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Comfortis is the first beef-flavored chewable that both kills fleas and prevents infestations in your dog or cat for a full 30 days. Comfortis is safe for puppies and kittens as young as 14 weeks.


Rated 5 out of 5 by 259 reviewers.

Finally no fleas during the summer

We've tried all of the topical treatments over the past few years and always have a flea problem with our dogs. This has cured that and they have no problem eating it in their food so it must taste alright to them. Worth the extra few bucks! by on 07/18/2013
the kids love the taste!!

they eat it and i know they are protected. no fleas.keep on trucking................thxHanna by on 07/17/2013
Wonderful Product! Works like magic!

This is a wonderful product! We had tried everything to get rid of the fleas on our dogs (dips, sprays, powders, baths, flea collars) you name it & nothing was working until we tried Comfortis. I highly recommend it, itโ€™s very effective & last for a full month. by on 07/17/2013
Amazing how fast this product worked to stop my flea infestation in its tracks

This is very effective and works fast! I would highly recommend this if all other flea products have failed. by on 07/17/2013
This product is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had dogs all my life and problems with fleas. The confortis works great. I tell all my friends about this product that have dogs and they agree once they have tried it. by on 07/15/2013
Flea free pooch

I began using Comfortis a couple of years ago. I sure wish I would have known about this with my previous dog. He seemed to have allergic reactions to fleas and as much as we sprayed the yard and washed him he suffered.Comfortis has worked for us from day one.My dog has never had a reaction to the pill and she eats it just fine.I do not like the smell of it but my dog doesn't mind and it's only once a month!!She is a flea free dog!This pill is $22.00 per pill at my vet. Using PetRX is a pretty nice savings. Easy to order and ships quick! by on 07/12/2013
Seems to Work but...

The product works but my dog hates it. I have to try every trick in the book to get him to swallow it. Even when I wrap it in a food he smells it and refuses it. I often have to push it down his throat. by on 07/09/2013
worried about its effectiveness

for the first time this product does not seem to be working by on 07/05/2013
great flea prevention

Hated using those gooey gels on the dogs' backs. This pill is so easy, well-tolerated by the pets, and never a flea during the month of coverage. Would highly recommend Comfortis. by on 07/04/2013
Great drug and easy to use!!

This is a great product, but unfortunately my veterinarian has it cheaper at their office. by on 04/17/2013

Living in the south where fleas are everywhere this has been a Godsend. Once I started it no fleas at all on dogs or in the house.... by on 10/07/2012
Best Ever!

My 110 lb smooth collie is and will always be flea free with Comfortis. Won't ever go back to anything else because this WORKS ALL THE TIME!! by on 09/04/2012
Comfortis for a sensitive dog

We brought our "baby" home two and a half years ago. He had Parvo and no tolerance for grains or high carbohydrate dog foods; we searched until we discovered that he did well on a low carbohydrate raw foods diet. Treats from well intended friends and strangers remind us of his sensitive stomach, so we are so happy that he tolerates Comfortis. In addition to being well fed, healthy and happy he enjoys freedom from fleas, a big deal here in Houston! by on 09/02/2012

Seems to be working fine. My puppy wouldn't chew it so i had to trick him. He didn't have any adverse reaction. Good so far. Only bad thing is that it kills only fleas and not ticks or any of the other stuff. We will see how it goes. by on 08/27/2012
Comfortis works!

