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Rated 5 out of 5 by 129 reviewers.

Perfect Treat

We have 2 Chihuahuas, 2 Chihuahua/Daschaund mixes - Sophie, Elliott, Harley, and Sailor. They don't mind having a bath, because they each get a Dingo afterwards. I love it when I get the bag out, because they dance around, and actually smile at me. Sailor, who looks more like a Daschaund, completely eats hers right away. We have tried to give her other larger rawhide bones. She will take it, set it on the floor and watch the other 3 dogs and try to steal from them. Unfortunately the store we shop, does not have the larger Dingo .... so I am making purchases from here. THANKS for a great and 'dog approved' product. by on 09/14/2010
Must Haves

My 3 "kids" LOVE Dingo bones. In fact, when it is time to go to bed, they won't settle down until they get their Dingo bonies! And, because they are older dogs (12 and 13), they still want their bonies. So accomodate trhem, I soak a few bones in a cup of water, to soften the rawhide, before giving them out. From there, it's a good night's chew! by on 08/27/2010
good chew

My two little dogs love the Mini Bone Dingo with the meat in the middle. When I offer them the treat they had before Dingo they refused and made it know they preferred Dingo mini bones by on 08/27/2010
Dexter Favorite

Dexter (pom) loves these bones and wont touch another brand, EVER! He must have them or things can get ugly. We call them him crack around our house! Thanks for making them afforadable by having sales! by on 08/27/2010
My dogs love these chew bones

These small rawhide bones, with the chicken flavored middle, are a favorite of my two greyhounds. It is the perfect size for a large dog that has a small mouth. My dogs stare at the treat jar until I give them one! For the quantity you get in the mini-pak, the value is great. by on 08/26/2010
My Dog Loves THEM!!

These bone are the greatest. Your dog won't want 2 chew on anything else. I know my dog doesn't. Great product :) by on 08/26/2010
be still my beating heart!

My one year old rescued Griffairn Terrier is one of the pickiest treat eaters I've ever encountered. So, like any good owner, I scoured the pet store shelves in search of a treat that would win her over. I picked up Dingo's, mostly because I wanted her to have something to clean her teeth on. And, if I'm totally honest, the price was just right. Well hello, new love! She loves Dingo's! She was a bit hesitant at first, but now, she goes after those Dingo's like it's all she's ever known! I love the fact that I feel comfortable giving her one every day, given the low calories and fat. You have won over two hearts with these delicious treats! Thank you! by on 08/17/2010
Bridget and Bailey

Our 2 Bichon Frise, Bridget & Bailey love the Dingo Bonz (Meat in the Middle) and normally get at least one every day. They tease each other while they chew the bonz by swapping with one another and then Blitzing all over the house chasing the one with the bone. We sure are glad we can have the Dingo Products sent to us in our overseas assignement in Germany. Don't know how we would have survived with them. Thanks by on 07/21/2010
My Beagles LOVE these!

We have two beagles who are seniors. Everynight while we eat our dinner they get their Dingo mini treat. They can't wait. The vet says they have very good dental check-ups. I think it's because of the Dingos they get everynight. by on 07/18/2010
Perfect size

My dog loves these bones. They are the perfect size for her. It's hard to find bones for small dogs. by on 07/08/2010
Irresistible Treat !

My two dogs look forward to their Dingo treats nightly. They will remind us, it's Dingo time, if we get busy........and they work to keep us on schedule. I share Dingo products with the new neighbor puppy's as a welcoming treat. The small size is perfect for them and just enough to satisfy their chewing before they both fall fast asleep. Thank you for a great product ! by on 07/07/2010
Great Treat for Smaller Dogs!

My miniature poodle Spike loves these Mini Rawhide bones. I have tried other rawhide treats since Spike loves to chew (sometimes am in a location that does not have Dingo's so buy another brand) and it never fails that he only loves Dingo Brand. He actually does better with the larger Rawhide bones cause he is a chewer, but these are great. by on 06/30/2010
My dogs love them

I started giving these to my first dog when he was a puppy and he loved them. I got the second one and then the third they also love them even as puppies. They can tell the difference between them and any others. I also told my daughters and they give them to their puppies. by on 06/14/2010
Can't fool my dog!

