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Rated 5 out of 5 by 28 reviewers.

  • Little Caesar Gourmet Filets Prime Rib Flavor
    My Miniature Schnauzer was tired of dry food and wouldn't eat, so I bought Little Caesars Gourmet Delights and was amazed at her reaction. She can't wait to eat and nearly dances to her bowl, doesn't stop until she has eaten all of it. She has more energy and is more like a puppy again than a 10 year old. I am thrilled with the change in her and she will have Caesar every day from now on. Thank you Little Caesar for giving my dog back her lively actions. by on 05/18/2016
  • Perfectly portions for any dog.
    My tea cup palmeranian jumps until I put his dish down. It is gone in seconds. by on 02/12/2016
  • My yorkies love cesar
    This is the only food my yorkies will et. They love it. by on 12/29/2015
  • Product Review
    My dog loves all the flavors of Little Cesar he goes nuts when I open up the container. by on 09/02/2015
  • prime rib
    This is my dogs favorite kind but I am having a hard time finding it I hope they are not going to do away with it by on 04/22/2015
  • Cesar
    My little Dog is 16 years old and this is what she eats and she loves it . She is Smart She has been earing this for years She is a small dog by on 01/01/2015
  • My dog Diego loves this particular tray.
    I purchased this a couple of times and he just loves them :) by on 12/23/2014
  • My dogs love Cesar
    They love the prime rib don't want nothing else if i don't give it to them they won't eat. If they could they would eat all day, they get so excited when its time to eat. by on 11/05/2014
  • amazing
    this is the only type of food my dog will eat with out picking at it.she loves it. by on 10/07/2014
  • Great food my dog loves!
    I never have to worry when I have Cesar on hand, I know I'll have a happy dog! No matter they flavor or style they loooove their Cesar's! by on 09/16/2014
  • Product Review
    my dog loooooves this stuff shes like in doggy heaven when she eats it by on 09/16/2014
  • prime rid flavor
    my dogs love it eats it every day but I would love them to try others this one is the only one so far... by on 09/15/2014
  • Like daddy's food!
    My Yorkie is spoiled by her daddy. The Cesar's in sauce looks so much like people food! She loves it! by on 09/03/2014
  • My Little Boy Loves Cesar
    My little Chihuahua loves Cesar a lot. The only problem is he expects me to feed it to him. He will eat treats, etc., with no problem, but I think when he smells Cesar he feels pampered and thinks he should get the full treatment which includes being fed by hand. by on 09/02/2014
  • my dogs are in love
    my 2 girls love Cesar licking good my dogs by on 07/21/2014
  • Product Review
    My dog eats everybite of cesar. Runs to his bowl when he sees me opening a can by on 07/15/2014
  • Grandpa loves his Cesar meals!!
    I received a free sample of Cesars in the mail, and discovered that my sweet, old rescue Grandpa just couldn't get enough!! This product will be on my grocery list from now on!! by on 06/27/2014
  • its a treat even though he gets it at every meal
    My dog actually thinks that all the gourmet fillets are treats and not just an ordinary meal, he hops around excited everytime by on 09/06/2013
  • Prime Rib lover
    Ceasars is the best dog food I have ever fed my dog. It took a while to find a food he would eat, but when I got the gourmet prime rib he absolutly loved it. Its now the only dog food I will feed my little yorkie Mac. He loves all flavors, but the prime rib seems to be his favorite. by on 08/28/2013
  • Gourmet Filets Prime Rib Flavor
    It's kind of hard to just review one flavor of Cesar's. My dog actually likes all the flavors. I feed her twice a day. I give her the Gourmet Filets in the morning and the Savory Delights in the afternoon. I don't feed her just one flavor. I try to give her a variety in her diet. She likes them all. by on 08/28/2013
  • Something different
    My dog loved all the new foods that Cesar came out with until the Filets. I don't know what's different with them but he simply does not like them and I have to put something else with to get him to eat. Needless to say we won't be buying any of the Filet choices. by on 08/28/2013
  • Cesar Fillets are for the king of dogs
    My boys love all the Cesar filets brands. Do not change anything. Thank you. They are just the right serving size too. by on 07/01/2013
  • Toby loves it
    I bought this one several times now as my baby Toby loves the filets, especially this prime rib one. Don't get me wrong, he eats quite a variety of the Little Cesar's and he loves quite a few of them, but this is his fav, next to the Smoked BBQ chicken. He always licks his lips when he sees the container of food that I am opening and when he is done, he runs to the living room and rubs his face all over the floor wagging his tail and then does his happy dance where he rolls over on his back - very cute to see and happens after he eats! by on 06/16/2013
  • Like it a lot
    This is the only dog food I buy for my dog. She likes the chicken best but is starting to get into the different kinds of beef. by on 06/14/2013
  • Great Tasting
    Just love the texture and Buddy loves when he gets this for dinner by on 06/13/2013
  • Perfect for my pup!
    I have been buying this, and several other flavors and we are SO happy with them. by on 06/13/2013
  • Happy Dog
    I have been purchasing Cesar dog food for 12 years my dog is very happy with I did try and switch just to see what would happen and he wouldn't eat so we came back to Cesar's and have been very happy with because we have a happy dog. (Gizmo Yorkie) by on 06/13/2013
  • My doggie's fave
    Tinkerbell loves the prime rib flavor and especially loves how the product is pre cut and easy for her to eat. She also loves how juicy this flavor is! by on 06/13/2013
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