Easy Rider Car Harness
Easy Rider Car Harness
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At a Glance
Perfect for car trips with your dog
Connects to any front or rear seat belt
Comes with comfortable padded chest strap and secure metal hardware

Easy Rider Car Harness

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At a Glance
Perfect for car trips with your dog
Connects to any front or rear seat belt
Comes with comfortable padded chest strap and secure metal hardware

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Like Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda, your dog longs for the open road. Keep him safe when he's along for the ride with the Easy Rider Car Harness. It prevents him from being thrown and injured in case of short stops or accidents, so you don't have to worry.
The easy-to-use harness connects to any front or rear seat belt and keeps your dog confined yet comfortable. It features secure metal hardware and a padded chest strap; plus, it doubles as a walking harness.
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Can You Use Any Dog Harness in a Car?

When the makers design the car, they donโ€™t keep a dog or a pet in mind. Hence the regular seat belt in the car wonโ€™t fit your dog. โ€œEasy Ride Car Harnessโ€ is available in the market to strap your dog of any size safely in the rear of your car. It will not be required to leave your loving dog at home if you take necessary precautions to keep your dog safe. And ensure that the dog is comfortable in the car.

What is the Safest Way for Dogs to Travel in a Car?

The safest way to make pup travel in the car will be their seat belt or Easy Rider Car harness for your dog. It will make your loving dog comfortable in the car. Also, it is safe in the situation of an accident that might cause severe injuries or even kill your dog. However, you must also ensure that the road trips have plenty of stops, and you do not plan a long journey initially. Do not feed your dog while you drive. Strap them with a car harness so that they donโ€™t put their head outside the window. Keep the car AC on always.

Where Should a Dog Sit in the Car?

The best place for your dog in the car will be in the load space. They can be placed in a crate or with a harness or seat belt. You can use all these items in combination with each other. Just make your dog comfortable in the boot space out of any human occupants for a safe trip.

How Can I Make My Dog More Comfortable in the Car?

There are various safety harnesses available for dogs in the market that gets easily attached to your carโ€™s seat belt. Make sure you buy a padded harness so that your dog feels comfortable. You can also carry your dogโ€™s favorite cushion, bed, and blanket to make him sit during the journey. Make him sit at the back of your car and keep an eye on your dog from the rearview mirror.

Do Dogs Need Seat Belts?

An uncontrolled dog in the car could be the reason for a mishap on your journey. Therefore, it is necessary to use seat belts for your dog. When you buckle your dog with an Easy Rider Car Harness, they will not be able to distract you while driving. Though speaking on mobile phones while driving disturbs you, a dog in your car is also in a position to distract you. Hence it is necessary to confine your dog in the car with a seat belt for everyoneโ€™s safety.

Can Dogs Sit in Front of a Car?

Though there is no rule about a dog sitting in front or back of your car. It is always good if you place them at the back of your car. The problem with the dog on the passenger seat can be distractions and discomfort. An unharnessed dog sitting on the front side alongside the driver can do activities that might distract the driver. While driving often results in a mishap. Placing your dog in the front seat of your car will make them sit upright for long, which can cause discomfort to your dog.

How Do You Calm an Excited Dog in a Car?

Your dog might get excited with the sound of your car engine. Make him listen to the engine sound often, so they become used to it. You must train him on good behavior, make your dog exercise regularly, keep your calm, and hold the dog still if he roams around.

Can You Put Your Dog in the Trunk?

It is not advisable to put your dog in a closed trunk. Keeping your dog in a trunk is the cruelest thing to do. It adds up to the discomfort of your dog on the ride. At the same time, your dog should also not sit on your lap while you drive. There are chances of the dog falling down the steering wheels and hitting the accelerator or the brake pedal, causing an accident.

How Long Can a Dog Travel in a Car?

It is not advisable to make your adult dog sit for over four hours and the young pup for over two hours in a car. If your car has proper ventilation, then only you can take your dog on a long road trip.

X-Small: up to 16" girth

Small: 12"-18" girth

Medium: 21"-25" girth

Large: 25"-34" girth

X-Large: 32"-45" girth

Follow instructions on packaging to ensure your dog is safe and secure when riding in the car.

Option UPC/SKU
X-Small 076484003103
Small 076484003110
Medium 076484003127
Large 076484003134

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Highly Recommend

Have had for a few months. The harness is great quality, works perfect for my dog and is just what was needed.

Terri recommends this item.
Was this review helpful? 0 0

I very much like the small Easy Rider harnes I bought over 10 years ago

I have used this harness on two of my pets now. It has a comfortable Sherpa-like padding in the chest and low neck area, and the adjoining straps attach well and are easily adjusted. The buckles and adjustment areas lack adequate padding for optimal pet comfort, especially in a thin dog. Thus the lack of one star on my rating. The one I purchased is strong and served me well. On the top of the harness is an additional approximately 8 " "Y" extension that hooks onto a leash and to the seat belt system. I would trust it in a minor and maybe moderate vehicle collision to keep my pet from slamming into the dash or back of front seat if connected properly, but not side to side. Luckily I haven't experienced this . I do hope the quality continues to be the same, or has improved over the years. I am looking for another harness but the pictures of the product are presently inadequate.

DG recommends this item.
Was this review helpful? 6 0

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