Dr Gold's Itch Relief
Dr Gold's Itch Relief
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Relief from pain & itching
Sooth inflammations and skin irritations
Accelerates healing

Dr Gold's Itch Relief

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At a Glance
Relief from pain & itching
Sooth inflammations and skin irritations
Accelerates healing

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Dr. Gold's Itch Relief is a meticulously formulated solution to various skin irritations affecting your furry friend. With a potent combination of Hydrocortisone and Allantoin, this product goes beyond surface-level relief, offering a targeted approach to soothing inflammation and alleviating skin irritations.

Hydrocortisone, a corticosteroid renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, is an active agent in the medicine that controls itching and inflammation, providing your pet with much-needed comfort. Paired with Allantoin, a natural compound known for its skin-soothing benefits, the formula addresses the symptoms and nurtures the skin back to health.

Lidocaine, an OTC analgesic found in Dr. Gold's Itch Relief, is crucial in reducing pain associated with itching, biting, and chewing. As a topical anesthetic, Lidocaine swiftly numbs the affected areas, offering immediate relief for your pet. This makes the product particularly effective in managing minor skin irritations caused by various factors, including flea bites, poison ivy, harsh shampoos, and allergies.

Hot spots, or acute moist dermatitis, can be painful and dangerous for your pet. Dr. Gold's Itch Relief is specifically formulated to tackle the root causes of hot spots, address inflammation, and promote healing. When your pet starts exhibiting signs of itching, biting, and licking affected areas, leading to red and moist irritated lesions, this product is ideal for restoring their skin health.

It's necessary to groom your dog regularly to prevent skin issues, keeping their hair clipped short, especially in areas prone to irritation. The use of quality flea and tick products, as recommended by your veterinarian, further contributes to maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle for your pet. A good diet, regular exercise, and playtime are crucial elements in ensuring overall well-being.

If hot spots persist or become a recurrent problem, consult your veterinarian. Persistent itching, biting, and scratching may indicate underlying issues such as allergies, fleas, tick bites, matted/thick/dirty coats, sunburn, wet dogs, or anal sac disease that would need a veterinarian's attention. Dr. Gold's Itch Relief can provide immediate relief, but determining the cause of the problem and addressing it at its source is essential for long-term skin health. Pet parents play a pivotal role in maintaining their furry companions' well-being, and consulting with a veterinarian ensures the best care for your beloved pet.

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How Do I Stop My Dog Itching?

To alleviate your dog's itching, consult a vet for a comprehensive approach. According to VCA Animal Hospital, diagnosing the cause involves tests like skin scrapings and cytology to identify mites, insects, or infections. Quick tests may occur in the clinic, but extensive ones might take weeks. It's crucial to understand that treating skin disease can be challenging, and while some conditions can be controlled, not all are curable. Lifelong treatment may be necessary for certain cases, making regular vet check-ups vital for managing your dog's itching and overall well-being.

What Is the Main Cause of Itching in Dogs?

Parasites, infections, and allergies are the primary causes of itching in dogs, as highlighted by the MSD Veterinary Manual. While many skin diseases may not initially induce itching, it can later arise due to secondary bacterial or yeast infections. The progression suggests that the initial cause may have already resolved by the time itching becomes apparent. Understanding the root causes is essential for effective treatment. Parasites like fleas and mites, bacterial or fungal infections, and allergic reactions to food or environmental factors should be carefully examined by a veterinarian.

How Much Itching Is Normal for a Dog?

Normal itching varies among dogs. Occasional scratching or licking is common and generally not a cause for concern. However, excessive itching, biting, or licking may indicate an underlying issue. Factors like breed, age, and environment can influence itching levels. Understanding your dog's typical behavior and recognizing changes in their itching patterns aids in proactive care and prompt intervention when needed.

Is Dr Goldโ€™s Itch Relief the Best Itch Relief for Dogs?

