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Cat Dancer Wire Dangler Toy Product Reviews

The Cat Dancer Wire Dangler Toy is the most fun your cat will ever have. It's also great for exercise because the springy steel wire holds it shape for hours of play.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 10 reviewers.

cat dancer

My cats love it! by on 12/18/2020
Simple but total fun

This is hands down one of the most effective yet simple cat toys. Since both ends can be played with, it's great to help integrate cats to one another. Love this toy! by on 12/01/2020
Love the product and easy to use

Very unhappy that I'm told AFTER I ordered toy that it may take up to 3 weeks after shipping to get to Hawaii. Very disappointed. If this true it should be stated from the beginning. by on 10/01/2015
The Best

My cats could be in a bedroom sleeping, but as soon as I start clicking the wire on the floor, they both come running, and begin chasing the paper at the end of the wire. It has their full attention, and they even take their turn going after it. The best toy ever!! =D by on 09/04/2012
Sometimes, the simplest things are the best.

The cat dancer is the simplest toy, a wire with little pieces of carboard on it .. but the wire jumps and wiggles around and my cats go nuts for it. I also bring them to the animal shelter where I volunteer and the cats there love the cat dancer too. It's really a great toy for them, helps them to get exercise and they do love it ! by on 08/07/2012
never gets boring

toy mice, noisy balls-fun for a while-then "so what". This toy never bores any of my cats. Of course, your participation is required but it's easy, so good while viewing TV. Better than a shoe string and lasts forever. by on 12/22/2011

The toy has perfect movement to entertain my cats. They love it and its such a simple design! by on 02/21/2009
Great Toy

The Cat Dancer Wire Dangler Toy is the Cat's Meow when it comes to cat toys. I have four house cats and all four of them love this toy....We get so much use out of this toy that I bought more than one this time around. It's a great toy for giving your kitty excercise and fun. Thumbs up for the Cat Dancer Wire Dangler Toy ! by on 05/23/2008
Nani Loves it

My kitten Nani loves this toy. She doesn't even care if we have time to play with her just as long as she has what we call"toy". She loves it and we love it because she loves it. by on 02/16/2006
Her ONLY Toy

Owning a cat who has never demonstrated more than a nanosecond of interest in toys that were not 'live-and-on-hoof', it was great!! to discover the "Cat Dancer Wire Dangler Toy". I 1st purchased this toy in July '05, and am happy that it continues to engage "Ms. M." in 4-5 minutes of sustained play activity, whenever initiated. I subsequently purchased additional "Cat Dancers" -- to have one readily available in various rooms And to give to friends, who also report great success. Amazing how something that is so simple in design (and reasonably priced) continues to intrigue..... by on 01/08/2006