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Everything Greenies - Dental Treats, Pill Pockets, Smart Bites

Greenies Dental Treats are the most popular dental treat out there.  Greenies are specially formulated to eliminate and prevent bad breath in dogs.  Greenies offers dental treats for all types of dogs, including small & large dogs, dogs on weight management diets, and senior dogs. Other Greenies producsts, such as Greenies Pill Pockets and Greenies Feline Smart Bites for cats, provide healthy treat options for dogs and cats.  Find all of the Greenies products we offer and make the right purchase for you and your pet.

Featured Articles

Treats for your cat can be so much more than a tasty morsel to enjoy--they can boost your kitty's dental health, prevent hairballs, or add shine to their coat! Find the best treats for every cat occasion.

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Many pet parents do not realize that keeping your pet's teeth and gums clean is on par with getting their vaccinations and taking their heartworm medication. Read some great tips on how to avoid dental problems and keeping your dog's breath minty fresh for those great big kisses they love to give out.

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Pets can get dental disease just like you can, and it's one of the most common issues seen by veterinarians. Find out how to prevent dental disease in your pet.

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