  1. Dr. Gold's Itch Relief may work well for some dogs, but its effectiveness varies. Assessing the overall health of your dog and addressing the root cause of itching is crucial for effective relief. Determining the right option is necessary given the growing number of dogs experiencing skin-related issues. In 2022, allergic dermatitis was the leading cause of dogs seeking vet care for the eleventh straight year, according to pet insurance data. The survey recorded a rise in individual claims, exceeding 373,000, compared to 335,000 in 2021. Given the increase in allergic dermatitis, exploring vet-recommended options is essential.

What Is the Best Tablet to Stop Dog Itching?

To address dog itching, consult your vet for appropriate medication. Apoquel, Cyclosporine, or Cytopoint are effective options. Apoquel works by blocking specific itch signals, providing quick relief. Cyclosporine is an immunosuppressive drug that controls itching at the cellular level. Cytopoint, an antibody treatment, offers a targeted and safe approach without affecting the liver.

Does Coconut Oil Provide Relief for Dogs Suffering from Itchy Skin?

Coconut oil can benefit a dog's itchy skin. Applying it topically provides moisture and can soothe irritation. Many dog owners find coconut oil helpful in reducing itching and promoting healthier skin. It contains lauric acid, known for its antimicrobial properties, which can aid in addressing potential skin infections. While coconut oil can be a natural option, it's essential to consider individual dog sensitivities.

Will Baking Soda Help My Dog Stop Itching?

Baking soda may help relieve your dog's itching. Applying a diluted baking soda paste can soothe irritated skin. The alkaline nature of baking soda may provide relief by neutralizing acidity on the skin's surface. Excessive use or undiluted application can lead to dryness or irritation. Incorporating baking soda cautiously can be a cost-effective and accessible option for managing your dog's itching.

How Can I Get My Dog to Stop Scratching Herself Raw?

Devin Burr, a registered veterinary technician, advises against using petroleum-based products, garlic, or frequent baths for dogs. These can be toxic and strip natural oils. Flea allergies may require immediate treatment, and changing the diet might help if there's a sensitivity. For anxiety, consult a vet or trainer for a proper diagnosis. Medications like Apoquel, Cyclosporine, or Cytopoint can effectively control itching. Cytopoint, an antibody treatment, boosts immunity without affecting the liver. Avoid petroleum products; consider alternatives like coconut oil for itching.

Why Is My Dog Itching Like Crazy?

Kari Trotsky, who studied at the College of Veterinary Medicine University, notes that acute itching in dogs may signal fleas. Even a single flea can cause intense itching in allergic pets. Simply using flea/tick top spot treatment may not be sufficient, as a vet may need to address underlying infections and possibly prescribe steroids. Understanding the flea lifecycle is crucial for successful treatment. Other potential causes of itching include parasites like scabies or demodex, bacterial or fungal infections, and environmental allergies. While pure food allergies are uncommon, it's advisable to address these other possibilities first.

Deionized water, allatoin, propylene glycol USP, glycerine USP, Lidocaine Hcl, xanthan gum, hydrocortisone USP, aloe vera concentrate, methyl paraben and propyl paraben.

Gently rinse and clean irritated skin or wound with water. After shaking well, saturate the area with Itch Relief to speed relief and healing. May be applied every 4 to 6 hours. Do not use Itch Relief for more than 7 days without consulting your veterinarian.

Dr Gold's Itch Relief is manufactured by Synergy Labs
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8 oz. 736990001726

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Great for ouchy kitty bum

I bought this product to ease the pain my kitty was having from occasional loose stools. It seems to work great! Love the fact that it has hydrocortisone as well as lidocaine. Awesome!

JJflex recommends this item.
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Dr. Golds Itch Relief

When I rescued a small Chihuahua earlier this year, she suffered from skin problems. She was constantly scratching herself until her hair fell out. I tried many different products but to no avail. I found your product and it has worked miracles. All of her hair has grown back and she no longer scratches. I have recommended this product to all of my pet loving friends.

Jim1221 recommends this item.
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