I live in south Louisiana, and the family dog is part Labrador Retriever. He loves to dive into anything wet - so Advantage and similar products do not work for him. Comfortis kills the fleas on him, and consequently helps our cats as well. The dog does not like the taste of Comfortis, so we hide pieces of the pill in things he likes - like chicken meat. If he can't smell the pill, he'll gulp it down. by on 08/06/2012
no fleas

I have not seen any fleas on my dog since she started Comfortis as a puppy, either in the hot humid summers of coastal South Carolina nor in our unusally warm summer in PA. The vet recommended it because she has a sensitive stomach and can't tolerate some medicines. by on 08/04/2012
Excellent flea control

Wonderful product that works much better than Front Line! by on 07/24/2012

My dog was covered with fleas and kept scratching all the time--I hated for her to sleep with me at night because of the fleas----gave her comfortis and the fleas were falling off dead-in a mater of mins----This is the best---thanks by on 06/03/2012
Comfortis chewable tablets

This product works very well for my dogs. I just don't understand why now you have to get a prescription for it. by on 05/29/2012
Great product

I have been usesing this product on my two dog who both have flea allergies, and it is the ONLY product that actually works. My toy 5 pound dog only has to have a pill about every 3 months, even though it says once a month. It works longer on her. by on 09/13/2011
jack's free

I live in Florida the land of perpetual bugs. I moved to a property very near a lake...tried everthing...Advantage and Fronline...stopped working...I knew shampoos and sprays were useless down here. i was told by comfortis by a neighbor...I tried it and it workd like a charm. I keep if up monthly and never see a flea...I truly wish they would make it for my three cats who are still suffering with advantage. But the comfortis even takes up the slack for them. I will never use anything else as long as I can afford it. by on 09/08/2011
comfortis for fleas

My vet(she's the greatest) recommended comfortis for my two yorkies. I could hardly believe my e1 when the fleas just starting falling off them DEAD/ love theastuff by on 09/03/2011
Great Product

This product worked great for my Newfie! She was on Frontline for years with no problem and then I noticed fleas! My vet recommended Comfortis and it has worked perfectly since 2009! I highly recommend this product to owners of pets with allergies. It has helped my dog a lot! by on 08/25/2011
Awesome product!

My dogs have suffered for years with flea allergies.. This year has been different. This product is nothing short of a miracle.. Love it.. love it! Would recommend to anyone! by on 08/24/2011
Works like a charm!

I live in Key West Florida where fleas have become immune to almost every flea med. Comfortis is the only thing that works here. I see dogs in town that have hot spots, I believe are created by flea infestation. My dog had one shortly after moving here. She'd never had one before. After it was treated and she started on Comfortis she's been in perfect health! by on 08/19/2011
You Get What You Pay For

My lab developed a re-action to Front Line. My vet changed her to Comfortis. Now there is no re-action, no fleas, and no tics. We live in the hill country of Texas and our dog is exposed to all types of critters and disease carrying wild life---no problems. by on 08/11/2011
helped my great dane feel better

We tried the normal things and it wouldn't do much. she was having trouble because of the rash and all because of her allergies to fleas but with in a day she was back to her old self and feeling better because the fleas were no longer biting her. by on 08/06/2011

The fleas are gone! The fleas have become resistant to the Frontline that we were medicating our dogs with. So happy this one is working. What a nightmare for my dogs and myself. Glad it's over. by on 08/03/2011
The best!!

After topical flea and tick medicines almost killed my English Bulldog puppy, the vet had us try Comfortis. Not only does my puppy love the taste, the pill has kept all signs of flea and ticks away. I don't care about how expensive this product is, I will NEVER use another topical product on any animal of mine. Comfortis is the way to go. by on 07/26/2011
Once and done!

I thought my dog had a skin infection. I had been using the topical (top-rated) flea prevention. She got fleas!! The vet said it was the second case that day that the dog had fleas from using a topical. Within a couple of hours, she had settled down and was much more comfortable! by on 07/25/2011
Best product I've found for my pekingese

We live in southeast Texas and for the last couple of years, the fleas have been out of control. I've pretty much tried all the flea control products out there on my pekingese, Jojo, and this one is the ONLY one that worked for her. I would caution you to watch your dog the first time you administer the pill. My dog is lethargic the first 24 hours - almost identical to the way she is after getting her shots. She mostly sleeps the entire first day, but after that she is back to normal. by on 07/19/2011
happy golden!

