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Rated 5 out of 5 by 17 reviewers.

  • Great
    I always buy the variety pack of 12 breakfast and dinner combination which the breakfast are his favorite and the dinner, but I was surprised and upset to find the package contained all dinner no breakfast. by on 12/19/2015
  • grilled steak & eggs
    I love that there are breakfast meals for my dog! Grilled steak & eggs is her favorite, however she loves all of the Cesar foods and treats. Thanks for the very many flavor choices you have to offer. by on 03/15/2015
  • Product Review
    I have been feeding my dogs Cesars since they were little! they love it! by on 01/04/2015
  • Weiner dog approved!
    Charlie the Weiner dog loves it! He says it's Tail Waggin GOOD! by on 09/16/2014
  • Great ingredients
    I bought this for my dog about a week ago and he loveD it. by on 08/13/2014
  • Grilled Steak and eggs
    Our dog actually does a little butt shaking in the morning when she know this is for breakfast by on 07/07/2014
  • Pleased!!!
    We just adopted our dog this past weekend and she was really timid and shy and didn't eat anything and I went out and bought her some Cesar's and she got super excited and ate it up right away!!! by on 06/03/2014
  • only the best
    My dog knows when its time to eat so when he smells his Cesar food she gets really excited by on 11/27/2013
  • good title but mindy doesn't care
    my little mindy loves the sunrise foods. all of them but she does love her steak! by on 10/04/2013
  • Good mornings
    My dog is 8 years old and a very picky eater. But when he sees me open the Cesar's container he becomes an energetic puppy again, he will jump up trying to get to the food before I can set it down for him. And he gobbles up in no time. He has never turn his nose up since we began feeding him Cesar's and he adores the steak and eggs "breakfast". by on 08/29/2013
  • like a breakfast a human may eat!
    We've tried several Cesars and he seems to like the ones that are sort of ground . Really likes the breakfast ones the last couple of week. We couldn't get our dog to eat for quiet a while , as he was very depressed after we had our small dog put down.(sad day ) Tried several other foods and he finally settled on Cesar. Thank goodness!!! by on 08/29/2013
  • Delicious
    My dog loves this product. She eats one every morning for breakfast. You can tell how excited she is, because she won't eat any other food. by on 08/28/2013
  • Great for my dogs
    My dogs love all the flavors that Cesar makes. They turn their nose up at other brands. by on 06/14/2013
  • A Very Fussy Eater
    I have a little yorkie who is a fussy eater. I bought all of the expensive foods, tried all of the dry foods and even went serching for the frozen food. She would not try anything. She did not care if she starved. If she did not like it no messing with her. Then one day I saw the little packs of Cesar foods and thought how cute they were. I put the dog food in her dish and called her. Holding my breath she ate the whole thing. Then the next day I did the same thing and called her and SHE ATE THE WHOLE THING. The only ones she would eat were the meaty juices. Then I saw the breakfast foods. Bought all 3 kinds, went home and for breakfast SHE ATE THE WHOLE THING. Thank you Cesar dog foods!!!!!!! by on 06/14/2013
  • Product Review
    my chloe is now 7 years old, she was a rescue dog, but now we are lucky enough she lets us live with her. since day one she has been on your products and she loves them. by on 06/14/2013
  • lickin good
    My two poodles just started eating this. Have to put chicken jerky on top to get them to eat. They are very picky. by on 06/13/2013
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