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Rated 5 out of 5 by 16 reviewers.

  • My dogs love them!
    My dogs crave them. They always seem to ask for them. They love very much!!! by on 10/22/2014
  • My dog loves these, but.............
    I have been getting these for my dog for a long time. It is a requirement of his. Last time I bought them they had doubled the price. I can get them elsewhere cheaper. by on 09/06/2014
  • My dog's favorite treat
    Exclusively Dog cookies, peanut butter flavor, is my 16 year old dog's favorite treat, and has been for years. He gets one every day for an after-dinner "dessert". by on 10/20/2012
  • Great Treats
    My dogs love these treats. My older dog is deaf now so all I have to do is show him a cookie and he will come right to me. Funny kind of sign language. by on 10/06/2012
  • my dog loves them
    My dog has allergies and this is one of the few treats I can find that doesn't have that in it. And my dog loves them! What more is there to say! They're great! by on 09/21/2012
  • Exclusively Dogs Peanut Butter Cookies
    Our mixed-breed Lotto is 16 and has been eating the Exclusively Dogs Peanut Butter Creme Cookies for years, and he loves them. It's his dinner "dessert" and one of his very favorite treats. by on 08/16/2012
  • peanut butter please!
    My Siberian Husky dog just loves these cookies (peanut butter) he eats his supper and can't wait to get his cookie! If he doesn't eat his supper he knows he will not get one until he does.....Please NEVER stop carrying these, he would surely die of a broken heart. I also by them for my grandpuppy, which is a German Shepherd, and she loves them also! by on 08/02/2012
  • Only Dog Treat My Sheltie Will Touch
    My sheltie has never eaten any dog treats although we have purchased many that have gone to the less picky dogs in our extended family. She loves the cookies ( especially the peanut butter ) and we are so glad we can offer her one dog treat she actually has any interest in, so happy I can find them here. by on 08/05/2010
  • Love'em!!
    I have a chow who isn't all that picky but he gets bored with treats rather fast and doesn't ever get very excited. Then we tried these cookies and he LOVES them!! As soon as he hears me take them out he runs from across the room, tail going 90 miles an hour and can't wait to get his treat. The funny thing is, he actually eats them just like me, first the top cookie, then the bottom cookie with the cream. I am not kidding! :D by on 05/30/2008
  • Yorkie loves cookies
    My Yorkie is very particular on his treats. He loves the carob cookie. He carries it around for quite some time before he eats it. I have to pretend that I don't see him with the cookie, because he thinks I want it for myself. The only downside is that sometimes he hides it under my pillow, which leaves a chocolate stain, but that washes right out. by on 05/28/2008
  • Picky Dachshunds
    My Dachshunds love these cookies. They are very picky.I think they think they are real cookies because they get real excited when they see one.I would recommend them highly to anyone. by on 04/25/2008
  • Great treat for your dogs..
    My boys really love them, almost as much as the ones I bake them at home. by on 04/16/2008
  • Picky eater!
    My puppy is a picky eater so she doesn't really loves them. But she can eat it sometimes I guess when no other choice of treat. by on 04/15/2008
  • They LOVE 'em!!!
    My girls just love these cookies. It's a nice break from the regular beef or bacon treats they get. They always beg for one after dinner. You know how that goes.......... by on 04/14/2008
  • My picky greyhound LOVES these!!!
    Surprisingly, these do not cause any problems with his sensitive stomach. They are a welcomed treat for my picky dog. by on 05/10/2007
  • A treat that works
    My dog Bernard always begs for food from the table, but I try to resist feeding him human food. I found these sandwich cookies that look just like normal cookies and he loves them! Now I don't feel guilty about giving him dessert after dinner. by on 12/30/2004
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