we live in California where winters are mild-had used Program in the past, but this product worked really fast-vet alerted us to possible nausea in the dog but she was fine-no adverse reactions. Great product! by on 07/09/2011
Awesome product

This stuff works GREAT. You can see the fleas come to the surface DEAD!!! Our husky acts as the host of the fleas and kills them in the house and the cat. Will never buy a collar or drop again!!! by on 07/07/2011

I am trying this product for the VERY FIRST TIME. However, before continuing it. I need to find out how many tablets come in a box for this amount $93.99.I gave this to my 2 cats this afternoon (half tablet each), and I can already tell a difference. Wonderful product! I will continue for sure. by on 06/16/2011
Its works GREAT!

My dog has skin allergies (had bad reaction to frontline & any other products) and this comfortis pill really works for my dog with having 2 cats. Usually I start early as March all way to December. We live on a small farm and live nearby the bay. I know it's expensive but it's well worth it!! by on 06/11/2011

If your vet requires a fee to write the script, GET another vet.They are all about the money, not your pet's health and YOUR pocketbook. by on 05/24/2011
Product Review

If your vet requires a fee to write the script, GET another vet.They are all about the money, not your pet's health and YOUR pocketbook. by on 05/24/2011
Gods gift to dogs and owners

This had been the best invention ever. It works amazing! I will never buy anything else. Thank you so much!! Now if only they could make this for cats :) by on 05/21/2011
I will never use another medication for fleas.

We have four dogs, ranging from a 125 lbs lab/boxer mix down to a shih tzu, we started using comfortis when frontline wasn't working on our oldest dog. We moved from the city where we also treated our yard to keep down on fleas, to my father's in the country, needless to say, not only does this work on fleas but when we found a tick on one of the dogs ears, it was dried up and died. We then started watching and sure enough it works also on ticks. I know its only guaranteed on fleas but I swear by it on ticks too. We live in West Virginia and have found that around the end of February we start Comfortis and stop around the end of October, depending on the weather. I love the product and will never use anything else. Although it does cost a little more than other products, it still beats buying and having to try to rid your home of fleas. by on 05/19/2011
LOVE it!!!

I've tried every topical Rx flea product for my two Chinese Cresteds and my Doberman, but the fleas kept coming back time and time again. Finally my vet told me that she'd noticed fleas becoming resistant to these prevention medications and recommended Comfortis. Wow! I've been using it for 2 years (and through 2 summers most importantly) and I have seen ZERO signs of fleas; not even a speck of flea dirt. It's pricey, but worth it for my dogs' comfort and especially since I have kids too! by on 05/18/2011

Ivr tried all I'd the other flea prevention pr oduct..this is the only product that has ever worked for any of my 3 babies. Love it!!!l This is the best flea product I've found for my babies& none of them had any side effects from the 1st time they took it. I have an american bulldog rescue 4yrs, a great dane3yrs, & siberian husky/doberman mix flea issues ast all !!! by on 05/18/2011
Product Review

Ivr tried all I'd the other flea prevention pr oduct..this is the only product that has ever worked for any of my 3 babies. Love it!!!l This is the best flea product I've found for my babies& none of them had any side effects from the 1st time they took it. I have an american bulldog rescue 4yrs, a great dane3yrs, & siberian husky/doberman mix flea issues ast all !!! by on 05/18/2011
Saved my sanity!!!

