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Rated 5 out of 5 by 34 reviewers.

  • Great product
    have been using them for years. by on 07/13/2020
  • Munchie stix
    Dogs love them . can't find them , had to order from you direct . shipped fast too . by on 03/16/2016
  • Great Flavor
    Foxy really seems to like the flavor of the Munchy Stix and the crunchiness. She gets one each afternoon after her break. She welcomes that. So far she really likes all the Dingo products she has had. by on 02/05/2016
  • MY Dogs are Addicted to These!!!!
    My dogs love these!! They sit and stare at the treat jar....if I dont come and give them one they start barking at me and they want me to give them one now!!! by on 01/29/2015
  • great value
    My puppy was very happy with these. Great price for this product by on 05/28/2014
  • Product Review
    My dog loves these!!!! i give her one every night before bed!!!! i will continue doing so til shes gone!!!! by on 10/17/2013
  • i ♥ munchy stix
    my 8 yr old pug/rat terrier, Tanner, is addicted to munchy stix! he LOVES THEM! he begs for them every single day. we bought a 50 pack for about 6.99 and he really enjoys them! I've never seen him enjoy a treat this much! by on 10/04/2013
  • Must have at all times!
    Gav would die if I left these at home. He does crazy over these sticks! by on 05/31/2013
  • Not for my Dod.
    i tought my Dod had ate them Befor . Sometimes she Eats them & other times she Doesnint . So Now I have A Case of them & she doesn't really like them by on 02/12/2013
  • The Best !
    She could eat these all day if i let her. This is the only thing she will actually eat the whole entire thing. The other ones she just eats the meat or chicken part. They're great for her teeth because shes still a puppy. by on 05/23/2011
  • Product Review
    He eats these up very quickly! by on 04/05/2011
  • My 3 havanese loved these
    I'd purchase these again. Try the chips as well for treats. by on 03/30/2011
  • Great product!
    My dog didn't stop jumping around for these. by on 03/23/2011
  • Dog's best friend!
    My two dogs couldn't be more different, but they equally love Dingo Brand Munchy Stix! Great doggy taste, not messy, and easy to chew for my 14 year old medium dog and my 7 year old small dog. Thanks! by on 03/23/2011
  • Dogs love them
    My 2 Dachshunds love these treats! I worry about giving them rawhides, because my male Doxie is really a little pig, and he tends to eat them too fast. The munchie stix are a good size for him, and he can chew them better than the rawhide. by on 03/23/2011
  • These are great.
    My dogs love these and I love them because it takes them a few minutes to eat the whole thing. by on 03/15/2011
  • munchy stix
    my dogs love them. they eat them right down by on 03/15/2011
  • So Happy We Found These!
    Hello, My Remy is a very picky eater. She will only eat Dingo rawhide treats, if we bring any other rawhide home she will not even touch it. We were giving her the regular meat in the middle mini bones and the beefy flavored ones for a very long time. Well, she got a little too smart and figured out how to get ALL of the meat out of the middle and just leave the rawhide hidden to make us think she ate it. We thought is was a waste of money, and she wasn't getting the benefit of the rawhide chewing action. I found these at our local family owned pet store a couple of weeks ago and thought she would like them since there would be no way to pick either the meat or the rawhide. If she was going to eat it, she would have to eat both. And, oh, how she loved them!!!!! She eats the whole thing and loves every minute of it. It took a little coaxing at first, but now she loves them. They are the perfect size, and I don't feel guilty that she is getting too much at once. They are also the perfect size for her to hold in her little paws. She is 21 lbs. Thank you so much for making this product! by on 02/26/2011
  • Dingo Munchy Stix
    My dogs absolutely love this treat. They usually get this in the morning but there are timest that they will sit there and stare on top of the refrigerator, where they are kept and wait until they get another one. by on 02/24/2011
  • Product Review
    This is an O.K Product. My Cocker Spaniel mix does care for these, she is 11 yrs old. But My Terrier Mix enjoys these, who is 9 years old. by on 02/15/2011
  • It's all the good stuff!
    When my dog realized what it was, he loved it...he did make me hold it up for him while he chewed it up a bit but then he took off with it to eat it up. by on 12/29/2010
  • Awesome-ness!!!
    My dog chip love- love- loves all of them!!! by on 12/29/2010
  • Best Chew Stick
    My dog loves them - the pet food store quit carrying them after remodeling so we had to go online to find them. This is the only chew stick she will eat. by on 11/30/2010
  • Munchy Stix
    Our older dog really enjoys these for a bedtime treat. by on 11/02/2010
  • It's the Best Dog Treat
    I have a beagle/Labrador mix dog and she jumps all over these sticks as soon as I give her one. She loves these and It's very very hard for me to find and buy her anything she loves as much as this. I'm so thankful and happy that I made this purchase! She prefers these over other types of treats any day. by on 11/01/2010
  • My Dogs Love These
    My dogs love these sticks. They look forward to getting this "bye-bye" treat every day when I leave for work. I like the bones because they aren't too large and keep them happy for quite awhile. My dogs only love Dingo brand bones and cannot get enough. by on 09/13/2010
  • Dogs love it.
    When you first open the packs they smell very plasticy, but both dogs love them. by on 09/10/2010
  • My 3 dogs love these!
    This is one treat that all three of my dogs love. I have a 10 year old Jack Russell, a 7 year old Jack Rusell, and a 2 year old German Shorthaired Pointer. And the Munchy Stix is something I can give them all at the same time. by on 08/18/2010
  • Simple Snack
    Easy way to give dogs a little something special during the day. Doesn't make a mess like some chew sticks. by on 08/14/2010
  • My dogs love Dingo
    I have 2 female German Shepherds, one age 9 the other age 4 and they just love their Dingo Munchy Sticks. Every night before bedtime, i give them one, when they get it one runs into one room with it the other one runs into another room. They are protecting their treats. No sharing with these two,lol by on 04/16/2010
  • Thank Goodness for Munchy Stix
    and the reason why.....my 2 babies are ALLERGIC to beef and these are a God Send...they love them and look forward to their 8 pm snack everyday. I checked these out with their vet and she said they were good and also low in fat. by on 04/08/2010
  • Delightful for senior canines
    My dogs love the muchy stix! They're 11 now and have trouble digesting rawhide chews so these are perfect for them. by on 04/08/2010
  • One of Moose's Favorites
    Moose, my yorkie puppy, loves these Munchy Stix. Being a puppy, he's always chewing on something and Dingo provides many fine products that satisfy his need to do that. by on 01/21/2010
  • Can't do with out Dingo
    My baby girl love Dingo stix and mini chicken bones. She begs for one as her desert after her meal each night. by on 01/15/2010
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