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  • i hollar food they come running
    I tried other dog fods when I got my first dog but Stewart just laid there and looked at his food bowl 3 dog foods later eukanuba and he was eating so that is what I've stayed with and thankfully the extended family I have gotten likes it as well. by on 10/18/2012
  • Lovable pet
    She was a rescue dog, So loving, and loves to run and help our 14year old Malteas to get around more. She has brought such joy and love to our family. Yes she has been on your dog food since we got her by on 05/16/2012
  • Noticeable Results!
    I love this dog food! Great results are noted in the condition of my boston's skin (so shiny), he is able to maintain a good weight and doesn't have the terrible gas that other leading dog foods tend to cause. I am a fan of Eukanuba products! by on 04/18/2012
  • My Chihuahua's won't eat anything else.
    My Chihuahua's love this food and will not eat anything else except Sience Diet, but they preferr Eukanuba over Sience Diet. This is a exceptional dog food. My babies are very picky eaters, so if they will eat it, your dog will love it just as much as mine. by on 09/11/2011
  • No more hot spots for Toy Poodle
    Since changing your formula my little toy poodle has stopped licking off her fur over her back. Her coat is really really soft now and she looks great, no more wiry looking fur on her back and no more hotspots anywhere! She eats Eukanuba Adult Small breed/petite race. by on 08/08/2011
  • My dog loves this food
    My pomeranian, Piper, is going to be 5 this June an has been on this food since she was born..she absolutely loves it and will not eat any other food (except table scraps ofcourse) I love the fact that my dog loves her food and I am very happy with its' nutritional value..she does not gain or lose any weight and is the healthiest she could ever be according to her vet...Thank you for making such an amazing product! by on 05/15/2011
  • Mocha LOVES this food !!!
    I tried Mocha on several diffrent foods. she loves this one at first she would not eat a hole bowl of food no i have to fill her bowl dailey . I am so happy that I found a food that she enjoys evan tho the food can get a lilttle pricy its well worth it for ur 4 legged familey member . She's eating her coat is shinny and shes full of life . I just love that . Thanks Eukanuba by on 04/27/2011
  • Eukanuba Small Breed
    This is the only food my dog has had, and he loves it! its great nutritionally and keeps him healthy and happy! Thumbs up!!! by on 04/08/2011
  • Our Pets love this food
    We really love this dog food and we always recommend this food for other chihuahua owners. Our pets have healthy shiny coats all act like puppies. This is the best food we have used and will always use. We only wish it came in a larger size bag since we have 18 chihuahuas. Thanks for making this great dog food. by on 03/09/2011
  • Great Food if you can find it!
    Great food if you can find it. Right now may have to change due to a low supply everywhere I have looked by on 11/24/2010
  • His favorite food..
    My dog loves this food. He always prefers the small bites since he's a Yorkie. by on 11/03/2010
  • My dog won't eat it.
    I have been buying the Adult small breed for a few years now. A few days ago I went to buy more and the store was almost completely out of large size bags so I purchased a smaller one that had the new packaging. My dog won't touch it. You claim its the same just a different packaging so why will my dog not eat it now? I am not happy with the change. by on 10/01/2010
  • Dogs love!
    I have tried other foods with my dogs and this is the only one that they both enjoy and that keeps them healthy. Other foods have made my dogs breath stink or made them sick. This one doesn't. It also keeps their coats very healthy. by on 08/22/2010
  • Food leaves my dog with a shiny coat!
    This is the best dog food I have ever purchased hands down! by on 06/29/2010
  • An Experiment
    Switched to Eukanuba to try to reduce the amt of stool our dogs were producing. Did reduce it a bit, but not as much as Nutro Ultra. Still, our dogs like Eukanuba more than the Nutro. They always finish their bowls, whereas they let the Nutro sit around longer, and I had a harder time keeping them from "sharing" with each other. by on 06/15/2010
  • Prebiotics cause runny stools!