2010 was the WORST year for fleas. I have 3 dogs and 3 cats and we were overrun by the evil spawn. I spent a fortune on spot treatments, sprays, flea bombs, shampoos, yard treatments- you name it I tried it. I live in Arkansas, the NATURAL state, which, naturally, means if it's a bug it lives and THRIVES here... I was about to lose my mind. I sat on the floor every night with a bowl of soapy water picking them off of my animals. Finally, I read about Comfortis on the internet and decided to try it- I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Dead, dead, dead.... Every last one of them. Wish they made it for cats and I'd found it before I'd spent all that money, but oh well... the fleas that jumped on the dogs from the cats bit it and before long we were flea free. Peace and happiness is Comfortis in my puppies! by on 05/16/2011

This medication saved my household. I live in Texas where fleas are a year round issue. The topical treatments like Frontline and all lost any effectiveness on the fleas here years ago. Thanks to Comfortis, my dogs are no longer itching and scratching and can come inside the house again. I highly recommend this product for all dogs living in the southern U.S. by on 04/29/2011

This medication saved my household. I live in Texas where fleas are a year round issue. The topical treatments like Frontline and all lost any effectiveness on the fleas here years ago. Thanks to Comfortis, my dogs are no longer itching and scratching and can come inside the house again. I highly recommend this product for all dogs living in the southern U.S. by on 04/29/2011
Best thing I've found

I have a pom and a mini doxy and topicals don't work on either one of them. This is the best thing I've found in a long time. Only thing is I can get it from the vet for $12 a month. I like that price a lot better. by on 04/25/2011
Comfortis works

My terrier has been using Comfortis for several months and it has worked wonderfully. It's expensive, but effective. by on 04/03/2011

Did not believe this would work either altho the Vet's secretary assured me it would. My Maltese had been on Frontline Plus for 3 months and when I looked today, her tummy was covered with fleas. I gave her the pill (she will eat anything) and a half hour later, the fleas had slowed down and I could get them off but 2 hours later, there were dead ones on her and on the bed. And she isn't digging!! by on 03/28/2011
comfortis works

this stuff really works an so happy my vet told me about it last summer an vibac knockout e.s. they gave to spray in the house to help kill the fleas also it work great also i flea free finally buy july an havent had one since living in ky we had fleas really bad in the summer for some reason by on 02/24/2011

After trying several of the name brand flea medications, Comfortis is the only one that keeps the fleas off of my Australian Shepherd. He does NOT like the taste though. However, I just crush the tablet and mix it with a spoonful of peanut butter; he licks up every spec. by on 02/17/2011
Product Review

After trying several of the name brand flea medications, Comfortis is the only one that keeps the fleas off of my Australian Shepherd. He does NOT like the taste though. However, I just crush the tablet and mix it with a spoonful of peanut butter; he licks up every spec. by on 02/17/2011
Works wonderfully for my 4 dogs

We battled fleas for years (Florida climate) and this is the only product that works. Unfortunately it is both costly and typically requires a prescription, something my vet 1) charges a fee to provide and 2) requires an office visit each year before he would be willing to write a prescription. I did a search for "Comfortis" and with little effort found it available! The price is less than anywhere else I have found it too. I love this product for my dogs and can't wait for them to come out with something for the cat that works equally as well. by on 12/16/2010
Love It!

My mom told me to try this product because she's seen it on the internet. I didn't believe it would work, and was shocked when it did. I have 6 cats (all indoor) and never had a sign of fleas until I brought my dog home. With him going in and out, I became infested. After the first day on the pill, I haven't seen a single flea since. Excellent product! The fleas jump off of my cats and onto him, killing them. Thanks to one pill a month for my dog, he and my six cats are all flea free. by on 12/09/2010
Wonderful product!!!

I have been using Front Line Plus on my 2 Shelties. I thought it was working but when I took one of them in to be neutered they found him to be covered with fleas and his skin was irritated. The vet tech recommended this so I gave both Shelties a dose this morning. They have been a little sleepy but have seen no other side effects. I am just hoping all I see in a couple of hours is dead fleas. by on 12/07/2010
Comfortis is a lifesaver!

