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  • CatLax
    Product has helped Cinnamon cope with her hair ball by on 11/17/2020
  • My cat likes Laxatone better
    My cat would not taste it even on her paws, she shook it off. Cat likes Laxatone better. Cat Lax has some good ingredients Wish my cat would eat it by on 06/11/2016
  • Effective and cost effective at the same time.
    My cats have hairball problems and one is very cooperative and the other is not so I can't exactly say whether or not it is easy to use because my particular situation is 50/50. I have tried mashing it into their soft food but they both seem to know it's there and won't eat thus a direct dose on the roof of the mouth with my pinkie finger between their teeth seems to work the best and smear the leftovers on the front feet or cheeks for them to lick off...and they do. That's what works best for me. Takes care of the hairball problems wonderfully!!! by on 08/24/2015
  • Good stuff!
    Our cat seems to like it, she licks it off my finger! Our cat is nearly 10 years old and we have been using the product twice a week in that time. She rarely coughs up a hairball. Maybe once a year? Amazing product. by on 05/03/2015
  • So convenient to purchase from petcarex
    I have purchased this product from PetCareRx for several years, it is the same product I formerly purchased from my vet for three of my cats but more convenient and at a lower price when you compare adding on an office appointment. All cats eventually have hairballs from cleaning their fur, the Cat Lax works well to eliminate the problem so I keep several tubes available for immediate use. The consistency is thicker than other products I have tried so is easier to administer. by on 01/19/2015
  • Mutiple Cats require an economical fix
    Have 5 cats and 4 are long hair domestics. Pet care is expensive and main reason for purchase was to reduce the hairball issue and afford the cost of use. Got this with a discount price and free shipping (only way I will shop) and my five seem to have a liking for the taste. I preferred another brand but too outrageously high when bought in quantity. This flavor ( and the price) seems to work so far. by on 04/15/2014
  • Get This Brand!
    My cat loves this stuff. I don't even have to warm it up or anything. He needs it from time to time and he just licks it right off of my finger right after I have dispensed it, no problem. It is molasses flavored. We have tried other brands in the past with this flavor and they were okay but this one seems to be the best and I don't buy any other brand. by on 05/12/2011
  • My vet reccomendded it when he seen how much she shed
    Cat lax lets them digest the hairballs instead of throwing them up. I may be wrong but I think she may be even shedding less. This stuff is even good for finicky cats. She licks it right up. by on 08/10/2008
  • Great product
    This product worked better than anything else I had tried for my cat. It was much easier to administer then other products and she liked it. Will def reccomend to others. by on 05/31/2008
    My cat will not tolerate any other laxative/hairball remedy. He loves the taste of Cat Lax and it does prevent hairball vomiting. by on 07/17/2007
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