Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented Cat Litter
Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented Cat Litter
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Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented Cat Litter

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Maximum Clumping Power. Ever Clean Litter is America's first clumping cat litter. Our premium clumping litter helps prevent liquid waste from reaching the bottom of the litter box where it can decompose and create odors.Ever Clean litter is made from a premium blend of natural minerals and clays. We select only pure, high-quality ingredients. Cats like Ever Clean litter because it is made from natural clay and is 99.9% dust-free.
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Who Manufactures Ever Clean Cat Litter?

The Ever Clean Cat Litter is claimed to be America's first clumping cat litter. The idea was borne out of the vision to impact the cat care quality and manufacture clean litter. As a result, A&M was founded, the first company to manufacture clumping cat litter. In 1992, First Brands bought A&M, and in 1999 Clorox acquired First Brands and Ever Clean litter. The ownership of Ever Clean cat litter continues to be with Clorox, which now manufactures this particular premium litter. The brand now has multiple improved formulas with better urine odor control. The lineup also includes cedar, multiple cats, EverFresh, and lightweight, unscented extra strength varieties. It's one of the premium cat litter, which is sold only through pet specialty stores.

What Is Everclean Cat Litter Made Of?

Ever Clean claims that the secret behind the superior clumping prowess of its clumping litter is the natural bentonite clay. The premium clumping cat litter also has natural coconut shells used to create activated carbon technology. This ensures maximum odor protection by trapping and locking the odor instead of masking it. Additionally, whichever Ever Clean litter you pick may also contain other ingredients like fragrance, natural minerals, and crystals. The Ever Clean Cat litter comes with big granules and low dust to reduce tracking.

Why Is Unscented Cat Litter Better?

While cat preferences may vary in terms of food and toys, several studies have shown that felines usually tend to have certain shared preferences regarding litter. The two most common litter preferences amongst cats are smaller litter particles and odor-free formula. Cats tend to prefer finer litter over pellet and crystal-type formulas. This makes sense because cats were originally desert dwellers known to bury their excretion in the sand. Moreover, finer litter particles also feel better and smooth on their paws since they are quite soft and smooth in texture. Therefore, instead of granules, most cats prefer finer litter. Now on to the most critical litter preference for cats. Did you know that cats have a highly fine-tuned nose and sense of smell? Cats are known to have much more sensitive olfactory sense than some dog breeds even. Therefore, while you may be tempted to get that lavender-scented litter to keep your home odor-free, your cat might reject it simply because of the fragrance. What might seem extremely subtle to your nose will be times a thousand for a feline nose, and you don't want that while doing your dirty business, do you?

Which Ever Clean Litter Is Best?

Today, Ever Clean has four products on offer, with one unscented and three scented products. These include Lightly-scented Low Track, Low Dust, Lightly-scented Extreme Clump, Lightly-scented Multiple Cat, and Extra Strength Unscented. Since we already know that cats prefer finer and unscented litter. With that logic in mind, we can safely assume that the Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented variety is the one to opt for if you're looking for the best product in the lineup. The product is designed for maximum odor control without any artificial fragrance. The litter is designed to be highly absorbent, which locks in odors on contact and forms stiff, tight clumps that are easy to scoop. This, in turn, keeps the litter box fresh and clean. According to Ever Clean, Extra Strength Unscented variety features antimicrobial properties to stop odor-causing bacterias from growing in the litter box and has an ammonia shield to eliminate litter box odors that have already developed. Other benefits include advanced moisture lock technology for maximum absorption of liquid waste, plant extracts, low dust formula, and up to 10 days of odor protection.

What Type of Cat Litter Do Vets Recommend?

Most vets would recommend unscented and hard clumping cat litter for your feline friend. As explained before, scented litter is meant for humans and not cats. Mostly scented litter is preferred by those who don't want cat litter to stink up their home. However, these litters are not comfortable for your kitty. An average cat has 67 million scent receptors, which means they have one of the most heightened senses of smell. Remember how some strong perfumes tend to give you headaches; scented litter has the same effect on your cat, which might discourage it from using the litter at times.

Is Everclean Flushable?

It's not advised to flush Ever Clean or any other cat litter in the toilet. Cat litters are made of clumping material and clay, which makes them dangerous to flush. This is because cat litter ends up forming a cement-like consistency when it comes in contact with a liquid, and for this reason, it may clog or completely block your water pipe. There are cat litters in the market that are promoted as biodegradable and safe to flush. However, even those should not be flushed in your home toilet. There are bacterias in cat waste that causes toxoplasmosis, a severe illness. If the cat litter touches the toilet seat, the bacteria may pass on to you and make you seriously ill.

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Great stuff

The 99.9% dust-free claim is bogus, but this is still great litter: it clumps very well and (very important) totally captures odors. And it's highly approved by all the cats I know who have used it.

EditorA recommends this item.
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