My dog was on Revolution, but still having a huge problem with fleas. The fleas were starting to appear in my house, and were starting to affect my indoor rabbit which I was not happy with. My vet recommended Comfortis which I tried and within a short time no more scratching, or chewing from my dog. The only thing I found was the first dose lasted about three weeks then he started scratching again, but after the second dose no problems what so ever and he has been on this product almost 6 months. I am very happy with this product. by on 12/02/2010

I've been using it since it came on the market and it's wonderful! kills them dead... no more scratching and now have a very happy dog. It doesn't kill ticks but that's fine with me, I can do a search every day just to make sure he didn't pick any up on our walk however this might be harder for someone who has a dog that lives outside. by on 11/09/2010
miracle cure

i have a large F/M Staffordshire terrier who was having hives and scratching like mad. we would comb her and find 1 or 2 fleas, nothing severe, but she would be covered in hives 24/7.she as we found out was allergic to fleas, so one flea bite would cause a very bad allergic reaction.we had to constantly administer a very harsh concoction of 10 mgs of predisone and 50 mgs of benadryl . it would work but she was a zombie and the predisone was harsh on her. the vet said to try the comfortis and we are so glad we did. she has been hive free and of course void of all fleas and her naturally energetic self again , thank you comfortis by on 11/02/2010

Tried all other products, cost me a fortune over ten years. My 10 yr old Border Collie and one year old Westie, have NO FLEAS. the product works , it is a bit expensive for both of them, BUT it is worth it..Try it it and you will see no fleas any more.. by on 10/23/2010
2 Wheatens

Comfortis is great and works like a is also much cheaper on other pet sites online...on one site it is $30. cheaper. by on 10/07/2010

WOW...I can't believe I wasted so much money in other stuff that didn't work. I was a little skeptical at first but wow in between 4 hours I found dead fleas on my dog legs and not sign of fleas in the house. Love this product. My only complain is that this product doesn't have the promotion it deserve. Try it a works. by on 09/15/2010
Works great so far, but did have side effect

I live in the Alabama heat and the fleas love it (and my dogs). I have two boxers and have tried topical treatmets multiple baths, etc with no luck.. Just got Comfortis a couple days ago and since then I have not seen one flea alive! just lots of dead ones!! I love that... what I didnt like was the lethargy :( My smaller boxer was extremely lethargic after taking his pill, was just totally out of it.. I was a bit scared but saw that this was a noted side effect listed in the instructions so didnt panic.. After a good 24 hours and lots of sleep, he is back to normal! by on 09/09/2010
Tried Everything!

Starting last summer our dogs were getting infested, Frontline Plus, Advantix you name it nothing worked. I tried putting stuff in the yard, I tried carpet powders , everything! My mother said they just got Comfortis for their dogs. She got me 1 pill each for our 2 dogs (Yorkie and Pek/Chiahuahua). I fed it to them no problems and within 2 hours there wasn't a single flea on them!! I would give the yorkie a bath and 50+ fleas would always be eating him alive and within 2 hours he'd be infested again! He has been flea free for over 3 weeks. I am completely amazed by this product and is a saving grace. It was embarrassing to have people over because fleas would be everywhere. I highly recommend this and I did watch the dogs for reactions and there wasn't any. As with Biospot, I used that and it caused both my dogs to go into seizures and they had to be rushed to the emergency vet. I highly recommend this product! by on 09/05/2010
Finally something that works

This is only flea med that we foun d worked on my Shih tzu. My vet recommended it when it first came out. Before then All other meds would not help but maybe a week. I guess could not get through fur well. Started using this and no fleas. My furbaby is allergic to fleas and gets sick when has them. So we were happy to find this. It is cheaper at my vet also. by on 08/23/2010
Tried everything available for fleas before finding comfortis.

This product is GREAT! We haven't seen any fleas for at least two years now. Dogs not scratching. If you have dogs and love them please give them relief from those horrible fleas with Comfortis. They'll be happy and you will too. It's worth every penny. by on 08/08/2010
Good product but cheaper through my vet -

I've been using Comfortis for my 17 lb. Jack Russel for a year and it does great. Wanted to begin ordering through PetCare for home delivery but found it to be cheaper through my vet ($73.50). The PetCare price of Heartguard is the same as through my vet so I find absolutely no savings through PetCare. by on 07/21/2010
Works but Program Does too and is cheaper!

