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Chlorpheniramine is a mild antihistamine used to treat pet allergies and itching in dogs and cats. It is available in tablet, capsule, or syrup form.

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Fast shipping

Work well for my dog and cost less than the ver by on 05/05/2023
Works Great

Cheaper than allergy meds anywhere else; it's great to buy this in bulk when my dog takes 6 a day by on 04/25/2023
Exactly what we needed

This is fairly generic antihistamine allergy medicine, but most places charge a lot for pet meds. This was a great deal for us! by on 04/05/2023

Comes so quickly and helps my pitbull so much! by on 10/02/2021
I will continue to buy products for my English Bulldog from this company.

Ive bought from this company many times. I like that fact that I always get exactly what I order, on a timely basis and at a great price! by on 12/06/2015
big improvement

Our dog is a corgy/beagle mix and was suffering terrilby from seasonal alleriges; our vet even put him on prednisone. But throught trial and error we found that this stuff is more rubbing his nose on everything to scatch, licking his paws or snoring at night. He is so much better and he even plays in the grass now.aqesome stuff and very reasonbly oriced too! by on 05/20/2011
I can Tell a Difference

My pup, shes one, and she has inverted sneezes, which actually seems like shes having an asthma attack which is really scary to watch her when she does it. But Since i have been giving her these pills, (which is one a day during allergy season) ( for a fifteen lb dog.) She has not hardly had inverted sneezes. I was really worried it was something serious, but it was just in inverted sneeze! If your dog has them, try this because I really think it will help your animal too! by on 06/20/2010
You can get it at Walmart (Chlortabs)

$2.78 for 100 in the pharmacy dept. at Walmart. It does work even on itchy breeds like black labs. The mail-order price here (1000 tabs for $15) is also a great deal. If you have really itchy dog that is very large (like 100 lbs.) - it might even take 3 pills at a time during peak itchy season. by on 10/29/2009
Best Allergy Pill

My pharoah hound had unexplained hives and hair loss, we did testing and changed her food many times. Plus she is allergic to benedryl! I finally asked my vet if there was anything else she could take since the other things and benedryl made her feel worse. After a month on Chlorpheniramine, all of her hair was back and no more bumps! It doesn't make her sleepy or not act like herself. I am, and she is, very happy with this product and its affordabilty! by on 06/22/2008
I think you all have some of the best prices around

this chlorpheniramine is very very helpful for my cat, and easy and smallenough to get down he by on 11/25/2007
The Best for grass etc. allergies!

Love this stuff! It helps our basset hound with her grass allergies and it doesn't make her sleepy. by on 04/14/2007