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Rated 5 out of 5 by 22 reviewers.

  • It good
    It is really good for dogs mydogs really like it by on 05/30/2016
  • It good
    It is really good for dogs mydogs really like it by on 05/29/2016
  • My dogs love it!
    My dogs go nuts over this wet food, eating every last bite as quick as they can. by on 03/16/2016
  • Great
    Great food My dog loves every bite of this food I will give him this food every time!! by on 12/18/2015
  • great!
    This is the ONLY brand of dog food my dog will eat! This one just happens to be his favorite! by on 03/15/2015
  • Great tasting food
    I use this food to reward good behavior of my puppy. He loves the taste and always cleans up the plate. by on 01/02/2015
  • great dog food
    Imy dog loves Cesar soft food and treats since was a puppy. Will not eat any other food only cesar by on 11/10/2014
  • Product Review
    I have 7 dogs so this is a treat for them. Can't afford to buy all the time! by on 10/03/2014
  • Only food for furry family
    It is the only dog food our dog will willing eat. He does like to change off flavors! by on 09/18/2014
    My Dogs Love it! They beg me every time I start to open it!:) by on 09/14/2014
  • My dog love it!!
    Great food for my dog! He loves it, he finish it all!! by on 08/22/2014
  • Product Review
    Excellent quality dog food. I never worry if I am giving my dog a good dog food, because it is Little Cesars. by on 07/23/2014
  • dog magnet
    I bought this for my dog and he went nuts for it. .he hears the tray being opened and he comes running by on 07/07/2014
  • Product Review
    My dog just loves it I would recommend it to anyone by on 07/07/2014
  • Best Food Ever
    Cesar's is a brand I trust explicitly for my girls. I feed them no other brand of moist food. They love the variety of flavors and look forward to meal time. by on 07/07/2014
  • awesome food for my dog
    My dog loves thbis food so much that it is actually more of a treat to him than a meal by on 08/28/2013
  • Always been his favorite!
    Our dog Lucky is 16 now and has always loved his Cesars, I never had trouble with him eating them and he loves the flavor variety. by on 08/28/2013
  • Great product, dog loves it!
    Very handy for travel and home. RVing is part of our lives and Emma is a great part of that life. by on 08/28/2013
  • Dinner time fun
    I have been serving Cesar to my dog Sonny for years. He is right in the kitchen any time I open the container. He eats it all and licks the bowl. When people see him they call hom the Cesar dog. He looks good .Good food makes a happy and handsome dog. by on 08/28/2013
  • Mason's first choice
    This the first thing that I was able to get him to eat when I brought him home 6 years ago, and the only thing he will eat now. by on 08/28/2013
  • Pantry Regular
    It isn't unusual to open my pantry and find a variety of Cesar products. Among the group, it's easy to see that the reigning favorite is your top sirloin flavor! by on 06/27/2013
  • Snoopy Isn't a Pushover!
    Snoopy Kelly is a Yorkshire Terrier with attitude! He is very fussy. He will even refuse treats if they do not live up to his standards!He enjoys his Little Cesar's, but, his fav is the Top Sirloin. When he gets a whiff, he puts aside his disdain for nearly everything and licks the bowl clean! by on 06/17/2013
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