My dog just loves Dingo's and nothing can compete. We were given a bag of impostor Dingos and forget it! My dog wouldn't touch a single one. I couldn't believe it. Now I know and don't even waste my time or money on others. I buy directly from Dingo website for the best prices. by on 05/10/2010
FAB product

My Jack Russell, Amy, has been having Mini Dingos since she was a year old. She is now eleven and one-half and going strong. These are a nice small (can give more than one) and very healthful snack - high in protein and very low in fat. Amy still gets excited every time she knows she is going to get a Mini Dingo!!!!!! by on 04/10/2010
Perfect Treat

Perfect size treat for our terrier mix ... by on 04/07/2010
Best bones ever

Coco will only eat the Dingo bones. Some days she will have one in the morning and one at night. Our vet has looked for placque on Coco's teeth and there is none. We'd be in big trouble with Coco if we did not have her bones. by on 04/07/2010
Best dog bone treat!

I have two toy poodles and every evening after they have had their regular dinner they know it's time for the big treat. One sits up like a little chipmunck and the other looks at me with those sad eyes. If that doesn't get my attention they start to bark. Then they get their dingos. After that they are happy dogs for about an hour. Sometimes they throw them in the air to play with them and it is so much fun to watch when the other one goes after it. They just got to have them!!! by on 04/07/2010
Dingos Rock!!

Our dogs know the cabinet we keep the Dingos in and whenever we open it suddenly we're surrounded! Hahaa They LOVE THEIR DINGOS! We've tried other brands and ended up giving them away to neighbors and friends. Our two Papillons, two Beagles and a Siberian Husky all love their Dingos and sit at their best behavior when we open their "Dingo Cabinent"! The cutest picture we have, hanging on the wall is one I took not long ago is of my husband opening "THE cabinet" and all 5 dogs in a semi-circle around him, waiting in great anticipation for their favorite kind of Dingo! Priceless! P.S. The weights of our dogs (below) range from 12 lbs for the papillons to 20 lbs. for the Beagles to 55 lbs. for Siberian Husky.) by on 04/07/2010

I have a 2 year old pug and the only rawhide bones he likes are the Dingo Minis. he'll nearly bite your fingers off if you have one in your hand , he cant get enough of them. GREAT PRODUCT. by on 04/03/2010
A Forever Buy

I have an 8 yr old Teacup Chihuahua and a 1 yr old Chihuahua and as soon as I say bedtime they know its time for their Dingo bone. Off to the kitchen they run & dance in circles waiting and once they have it off to the bedroom they run & up on the bed. From there it is chewing & enjoying and then a nice long sleep. This is a favorite product of my dogs & my house is never without them (because then I would have sad dogs,...and we dont allow that). Continue making great products.....we are forever customers :-) by on 03/12/2010

I have a 3 yr old teacup Yorkie Colby who absolutely loves these bones, if i even mention a "chew bone" he runs to the kitchen and stares at the counter until i get him his Dingo bone! I usually have to stock up just so he doesn't run out because if he does he will drive me crazy and ignore all other rawhides lol by on 03/09/2010
Good Deal!

These are a good deal, they are small and nice size for putting in travel bags. by on 02/15/2010

If I have forgotten to give my dog her daily Dingo treats she will nudge me with her nose, I know what that means, I'll say show me and she heads straight for the cupboard with those special Dingo bones. She is so happy to get them, almost makes me want to try one lol by on 02/03/2010
Favorite Treat

I have 2 cairn terriers and these are paws down their favorite treat. They dance around like crazy when I open the bag. by on 01/21/2010
Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

My dogs think Dingo bones are the best thing sliced bread. They have to have at least one every night before they go to sleep. by on 01/21/2010
Product Review

Best Ever bone for small and large dogs

I have 3 Bischon/Poodles and a Labrador. They love Dingos over any other product on the market. In fact, I believe that Dingo is their favorite word in the English language. All I have to do is say "Dingo" and they all come running an wagging thier tails with joy and excitement. THANK YOU DINGO ! by on 01/21/2010
Excellent product

The dog really loves your product. She can hardy wait to get her treat after the meal. I do purchase the smaller treats and a larger treat. We have used both the beef and chicken treats. The dog loves both of them. These smaller treats are just great for the dog. She goes through the smaller and bigger treats like a shark. by on 01/15/2010
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