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ChuckIt! Flying Squirrel Product Reviews

From the folks over at ChuckIt! this Flying Squirrel toy features raised sides for easy pick up, floats in water and has glow in the dark paws. The ultimate in ChickIt! tossing action! Comes in awesome assorted colors and patterns.... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 12 reviewers.

Tough! Thank goodness!!
This flies very well and holds up to being surfed on and some tug when both dogs want it! by on 05/21/2024
Withstands lab tug game
Flies great and is tough! Something my lab and her friends donโ€™t immediately destroy! by on 04/10/2024
Worth every cent
Flies very well and has lasted despite an aggressive tug play! by on 10/05/2023
My dogs love this toy. We have the best time running around playing keep away with it. It is also quite sturdy & has stood up to my dogs, which is saying a lot! by on 05/09/2023
Frankie Loves it
Bought this for a 3 month old pug,I knew our rattie Leo would like it but Frank (the pug) wouldnโ€™t let Leo have it. I have never seen a pug go beserk over chasing a toy! It has been indestructible between the two, itโ€™s been well loved, chewed and chased! by on 03/09/2023
Flying disk
My one year old puppy loves this toy.. she rips the inside material too fast. That's the downside by on 01/31/2023
Pup loves it
Who wouldโ€™ve thunk a pug would chase this for hours. He loves playing โ€œfetchโ€ by on 11/26/2022
My 1 year old GSD's favorite toy
Lily, my 1 year old German Shepherd cannot get enough Flying Squirrel. Since she was an 8 week old puppy this has been her favorite toy (she goes through 1 every 6 weeks or so). PetCareRx has the BEST prices of anyone online and Lily and I are truly grateful! by on 11/16/2022
So we have a pug puppy who absolutely loves to play โ€œfetchโ€. I thought the other half was crazy when he said to order one of these flying squirrel toys. Turns out Frankie loves this toy and we play with it on the daily! by on 09/20/2022
Great frisbee!
My dogs loves to play frisbee and this is by far his favorite one. by on 06/19/2022
Durable and fun!
Our Labrador Retriever loves this toy! It is part of her daily exercise and play time. It never wears out! I'm buying another one for our son's lab. by on 09/29/2015
Great toy!!
It's hard to find a floppy toy for my german shepherd that she won't destroy, we picked this up at a tractor supply store last year thinking it would be another 2 day throw away toy. It has lasted a year and just now it's time for another one. It's a very durable toy for what we use it for, tug and fetch. It is by far her favorite fetch toy and unlike a typical frisbee, it's very easy for her to pick up after it lands. Also a great beach/ ocean toy!! so glad I was able to find it again on here! by on 09/03/2012