Doggijuana Dogginip
Doggijuana Dogginip
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Doggijuana Dogginip

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Doggijuana Dogginip or Juananip contains catnip, a botanical element recognized for its calming effect. Juananip works seamlessly to relax their senses, fostering an environment of peace and tranquility. A pinch of this natural compound can add tranquility to your dog's demeanor, ensuring a healthy and happy pup.

  • Elevating Playtime to New Heights:Enhance your dog's playtime experience with a pinch of Dogginip to a Doggijuana toy. Designed to promote a healthy play session, this innovative accessory encourages dogs to play longer, engaging them in activities that contribute to their physical and mental well-being.

  • Nepetalactone, Nature's Relaxant:Doggijuana Dogginip's efficacy is due to its Nepetalactone content, an essential oil found in catnip. While traditionally associated with catnip and known for binding to the catnip receptors in feline faces and stomachs, Nepetalactone also holds untapped potential for canines. When ingested, this compound induces a response in dogs that is equally relaxing, providing a drool-worthy experience.

  • Promoting Digestive Health: Beyond its playful aspects, Doggijuana Dogginip contributes to your dog's overall well-being. Sprinkling this calming agent on their food can promote healthy digestion, easing your dog into physical comfort. Incorporating this natural solution into your pet's routine encourages longer play sessions and supports their digestive health.

  • A Calming Agent, Not an Intoxicant:Unlike catnip's effect on felines, dogs don't experience a "high" from Doggijuana Dogginip. Instead, it acts as a calming agent, ensuring your dog enjoys a relaxing experience without the altered states commonly associated with catnip consumption in cats. As a responsible pet owner, you can confidently encourage your dog to partake in the joyous moments that Doggijuana Dogginip brings, knowing it promotes their overall well-being.

Doggijuana Dogginip amplifies playtime and nurtures your dog's mental and physical health, fostering an environment of tranquility and joy for both pet and owner alike.

Our Juananip is 100% organic catnip grown in the USA and Canada- It takes 30 minutes for Juananip to begin calming your pet. Not all dogs respond to Juananip- Dogginip is not for human consumption and does not contain Marijuana, THC, or CBD.

Why We Love It

  • What is Juananip? It's catnip! Dogs have catnip receptors in their faces and stomachs, similar to cats. Nepetalactone, the essential oil in catnip, binds to the receptors and induces a response that is so relaxing that it's drool-worthy. Dogs don't get high from catnip like cats do. Instead, when eaten, it is a calming agent and a great way to encourage your dog to play longer through smell.

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How can I make my dog more calm in public?

Joann Massey, a certified dog trainer and canine behavior expert, advises on achieving public calmness in dogs through a process involving exposure, positive reinforcement, and desensitization. To begin, it's crucial to initiate training in tranquil settings, rewarding instances of relaxed behavior. Gradually, introduce different stimuli while continuing to reinforce calm behavior using commands and treats. This systematic approach gradually familiarizes the dog with various environments, helping them remain composed amidst distractions encountered in public spaces. Consistent training techniques and positive reinforcement help foster a calmer response from dogs when encountering external stimuli.

Does Doggijuana work?

Nepetalactone, the essential oil found in catnip, interacts with receptors in cats, inducing a response that can be described as incredibly relaxing and pleasurable. This interaction often leads to behaviors like drooling, rolling, and playful antics in felines. However, dogs do not experience the same 'high' or euphoric response from catnip as cats do. Instead, when ingested, catnip can serve as a calming agent for dogs, promoting a sense of relaxation. The scent of catnip can also stimulate dogs to engage in extended play sessions due to its intriguing smell.

Is catnip safe for dogs?

Tina Wismer, the senior director of the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, confirms that both fresh and dried forms of catnip are safe for dogs. There's no harm associated with either version when consumed by dogs. However, if a dog happens to consume a catnip plant, the essential oils in the plant might cause mild discomfort. Dr. Wismer emphasizes that plant material always carries a minor risk of causing stomach upset in pets. Nevertheless, there's no substantial concern regarding a catnip plant growing in your garden as dogs generally aren't attracted to these perennials. It's improbable for a dog to consume a significant amount of the plant and fall ill.

Do dogs smell or eat catnip?

Dogs may smell catnip, but they typically show little interest in it compared to cats. Some dogs may occasionally investigate or sniff catnip out of curiosity. However, they generally don't have the same reaction or desire to actively consume or play with catnip as cats do.

How long does catnip last?

The impact of catnip differs among individual cats, depending on their unique reactions to the herb. Typically, the effects and behaviors triggered by catnip last approximately 10 to 15 minutes in most cats. After the initial interaction with catnip, a refractory period occurs, during which the cat becomes temporarily immune to its effects. This period typically lasts roughly 30 minutes to an hour before the cat becomes responsive to catnip again. During this refractory period, the cat's receptiveness to the herb's influence diminishes significantly. It's only after this temporary desensitization period passes that the cat can once again exhibit playful or euphoric behaviors.

What are the components found in catnip?

Catnip, scientifically known as Nepeta cataria, comprises a range of constituents that contribute to its unique effects on cats. Among these components are vitamins C and E, which serve as antioxidants supporting overall feline health, alongside magnesium essential for various bodily functions. The presence of flavonoids, like phytonutrients, contributes to the plant's medicinal properties, while tannins offer potential anti-inflammatory effects. Moreover, catnip contains essential oils, notably nepetalactone, which is responsible for triggering distinct reactions in cats when they smell or interact with the plant. This combination of compounds creates the intriguing allure and behavioral responses observed in many felines when exposed to catnip.

How does catnip affect cats?

Angela J Szucs-Pagliarini, a veterinarian technician, highlights the dual effects of catnip on cats. When ingested or rubbed on, catnip tends to have a calming effect, while simply smelling it can induce hyperactive behavior. This plant is believed to simulate feline pheromones, activating certain receptors in cats. Cats often rub against or chew on catnip to release more nepetalactone, the active compound. She notes that it is generally safe for cats, although some might exhibit aggressive behavior after exposure. The response to catnip is genetically determined, with some cats not being affected by it at all.

Does catnip repel mosquitoes?

Catnip contains a compound called nepetalactone, which has been found to have mosquito-repelling properties. Studies have shown that nepetalactone can be as effective, or sometimes even more effective, than DEET, a commonly used mosquito repellent. However, its efficacy as a mosquito repellent for humans may vary, and it's primarily known for its impact on insects. Catnip may repel mosquitoes, but its application as a mosquito repellent for humans might not be as practical as other commercially available repellents.

Chicken Meal, Barley Flour, Tapioca Starch, Chicken Fat, Tuna Meal, Palatants, Fish Meal, Pork Fat, Brewer's Dried Yeast, Dried Whey, Water, Salt, Lecithin, Dried Catnip, Taurine, Phosphoric Acid (a preservative), Menhaden Fish Oil, Valerian Root Powder, Crab Flavor, Dried Shrimp Powder, Mixed Tocopherols (preservative).

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