I had ben using Program for 6 years and absolutely loved it. I was told by my vet this year that they were no longer carrying it. They gave me Comfortis instead. I have blue heelers and have been very pleased with Comfortis however once I figured out that I can buy Program online; I have chose to go back to Program and save atleast $30.00 right off the top. I am very pleased and so is my bank account! by on 07/13/2010
IT WORKS !!!!!!

Spent so much money on products that don't wrok. My 16 lb. mutt is alergic to fleas and scratched herself raw, with bald spots that bleed. Within 2 days of using COMFORTIS, no fleas, no itching and Molly is now a HAPPY dog! So am I..... by on 07/12/2010
Stupendously stunning!!!

After having fought with fleas from the day my husband brought her home almost four years ago and hearing that my sister-in-law who'd had her prior to us having the same problem, our little Shih-tzu/Maltese mix, who is almost completely white which fleas LOVE, is basking in sweet relief. We've tried Advantage, Advantix, Frontline, spraying the yard, getting rid of the carpet, baths at least once a week, Raid, bombing the house, etc., and nothing would work! We were getting ready to try Revolution, but the vet recommended Comfortis since they carry it and not Revolution. Turns out that our sweet little dog rubs the topicals off, but that's not the case with Comfortis! I had no problem getting her to take it, and she didn't seem to have any side effects other than dead and dying fleas falling off her. The other dogs in our household seem to be okay with the topicals, but I might switch to Comfortis for them as well since it was less expensive with our vet than the topicals are... This stuff is absolutely amazing! by on 07/07/2010
Comfortis = comfort at last!

We had been using Frontline which was not working at all. We thought maybe the fleas were just really bad this year. After calling our vet we found out that Frontline has been found defective this year!! She suggested Comforits and said it should take care of the problem. Sure enough, Gracie gobbled the pill right up with her supper and dead fleas were literally falling off of her within 1/2 an hour! Now she can sleep at night and so can we!! by on 07/03/2010
Comfortis is the ONLY way to go!

Hi! My name is Joe-Joe (named after the one and only: Joey Tribiani from 'Friends'). I'm a fun lovin' Corgie who lives in Florida where all fleas come to vacation! I WAS an advid Frontline Plus user for years until the fleas became smarter than the treatment. I've been using Comfortis for a couple of years now and I won't use anything else - ya know what I'm say'n? My people are happier and my home is flea free! I encourage the makers of Comfortis to add a treatment for ticks to their product. That would make Comfortis #1 on the market and #1 in my heart! ~ "Hey, How you doin'?" ~ "Get your Comfortis TODAY!" by on 07/03/2010
Skeptical but convinced

My Shih-Tzu, Mr Chubs, has been living in "TERROR" due to the fleas we have in Alabama. Advantage Multi, Frontline, sprays, vinegar spray, garlic, etc... he's continued to be miserable. They I rescued a Pommeranian and she doesn't itch and carry on from the fleas but she had them ALL over her and so I found out from coworkers about comfortis... now the pommeranian has the kind of fleas I like to see... dead fleas! I think they are still itchy scratching from residual effects of all their bites but I can tell when the fleas are dead that's a new and good thing to find on them. Thanks Comfortis! Tell the vets so they quit recommending things that DON'T WORK!!!Jennifer by on 07/01/2010

Love this product, NO FLEAS....I highly recommend this product by on 06/28/2010
High Cost

Surprised to see the price of $92+ for 6 month supply. Not cheaper than at my vet's--paid &79.79 for 6 month supply. by on 06/20/2010

I have two border collies that live in the house with us since six weekpuppies. now three years old, have never found a flee or tick on them.wonderful stuff. highly recommend. by on 06/19/2010
It works!!!

