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Our partners at ECAD share their top training tips, from years of experience.

Training a new pup, or teaching an older dog a few new tricks, can seem like a daunting task. Our friends at ECAD (Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities) have helped to simplify the process by sharing 20 basic commands everyone should know. We've designed this as a kind of 20-week course where you work with your dog to teach one or two commands each week in a particular sequence, so each command builds on the last. But feel free to work through them faster or slower depending on the age of your dog, your own lifestyle, and how much time you have to work through them. At the end of 20 weeks, you'll be well on your way to a well-trained dog, and well-trained dogs mean happy dogs and happy pet parents. Good luck! 

Stay tuned each week for a new command... » Read the ECAD Blog ECAD Blog Page

1: How to Call Your Dog By Their Name (And Have Them Listen!)

As any pet parent knows, communicating with your dog is very important. How else can you get them to sit, stay, or come to you? And it all begins with teaching your pet to respond to their name. Learn how to do that here.
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How to call your dog by their name, and have them listen!

2: How to Teach Your Dog "Yes" and "No"

When training your dog, you'll need to use positive and negative reinforcement. Sometimes your pet will do what you asked, and sometimes they will do almost the exact opposite! Learn how to use "Yes" and "No" to make sure your dog becomes one well-behaved pet.
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How to Teach Your Dog "Yes" and "No"

3: How to Train Your Dog to Watch You

Sometimes your dog gets distracted, be it by a noise or a smell. This can be a problem, especially when you're trying to get your pet to listen to you! When you need to get your dog's attention, use the "Watch Me" command to get your puppy focused and ready to obey.
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How to Train Your Dog to Watch You

4: How to Start Your Dog Peeing in the Yard

Between the mess and the stress, housetraining can be hard on both the pet and the pet parent. Luckily, ECAD has a way to teach your puppy to "Get Busy" outside in the yard in just a few easy steps. Follow these directions and see the results for yourself!
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How to Start Your Dog Peeing in the Yard

5: How to Get Your Dog to Come

While there are many ways to teach your puppy to come to you, ECAD believes that positive reinforcement is the best method to get your pet to respond right away when you call. By using praise, the training for the "Come" command can be fun for both you and your dog. Learn the training tricks for one of the most essential dog owner commands here.
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How to Get Your Dog to Come
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