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Your Comprehensive Guide To Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice Lite Dog Food What Is Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice Lite Dog Food? Overweight dogs have become very common in the world. Canine obesity has increased exponentially in the last few years, with overreaching impacts on canine health. Obesity can negatively affect your dog's quality of life and can result in a vast number of medical issues like diabetes and osteoarthritis. Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice Light Dog Food is a specially f... Read More



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I don't know how they do it!

I got Diamond Natural Lite formula the same food I have gotten for the last 5 years and no vendor has given me such a great price. Shipping was incredibly fast (especially because I ordered during vaccine for Covid 19 roll out and Christmas season! I have had great results from this product. I use it along with another food which I vary and I end up with a very healthy dog!! (She never wants to stop eating, and managing her weight no matter her age is always a challenge - but crucial to her overall health.) by on 01/01/2021