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Diphenhydramine Rx (Generic Benadryl) 25mg Product Reviews

Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine, also known as the generic form of Benedryl. It is used to treat allergies, insect stings/bites, motion sickness and travel anxiety. The medication is safe for all ages and weights of dogs or cats. It should not be used by dogs or cats that are pregnant or nursing. Dosage is .5-2mg per pound of your pet; be sure to administer the proper dosage. See directions below and your package instructions for details. Always follow your veterinarian's prescribed dosage i... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 9 reviewers.

It's Benadryl

Coming here because the website has been asking me to review this one product for months!!! Anyway, it's generic Benadryl. It does its job just fine. I do appreciate that it comes as a capsule that you can break apart and sneak into their meal. by on 03/18/2022
Works great

It calmed my dog down and he sleeps like a charm now by on 01/06/2022
What about Small Dogs?

My dog needs 12.5 milligrams -- a HALF dose. Sadly, you only have Capsules rather than Tablets available. Please get tablets for us. but otherwise? It's a great price for a recommended product!!thank you. by on 05/01/2016
Great price!

Well I thought I ordered the non Capsules but all good.I laugh because my Wheaton is one smart cookie.She eats around the pill.So I put it down her throat after.Great product and great price!! by on 03/15/2016
helps when there are fireworks

New years eve and 4th of July, we have a lot of fireworks that scare my dogs, I have given them benadryl for years to calm them down. Glad there is now a pet equivelant available. by on 04/21/2011
Great but dosage is high

This product brought immediate relief and was excellent; however for cats, it is a dosage that is too high. Recommended dosage is about 1 mg per pound. At 25 mg., this product needs to be given in half quantities for the 12 pound cat. by on 11/30/2010
Works for Humans and Pets

This medicine is just like benadryl (close to having the same ingredients I think) and I use it sometimes when I am out of my regular prescription meds. It also help my little guy as well. I notice he scratches less and his e1 doesn't tear as much. It cost the fraction of what benadryl costs. The directions of the bottle are intended for humans. by on 09/16/2009
Very pleased

I was very pleased with the internet service and ease of ordering from PetCare. I would recommend them. by on 05/24/2008
Tried and True

I like this medication because it has been around for years, is effective in treating allergies in my dogs, and the price is reasonable. There are so many potential side effects in some of the other newer antihistamines, like Atarax, it's comforting to know my dogs can get the same relief with less risk and cost. by on 03/09/2008