favorite
    I bought this for my new cat. The first time she tried it, she engulfed it. Never seen a cat eat so fast, and then she begged for more. That is a good indication of a happy cat. I also love how this has great quality ingredients and no fillers. by on 04/09/2013
  • Classic pates
    My 6 month kitten loves all the classic pate varieties. He gobbles it up and cries for more. Waiting for him to turn a year old so I can give him the dry variety. by on 03/31/2013
  • Favorite dish
    My 2 cats particularly enjoy the Tender Liver and Chicken feast. All flavors are acceptable as long as they are Fancy Feast, but this seems to be the favorite. by on 11/08/2012
  • Cats Favorite, Mine Too!
    I own 2 cats and 6 kittens. My cats adore Fancy Feast, no matter what the flavor. My favorite to give them is Classic Tender Liver & Chicken Feast. Why? Well, let's face it. The seafood flavored meals may smell succulent to our kitties, but to us humans they are not so pleasant. I take the strong seafood smell of Fancy Feasts' fishy flavors as a good sign that they use real fish! However, I cannot bear the smell on my kittens. They jump into their food bowl and eat like piglets, getting the food all over their face and paws. The fish smell does not go away. With the Classic Tender Liver & Chicken Feast, they can be messy eaters all they want because there is no bad smell lingering on them when they are done eating. I recommend this particular flavor to the cat owners with a sensitive nose. The ingredients don't lie - Fancy Feast is worth the splurge. It's quality food that I can feel good about when feeding to my cats. by on 10/10/2012
  • Kitty Loves this!
    I know when I give my little princess a dish of Liver and Chicken Feast, the bowl will be licked clean! She loves this flavor! by on 07/13/2012
  • Loves his liver
    Our one cat loves anything chicken but hates beef. And for some odd reason he loves this liver dish the most. We give all the cats a little wet food in the morning and save the rest for the next day. Often times they won't eat the food when it's dried so we give them just enough for breakfast. I've seen that 7 secs in the microwave works well to warm leftovers up for the ones that don't like cold wet food the following day. =) by on 07/12/2012
  • Knock me over for Breakfast
    My cats just love this....they chase me until they get their breakfast. by on 07/12/2012
  • Muffin Loving Morning
    My Muffin loves to wake up to a Fancy Feast morning. He forces himself to eat the entire can before laying in the middle of the floor all fat and full. This is by far his favorite food and mine too because it does not smell up the house or give him bad breath. by on 07/12/2012
  • satisfied
    My cats love this food so much. Its the only brand my two cats will eat. by on 07/11/2012
  • Cat food
    I fed this to both of my cats and they gobbled it up! My cats loved it! by on 07/11/2012
  • one of my cat's favorites
    I am grateful for the high quality of Fancy Feast as this is the only food he eat's. by on 06/27/2012
  • My cats love it
    The only problem is we have a hard time finding it. by on 06/22/2012
  • Favorite flavor
    Our cat loves this! the quality is high, but so is the price. by on 06/18/2012
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