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Colorful Springs Wide Cat Toy Product Reviews

Perfect impulse item for pet. Your cat will have fun chasing them around while their unpredictable bounce will drive them bonkers! Spotnips Colorful Springs will make your cat SPRING into action with these bouncy, colorful, plastic, spring cat toys. Great toy to entertain your ferret too!... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 13 reviewers.

Spring toys
The kitten loves them. She played for a while by on 05/12/2024
Fun toys
These little toys will keep a cat busy! Even kittens love them! I recommend these toys! by on 03/29/2024
Her favorite toy. by on 02/15/2023
Cats love this!! by on 02/03/2023
Cats at Play!
My cats, even some of the older ones, enjoy knocking and chasing the colorful springs around! I did expect them to be larger, and they easily get batted under my doors out of their reach and stepped on sometimes, but they're "a hit"! by on 01/02/2023
A Must Have!
My fur babies love these springs. A must have. by on 07/16/2022
Love them!
My cats' favorite toy. Will always have them around. by on 03/24/2022
Real Engaging
My cats really enjoy these soft poms. They play with them like little fools, pouncing on them, rabbit kicking them and carrying them from room to room. by on 12/27/2021
Cats love
The cats absolutely love these! by on 10/04/2021
I purchased the colorful plastic springs for my baby kitty and he loves them ! He chases them all over the house and has tons of fun - highly recommended A+ by on 12/22/2020
Springy Sensation
These cats are going nuts! So many for when they get "lost". Plus when you step on them they do not hurt! by on 10/29/2020
simple works best
these simple little springs seem to be a favorite with our cats..they hook their claw around it and can toss it about... by on 01/05/2020
great toy
Our large male tabby loves the way he can hook his from paw on these springs and toss them around. It is a delight to watch him have so much fun. by on 10/16/2019