    Since the change in formula of Small Breed Adult food my dog has been having loose, runny stools. I realize that the change in formula should take a small adjustment time, but it is over 2 weeks now & my dog, a yorkie-chihuahua mix, is still suffering with large amounts of runny stool. The formula change was the only change to her diet. I am very sorry to say I will no longer be buying any Eukanuba products for my dog. by on 02/12/2010
  • My pets love this food.
    My dogs love Eukanuba I have been using it for 3 yrs. by on 01/15/2010
  • Cosmo finished every bowl!
    I have had Cosmo, my JRT since he was 6 months old. I tried many foods, and he showed little interest in many of them. His coat was not shiny and he lacked energy, and that is weird for a JRT. Someone at work told me about your food, so I bought a small bag to try. Well, Cosmo ate every bit, and was totally hooked on Euk! He is now approaching two years of age and looks great, is high energy and a normal weight of 16 pounds. He has no health issues at all. We go on daily walks in the park and he is very friendly towards others. When I have to go away, he goes to a local boarder, where they serve Eukanuba, so I know it is a good quality food. Cosmo is a very happy and healthy JRT. by on 10/18/2009
  • Sassy loves it!
    My miniature dachshund, Sassy, loves Eukanuba small breed both puppy and adult formulas. She gobbles it up at meal time and I've even used the kibbles during training. by on 09/05/2009
  • Perfect for my Dog
    This adult dog food is perfect for my male Adult Shih Tzu, Hershey, and he loves it too. I have seen him ill from other brands of dog food, so Iam very pleased that he both loves this brand and it's safe fore him. No signs of illness as I had seen with another brand.Iam confident that I get the best ingredients in this dogfood and its just right for Hershey's sensitve stomach. by on 07/04/2009
  • A Great Dog Food
    We started our cocker spaniel puppy on Eukanuba puppy. A sample packet was given to us from the breeder. We serve it to our dog dry, twice a day and she loves it. Never a problem getting her to eat it. We are now feeding her small petite breed, adult. by on 04/20/2009
  • excellent
    my little dog really likes her food. she is a little very active dog. by on 04/17/2009
  • Eukanuba Small Breed Dog Food
    My dog Stich has been on Eukanuba since he was a puppy. He loves the small breed brand. I also when having my daughter's dog Max stay with us he also was eating the same as Stitch. Now he is also a Eukanuba dog. Thank you for such a great product. Sincerely, Cathy, Stitch & Max. by on 04/01/2009
  • This is the greatest food!!
    I have Shih Tzu's who can be prone to dry skin. My sister recommended this food soon after we got our first puppy. I switched, and he has NEVER had a skin problem.In fact, his coat tends to be a little oily, and it shines like a new penny!! Shih Tzu's need a high poultry diet, and I like that this chicken and fish based!! Well worth the extra money!! Our new puppy is 8 months old, and she also eats this food!! by on 04/01/2009
  • lestat' has moved on
    this was lestats' first food and he loved it at first but i noticed he kind of got bored with it and i wanted something richer for my well behaved chihuahua(in the sense of his coat & energy level) so i switched to eukanuba natural(salmon) , this is still a great food and i would recommend to any of my small breed loving friends i have started all my chihuahuas on this food and none of them with there different personalitys have re-fused this dish" by on 12/30/2008
  • Absolutely Wonderful - He wolfed it down
    My dog is such a picky eater when it comes to his food. He enjoyed this product so much... he was wolfing it down. It is so good for his stomach as well since his stomach could be sensitive at time. LOVE IT!!!! by on 11/19/2008
  • verypleased
    this product, is the best i,ve ever seen. my little guy just loves it.i even have to keep the cat out of the dogs dish she wants some too. my little guy was hard to feed, until i tried a sample given to me from one of your rep,s. at pet smart. thanks alot my toy poodle is healthy, andhe just loves your dog food i,ve told several people who have also switched over to your product too. keep up the good work.it,s nice too know someone cares about our little darlings by on 10/27/2008
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