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Dental Fresh Dog Product Reviews

Dental Fresh for Dogs eliminates plaque, tartar and odor causing organisms and is proven to help clean and whiten teeth, protect gums, and improve oral health.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 8 reviewers.

Great concept-Doesnโ€™t Last
While the idea of this resonates, the bottle, as well as the results; doesnโ€™t last very long. by on 07/19/2023
Helps Quite A Bit
Our little rescue came with wretched breath along with quite a bit of tarter, on the left side of her K-9โ€™s (guess she doesnโ€™t chew on that side LOL). It isnโ€™t a miracle worker but did help after a few days. Iโ€™ll still need to do some manual brushing.I do wish that it was a bigger bottle, as well. by on 03/17/2023
pretty good
Easy to use dental water additive and my dogs don't seem to mind it so why not? Can't hurt! by on 05/31/2020
Great product
This is so great for our fur babies. Kissing her now is not so bad. Her breath smells so fresh. I truly recommend this. by on 05/31/2020
Easy dental additive!
Easy dental product to use, no taste to dogs, just add into their daily water and voila! Great addition esp for dogs who won't let you brush their teeth!! by on 03/06/2020
Great for my dog's oral health
Dental Fresh Dog is easy to use. As Levi (my Golden Retriever) laps up his water, I'm thinking that I'm glad this product is controlling tartar build-up and bad breath. I think it's a bit "pricey" however. by on 06/09/2015
Her bad breath improved immediately!
For only $8.95, this is a good product. My dog had been having bad breath issues and all the special chewies I bought her didn't really work for her breath. I only have to use 1 tsp twice a day (per 8 oz. water), and it has no taste or smell. It also keeps the water bowl from getting slimy and she has been drinking more water since I've been adding it. I definitely recommend this product compared to the others offered. by on 05/14/2014
Dental Fresh Dog
I have used the whole bottle of this in a course of a month. I usually make a gallon at a time.I will say it would work, but not for my dog.. ( he's got some issues with fecusI probably wouldn't buy this stuff again by on 02/13/2014