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Rated 5 out of 5 by 227 reviewers.

  • gray lover
    all 5 of my cat love the gravy lovers. when i feed this item to them they always lick all of the gravy off before eating the rest by on 11/08/2012
  • Mochi's favorite
    Mochi my ten year old handsome feline loves beef the most but he chows down on all flavors. He is definitly a FANCY FEAST cat. by on 11/07/2012
  • Gravy Lovers Beef Feast!
    I love to sit and watch my two kitties eat this flavor. It is almost as if they are having a race to see who can finish theirs first. They take a few bites and look up at the other one, then get right back at eating again till it's all gone. Then they lay around like two beached whales for a nap. LOL!!! by on 11/07/2012
  • Kitty can't wait!
    Both of my cats push one another out of way to get to their gravy lovers! by on 11/07/2012
  • Title
    My cats can not get enough FF food. If they are outside & I want themin now I just tap on the can & they come running! by on 11/07/2012
  • gravy lovers
    cat is crazy over the gravy....licks bowl thru the house! she does not want to leave a drop! by on 11/07/2012
  • Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers
    This is truly the only food my cat, Samantha Jane, will eat. She loves to lap up the gravy first then finishes the rest in about 2-3 sittings. She loves the sound of the can being popped open - sets her to running every time!! by on 11/07/2012
  • My "Fancy Feast Fanatic" LOVES Gravy-Lovers!
    Jimmy has eaten Fancy Feast food all of his life. When the "Gravy-Lovers" line came out I bought some for him to try. I can tell by how fast he licks and how clean the bowl is after he finishes that he is extremely happy to have food with so much gravy. Thank you Fancy Feast for providing such yummy food for Jimmy! by on 11/07/2012
  • Time will tell:
    They spend more time licking out the can, lid, and spoon than eating the food itself! They love every bit o' gravy. by on 11/07/2012
  • Gravy Lovers or nothing for my cat!
    My cat, Sam, LOVES Gravy Lovers Roasted beef flavor!! by on 11/07/2012
  • My cat sammy
    My cat loves all of these. He comes running when I open the can. I also feed a stray and she loves them. by on 11/07/2012
  • Charlie
    Loves gravy and licks it all off his whiskers. Charlie loves his little girl too. by on 11/07/2012
  • Ms Maria~for Bug
    This is the best one She (Bug ) Loves this one ,By the time she is done I have to give her a face wash cuz she has it every where on her.. by on 11/07/2012
  • Fussy Mimzy finally eats!
    My Mimzy is very fussy. She seems to love this flavor though. She has always been a gravy lover so this turned out to be the perfecyt choice! by on 11/07/2012
  • awesome meal
    My cat zoey loves this product eats it every night for dinner and her bowel is licked clean after each meal.. by on 11/07/2012
  • Title
    My cats like to lick their food, so when it has gravy it's easy for them to eat.... by on 11/06/2012
  • Midnight only eats Gravy Lovers
    I'm a 14 year old black cat that only eat Gravy Lovers line. Do not like the other cans so Mom buys about 40 cans a month for me . Thanks Fancy Feast for a great product. by on 11/05/2012
  • Fancy Feast gravy lovers
    Cat loves it a lot . great product fancy feast makes a GREAT PRODUCT WE don't like any other wet food for our cat.. by on 07/11/2012
  • Rosie
    I think if our cat could hunt cows instead of mice, she would. She loves the beef varieties. Can't blame her, I love beef too. by on 07/11/2012
  • Awesome
    ONE WORD - Awesome - I have 2 Cats Killer and Mini Me and both of them love beef flavor wet food more than any type out there, I wish this came in a large can. As my homey cat WOULD say ~ KILLER TASTE" by on 07/11/2012
  • loving gravy lovers!
    My cat used to lick all the gravy off of her regular canned food. She loves it! So this is perfect for her and she eats the bits and pieces as well! We love it! by on 07/11/2012
  • best ever
    so good, my cat won't eat any other canned food! She used to eat wiskas, the kind in the pouch, but now refuses by on 07/11/2012
  • Fancy Feast is AWESOME!
    If my cats could write this review, they'd spend the entire time begging for more. My two cats only get wet food once or twice a month as a special "treat", and when I saw this on the shelf, I knew this was the "special treat" they deserved, and BOY, was I right! I split one can between them and watched as they sat over their separate bowls and didn't look up until each one was completely clean! Now, my cats are sort of timid; loud noises can jerk them away from even the fullest food bowl, but when my roommate came home, slamming our front door, and her daughter came in at a full-out run, neither cat moved so much as a whisker. They just kept purring and eating away. I will DEFINITELY buy this brand for them again. by on 07/11/2012
  • Ms
    4 out of 4 cats agree that this is their favorite flavour from the Gravy Lovers range. One can is enough to sastify an adult cats tum tum. Purrs and happy cats after every meal! by on 07/11/2012
  • Title
    My cat LOVES the gravy :) Beef seems to be the one he likes most :) by on 07/10/2012
  • Great Quality
    My 2 year old cat loves the Roast Beef w/ Gravy and won't eat anything else. You can see that the quality is very good b/c there isn't all that fat and gelatin in the food. It's all meat and gravy, the way it should be for our furry family members! Would highly recommend. by on 07/07/2012
  • Quality food my cats enjoy!
    All 3 of my cats love any of the Gravy meals and they range from 1yr. to 14yrs. I especially like them because of the gravy since my oldest prefers the gravy part over the meat. by on 06/27/2012
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