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Rated 5 out of 5 by 16 reviewers.

  • Will Never use Another!
    I initially bought these because I began couponing and saw a coupon for 1.00 off which made it 98 cents from Walmart but I never believed that Chopper and I would both enjoy them so much. I'm amazed at the fact that they actually freshen his breath, keep him busy with something to chew on, they don't have all the not-so-good ingredients in it like other treats we've bought in the past, and it's beyond affordable! I'll never use Another Dental product ever as long as Dingo brands are around! And if you're debating on whether or not you want to buy this for your pet, DON'T...JUST GO BUY IT AND YOU'LL BE GLAD YOU DID! :-) by on 03/05/2014
  • My dog perfers the red ones
    Gavin is not very happy with the taste of these. He would rather have the red (chicken) sticks. I also don't think this controls his bad breath. by on 05/31/2013
  • My dog loves these!
    I gave this chew stick to my miniature schnauzer. He usually won't chew on the hard rawhide sticks that clean breath and teeth. But he loves these and would eat them like dogfood, if I let him. This is a great product!!!! by on 08/08/2012
  • Didn't like them.
    My puppy loves dingo but these weren't a hit. She grew out of puppy breath and now has dog breath! Yucky, but she didn't want these. She tried it and then left it there for a couple days. So this is two dental treats that she doesn't like. But price wasn't bad. by on 07/18/2011
  • My dogs LOVE them
    My 2 dogs each get one for breakfast and an afternoon snack!! They love them and in just a weeks time Ive already seen an improvement in my older dogs teeth. by on 03/30/2011
  • One or the other
    Both of my dogs are treat lovers (what dog isn't?). Dirks like the sticks more than Ebony does but she'll "endure" the wonderful taste and added benefits of their new treats. by on 03/14/2011
  • Great treat for the money
    My yorkie always gets a treat (or two or three...) in the evening after dinner while we are watching TV. I like to give him something that is going to hold his interest for a little while. The Dingo Dental Stix did the trick. Great treat for the money! by on 03/14/2011
  • Product Review
    dog wasn't overly thrilled with these. Dingo offers much better products than this, though. by on 02/25/2011
  • Puppy love
    My dog loved these, ate them in a matter of secconds. by on 02/23/2011
  • freshen up
    Jack has a pretty clean mouth, but these sticks make for an easy treat. He enjoys the taste and I enjoy the benefits. It's definitely win-win! by on 12/30/2010
  • Yummy Dental Stix
    The Dingo Dental Munchy Stix are an expensive way to clean your dog's teeth and they love the crunchy, minty taste of them. by on 12/21/2010
  • Will buy them again!
    We purchased these dental sticks for our 4 year old Australian Shepherd because we know she likes to chew rawhide chews. We noticed they have chicken in the middle and have baking soda in them and thought they would be the perfect treat for her. She absolutely loves them and will even say 'mama' for one (or two!) by on 11/21/2010
  • A for sure, absolute product
    These stix are AWESOME!!! My husband and I buy serval packs at a time and store them in a large freezer bag. They keep very well and our two dogs love them!! We will continue to buy them over and over again! by on 09/22/2010
  • easy to digest
    I have bought several brands of chews for Ziggy. Most have made him sick. This brand is easy on his stomach and gives him chewing satisfaction and cleans his teeth, too. by on 07/17/2010
  • great dental chews
    easy for the dog to hold and chew she seems to like the flavor and likes to chew on them by on 04/29/2010
  • Highly Recommended Treat
    My yorkie puppy, absolutely loves these and they're good for him. Made with chicken and baking soda, he thinks they're a treat and I know they help me avoid costly vet bills to keep his teeth clean. Thanks Dingo! by on 02/02/2010
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