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Rated 5 out of 5 by 4 reviewers.

  • 2 Dogs Blessed with Allergies
    I have 2 dogs, Norwegian Elkhound and Chihuahua, that have bad allergies. I used this shampoo and it helped to alleviate the scratching for another week. Thank you Epi-Soothe. by on 06/16/2008
  • EXCELLENT shampoo
    This is so worth the $. It's concentrated so it will last almost forever. After 2 weeks, my dogs STILL smell fresh and clean. AMAZING! by on 10/09/2007
  • I Like It
    Its easy on my skin & my daddy doesn't have to fight me anymore. Almost as good as bathing in salt water estuaries while fetchin' ducks. by on 05/30/2007
  • Great for shar peis!!
    Use this on my shar peis gives them a great soft coat! by on 02/24/2007
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