Last summer we spent hundreds of dollars trying natural ways to kill our flea problems. Both of our dogs, a Rat terrier and a JRT, were beyond miserable. My aunt gave me her comfortis and NO FLEAS at all in less than two days. It is absolutely amazing! I too wish they had a tick pill! But for now, I will never use another brand... Comfortis all the way!!! by on 06/19/2010
Never was a Flea with Confortis

I have never seen a flea on my dog until I tried Frontline - never with Confortis by on 06/18/2010

My golden retriever is allergic to fleas and we live in humid Florida with fleas love. She irritated her skin from itching and biting herself that the vet had to shave part of her fur and treat it. She would scratch so much, she couldn't sleep well at night. After using comfortis, she's so much happier and not scratching!! This medication saved my dogs irritation!! by on 06/15/2010
didn't work for us...

We tried this product on our little Basenji and the flea problem seemed to get worse instead of better... by on 06/12/2010
Great Product!!

I actually tell everyone I meet that is having flea problems to use this product--highly recommend.Our neighbors dog was covered with fleas and I even shared one of the pills with her until she could receive her order. I only gave our gang one tablet last year and we did not have any more problems with fleas. Ticks became our problem, would love to see something in the Comfortis to control ticks. by on 06/11/2010
No More Fleas!

Product is outstanding, worth every penny. Nothing else worked, but with Comfortis, the fleas, scratching dissapeared. This stuff works! by on 05/27/2010

I would never use another flea product on my dogs ,comfortis is the best by on 05/26/2010

After years of wasting money on Frontline and a constant battle against fleas. I tried comfortis. INSTANT SUCCESS. Within a few hours. I have three Golden's, Jack Russell, Heinz 97 Hybrid and a cat. I hate to beat up on Frontline but it is worthless if you have many pets. Comfortis ended years of flea problems. by on 05/25/2010
Been going through Flea hell for a month now- spent about $200 on various products (Raid sent me a

Been going through Flea hell for a month now- spent about $200 on various products (Raid sent me a refund because the sprays didn't eradicate fleas in the house; Merial- makers of Frontline, with Good Housekeeping seal of approval, promises Money back if not satisified- they lie- you have to go through so many hoops, prove you've used the product for more than 90 days and then they will refund only one month). My dogs were freaking miserable and I felt guilty, overwhelmed and totally stumped! BFF told me about Comfortis- she just heard about it from our vet- More expensive, initially, yeah- but it WORKS!! You can't beat that. Nothing's more expensive than buying products which don't work. Been 24 hours- still seeing some dying flea activity (residual from the yard).Another client at the Vet's said not to bother paying for yard poisons, let the Comfortis do it's job. So far, so great! by on 05/05/2010
Finally !!!!

The "insecticides" in almost all of the major flea-control products are toxic & very-dangerous. I have tried them all, including sprays, topicals, holistic herbs, garlic, brewers-yeast, etc., each having, frightening, reactive side-effects, as well as "not-working" !!!Comfortis is "safe" and it "works" FDA & EPA approved... by on 05/01/2010
Works Great!

I have a 7 lb. Chorkie that is highly allergic to fleas. We fought for 4 years the constant scratching, itching, loss of hair, crusty, oily, and scaley skin, along with terrible odor. We had tried everything and finally after numerous topical meds and 4 vets later one suggested Comfortis and it has proved to be a miracle cure. We noticed a difference in just days! My dog is now able to sleep at night instead of scratching all night long and her coat looks beautiful. We live in southern Illinois and use this all year long on her with great results. Have always bought from the vet though this company is comparable in price. Great product if you are having trouble with fleas you should give it a try! by on 04/30/2010
Love comfortis!!!!!

Love this fleas whatsoever....topical treatments last only 3 weeks on my dog.... by on 04/29/2010
This stuff really works.

