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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 318 reviewers.

  • Excellent nutrition
    My puppy has been on this food for almost three weeks. He was not eating very well and was very skinny. As soon as I switched him to this food I noticed a huge increase in appetite, energy, and I could tell he feels much better. I would recommend any eukanuba dog food to anyone, especially the small breed puppy. My puppy loves this food! by on 04/16/2009
  • Cavapoo breeders choice
    I have been breeding cavapoos for 7 years and have exclusively swithched to Eukanuba for small dogs. It is readily available all over the nation so my puppy families are able to find it wherever they live. Thankyou for a wonderful food Cavapoo Bundles of Love by on 04/16/2009
  • Product Review
    My 8 month old has been on this since she was 7 weeks old,-- she is clearly bright, alert, & has a glistening, healthy coat -- and she loves her mealtimes! Eukanuba provides balanced nutrition for a small breed's unique needs. This is my fourth dog on various Eukanuba formulas, and I would highly recommend this to keep your dog in top shape, addressing special needs, and every lifestage. by on 04/15/2009
  • The best puppy food ever
    This is the best puppy food ever that provides all the nutrients that my baby needs. His coat is shiny and does not affect his little stomach, his stools does not smell. He is very healthy because I am giving him Eukanuba Puppy Small Breed. I would recommend this food to anyone. . by on 04/13/2009
  • Wouldn't use anything else!
    Chloe's breeder weened her to this food. After attempting to change Chloe SLOWLY to a different kind of food, we gave up and switched Chloe back to Eukanuba. Her stomach problems cleared up in a matter of hours. Now, we happiy drive 35 miles to the closest store that carries Eukanuba to keep Chloe regular. by on 04/07/2009
  • Amazing!
    My French Bull Dogs love this food! The coat is shiny and teeth are healthy. The size is just right for my dogs and the ingredients are perfect for them! Thanks for a great product! by on 04/06/2009
  • Saved my dogs stomach.
    When I first got my papilion, I noticed that he did not tolerate any food well. So after trying several different kinds of puppy food I tried eukanuba small breed puppy, and I saw a noticeable difference in him within two days! Which is well worth the price to save my carpet! He had been on the small breed puppy until he was one and I changed him over to the small breed adult. I have not had any problems with his "stomach issues" since. by on 04/03/2009
    We wanted to ensure our new "baby" starts off on the right foot. We found Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy food to be perfect for Pickles because of its nutritional content and the physical benefits of it. The formula is packed full of what a growing puppy needs. No fillers. Pickles digested the food very well. The pieces are very small, so there's no worry about the dog choking on it. Some puppies probably won't even needs to chew it. The pieces are that small. It's a small breed formula catered to the smaller pups. Pickles' coat is very shiny and his overall health is great. We see the benefits of giving him quality food. Pickles uses the little morsels as a snack and toy. by on 04/02/2009
  • my puppys love this food!
    I have two very different puppies. I was looking for a food that would take care of them both because they will only use one food dish. I found the small breed puppy food and decided to try it. they both love this food and are eating very well. by on 04/01/2009
  • My paps love Eukanuba!
    Papillons can be picky eaters, Eukanuba is the only brand that they will all eat. I feed Eukanuba small breed adult to my adult Papillons and Eukanuba small breed puppy to my Papillon babies. I recommend Eukanuba to all new puppy owners. by on 04/01/2009
  • love your pet
    I have three small dogs all weighing between 3 and 9 pounds. a yorkie, poodle and a yorkie poo. I only feed them the eukanuba small breed formula and each visit to the vet proves the outcome to be so healthy for them! I have friends that feed their dogs other cheaper formulas and their animals tend to have more health problems that can be so costly. so where is the savings really. if you truly love your pet feed them properly and you save all around. besides you will have a pet for life. by on 04/01/2009
  • rescue dogs thrive on this food
    I run a small breed rescue for physically challanged small dogs. A lot have been dentally neglected and have broken jaws. Many were severly underweight and found it hard to eat any dry food until I found Euk. small breed puppy food. they eat it and are thriving well on it. by on 04/01/2009
  • I Love Eukanuba
    I have been using Eukanuba Puppy for 7 mos now and my dog loves it and so does my chihuahua, my groomer asked what food they ate because their coats are so healthy and shiny and feel so good. Yes it cost a bit more but it is worth it to see my dogs growing and doing so well on such a great product, they also love the biscuits. I recommend Eukanuba to everyone I know who has a dog by on 04/01/2009
  • Healthy puppies
    I feed the small breed puppy food to my pregnant and lactating females. I believe that by doing this the puppies are getting the best nutrition. When it is time to wean the pups, I start them on Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy Food. My puppies are healthy, happy, sleek and shiny. I send my pups off with a sample of the Eukanuba knowing that I have recommended the best possible nutrition. by on 04/01/2009
  • Only the best for my Chihuahuas
    Eukanuba small breed puppy is the best food I have ever fed my pups. Thank you, AKC Texas Diva Chihuahuas by on 04/01/2009
  • Better than Chocolate for women!!!
    I have used this product for my last three pets. Once they eat this as a puppy they won't eat anything else! It is always consistent in freshness and quality. I like the protein content. The puppies stay full and not searching for something in their diet. I <3 Euknauba Petite Chox for small breeds! by on 03/12/2009
  • My Shih-tzu loves Eukanuba!
    My year old Shih-tzu, Daisy, loves Eukanuba Small Breed puppy food. She devours the food at each feeding. I have had her on Eukanuba since day one. I would not dream of changing from Eukanuba. Daisy is energetic, healthy, and very spoiled! Her long full coat is very shiny. I attribute all of this to the Eukanuba line of puppy food. Thank you! by on 12/27/2008
  • My puppy devours this food!
    We have fed our puppy the Eukanuba Small Breed Puppy food since we brought her home from our trusted breeder. This is the only food he feeds his pets and our puppy is healthy and happy! Our vet also recommended this food as well. I will never switch brands. I highly recommend this product! by on 10/21/2008
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