Hi, We have a 1 year old yellow labrador, and this stuff really works, we were giving him 4 baths a week with the flea shampoo, (that comes along with the horrible smell) then the horrible flea thing on his back. (then you couldn't pet the dog for days). I felt so sorry for him. Then my vet recommened this Comforits and it works GREAT. No more flea baths (just 1 a month) no more medicine on his back, just 1 chewable after he eats and that's it. AND TRUST ME THE FLEAS JUST JUMP OFF.(I CALL IT "ABANDONING SHIP"AND THEY ARE DEAD, AND THERE ARE NO MORE LIL BLACK EGGS HANGING AROUND ANYMORE. THANK YOU COMFORITIS FOR MAKING MY LIFE AND MY DOGS LIFE GREAT...... by on 04/27/2010
My bichon frise loves comfortis

We moved from Kansas to the Costal Bend of Texas and I wasn't expecting fleas year round. But yep, they were here. Tried everything on the market. My groomer recommended comfortis and it works. Now my little bichon is a happy camper. We still spray the yard (since it's nothing but sand down here). This is a great product. by on 04/26/2010
No worries

I was a little afraid of giving my dog ANOTHER pill on top of his heartworm, but it worked fast and effectively.. we live out in the country and with the topical it would work for like 2 weeks maybe then we would start seeing fleas, about 24 hours after we gave him this pill there were no fleas to be found and we havent seen any since! thanks alot!! by on 04/15/2010
Will never buy anything else!

After having a couple of flea infestations in my house and on my dogs, flea baths and drops were not working, I found Comfortis. It has worked flawlessly! I have not noticed any side effects in either of my dogs, an 80-90 lb German-German Shepard, and a 40lb Chow-Border Collie mix. by on 04/01/2010
cant find any fleas on him

i luv this product! if there are no fleas than they cannot have allergic reactions to the saliva of flea. Therefore less scratching and licking. by on 03/25/2010
This is the BEST!!!!

My vet recommended this. It is the best stuff I have ever used! Highly, highly, highly recommend. by on 03/19/2010

This stuff works!

I haven't bought from this site, yet. I can tell you our little Maltese, along with me and my husband, love how well it works! It's worth the money spent, hands down. by on 01/20/2010
Awesome Product!

My 11 lb crested suffered severe reactions to the topical treatments we had been using ... everything from severe itching to hair loss to fleas ... comfortis solved all of our problems and she has been flea free for 4 months now :) by on 01/17/2010
Highly Recommended

I am in Florida for the winter and fought fleas for several weeks untill a veterinarian told me about comfortis, I would not be out of it for my dog. I use it year around when we return to Michigan for the summer. by on 01/16/2010
helped my doxsie!

This product definitely solved the flea and scratching problem that has plagued our semi-smooth mini dachshund for years! When I discontinued the product (trying to save money in the winter), the scratching resumed and I have actually seen fleas again (probably due to indoor/outdoor cats). Poor pup has scabs and thinning fur all over now--can't wait to receive the shipment ordered today. by on 12/30/2009
Comfortis ___Super Flea Killer

Tried everything nothing worked.... my dog was so bad he was scratching himslef till he bled. Then I started him on comfortis . Totally new dog, you can just tell how happy he is now. Might be a little more money than the others but, if you care about your animal it is well worth it!!!! by on 12/21/2009
my dog had adverse reaction

After giving Comfortis, I put my dogs outside and when I checked on them my smallest dog had collasped on the lawn. He was very lethargic. It didn't last long but was scary for me. If you use, just observe your pet for at least an hour. by on 12/13/2009
This is the ONLY product i use now!!

I will let you all know of a little secret! After using ALL of the flea treatments on the market,i finally found this Comfortis.and i will never use anything else because this stuff does really work best! Good luck with all of you pet lovers!! Remember that WE are our pets only VOICE, and they are our family and so much more,no matter what they are with us 24/7..thru the good and bad times and always ready to give us comfort and love..unconditionally. I have had my little pup for 20 years now,and I believe that she is still with me because she gets a lot of love and attention and also the best of care!!Always!! by on 11/21/2009
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