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  • natural cat food
    i had to switch to all natural due to my cat's medical problem and trying different and expensive ones he would not eat. i had used regular cat chow for years and when the natural was available had to try it. my cat loved it and so did the other cats. so now it is purina cat chow naturals for over three years. and this is what i will continue to use for all future cats. by on 12/27/2013
  • The Best
    This food is both my kitty's favorite. I changed the food that had pork to this one which has the chicken as the first ingredient. by on 12/27/2013
  • Excellent Product! Great Price!
    Our cats love Purina Cat Natural! This is a great product at a affordable price. by on 12/26/2013
  • Good Product!
    I like the cat food and also my cats! The only thing I don't like that the food comes in a paper bag. It happened to me a few times now that the bags just ripped, so u really have to be careful how to handle the bags. I really would like if they come in a plastic bag in the future! by on 12/26/2013
  • My Cats Favorite
    All of my boys: Tiger, Buckwheat, and Stymie love the Naturals--it is their favorite. They all dive their noses into their bowls as I am pouring it into them! I prefer the Naturals because it has no added artificial flavors or preservatives, and my cats love the flavor! They always finish every last bite. by on 12/25/2013
  • Cat's favorite
    My two cats prefer this formula. I wish they were more interested in the indoor formula, but we HAVE noticed a significant decline in furball activity when using this food. We wanted to get them to use the "Complete" formula, and although they seem to like it at least almost as much, the cats just aren't active enough to have that without appearing to put on weight. We have finicky cats, proof of that was discovered when we mixed the food formulas together, in hopes of providing a "best of all worlds" scenario and found that they somehow managed to pick through and eat the "natural" stuff first, before consuming the rest. This is nearly impossible, since cats can't really view the morsels to visually pick through them in a pile, because of the way their noses are situated. We can only surmised that they licked, or otherwise "tested" each morsel before eating. The cats seem to like all of the Purina Pet Chow formulas, and if we mix-in a different brand, they will leave that other brand almost entirely alone. We're just glad we found this brand for them! by on 12/25/2013
  • Favorite
    This is by far my cats favorite dry food. Even the birds steal it out of the outside cat's bowl. by on 12/25/2013
  • Suzies' favorite
    Suzie enjoys Purina natural more tjan Muffin. I do not expect both of my cats to enjoy the same food. Its nice to see Suzie enjoying Purina natural satisfying her never ending hunger. by on 12/25/2013
  • My cat loves this
    My cat is a Russian Blue mix and she is picky when eating. Other brands she picks out what she likes and leaves the rest. She will eat one piece at a time and does not leave any behind. by on 12/25/2013
  • Natural Cat food
    My cats love this. They gobble it down. I feel great about feeding it to them, too. Win. Win. by on 12/24/2013
  • Great Samples
    Got to let you know. my friend gave me a sample of Purina Naturals. My cat "Cam" ate it up. She liked it . So now I have to get her more. by on 12/23/2013
  • Natural is what we need
    I like the Natural cat food as I'm very fussy about my cat getting good nutrition. A lot of other brands have fillers and non- pronounceable by products that my cat doesn't need or that I don't want in her food. Purina products are really good in making sure the food is natural and tastes good. Purina is the Only brand I use. by on 12/23/2013
  • My cats all love this kind
    I would say I think this is my cats fav food and it never get old that eat it soooooo fast by on 12/23/2013
  • Cats prefer indoor formula
    This appealed to me as a consumer, however, my cats weren't wild about this variety. They prefer the indoor formula so that is what I will continue to purchase for them. by on 12/23/2013
  • fussy eaters
    My cats did not enjoy this formula as much as the indoor formula. by on 12/23/2013
  • Good product
    My cat didn't care for this food too much but nonetheless a good cat food. by on 12/23/2013
  • A real winner with my cats
    I go through bags of Naturals pretty quickly. My cats, ages 4 to 18, love it. When I refill their bowl with it every day, they act like I starve them and inhale the food. A little odd and embarrassing, but I'm glad I found an affordable, high quality dry cat food that they love. by on 12/23/2013
  • Purina Naturals
    My cat Smudgy really likes this product. He only eats dry food, and he gets this mixed with Healthy Choice. by on 12/23/2013
  • Naturals
    Omg! my cats go nuts on this food!! i dont buy it often being they do need a diet formula but when i do buy it, its gone fast!! its the food they crave. i also like giving it to them as treats. being they love it so much. the size of the food is small and easier for them to chew. my cat that has no teeth doesnt seem to have a problem with this food. every Please Try This food!! by on 12/23/2013
  • My cat can't get enough
    He absolutely LOVES this. They have great quality food for your pet by on 12/23/2013
  • Quality product for a little more $$
    Definitely a quality product although my cats seem just as happy or perhaps even prefer the regular cat chow varieties. by on 12/23/2013
  • Anya Loves it!
    We got this for Anya in the first year that we had her. It turned into one of her favorite foods. by on 12/23/2013
  • Awesome Product!
    I highly recommend this product. My cats love it and knowing it is good for them makes it even better!! by on 12/22/2013
  • Awesome
    Excellent Product, meezers love it and so do rescues. by on 12/22/2013
  • Great Product
    My cats love this food...all 7! Smells good and looks good. Not one cat turned up their nose. by on 12/21/2013
  • Excellent quality for the price
    My two cats both really enjoy this cat food. I've tried others but none appealed to them both. Their overall health is really good and their weight maintained.Their coats also look great!! I would recommend to this food to others. by on 12/21/2013
  • Healthy Food+Healthy Cat
    Our cat Tippy loves Naturals. She is 5 1/2 years old and has been eating them for about 3 years now. She is healthy & happy, has a nice shiny smooth coat and very rarely has an upset stomach or hairball. Purina Brands have been around a long time and I depend on them to have safe, affordable, healthy food for my cat and also for my dogs. by on 12/21/2013
  • Great Product!
    Cats like to try new foods. When I brought this home, I could not get the bag opened fast enough! They could tell it was different and better for them. They love this food. They love the taste. by on 12/21/2013
  • A favorite
    I have been feeding my cat, Maxwell, Purina Naturals for years and even as finicky an eater as he is he loves it! by on 12/21/2013
  • My cats love it!
    Since I have 3 cats, I try to look for a food all of them will enjoy and with a brand that I trust. Purina Naturals is the all around favorite! They will put their noses up and walk away if you try to give them any other dry food. by on 12/21/2013
  • Tried other brands
    I have tried other brands but my cats will only eat Cat Naturals. by on 12/21/2013
  • The Best
    This was my cats favorite food before it became scarce. I assumed it had been discontinued because it became so hard to find. First the price went up and then it disappeared. My cat used to go crazy and now down on this. He loved it. He wouldn't even eat wet food because Purina Naturals was all he wanted. We've since switched to the blue or green bag Purina Cat Chow and he likes those very much. by on 12/21/2013
  • Mmmm! Good stuff Mom.
    All my cats love this flavor of Purina cat food. When it's time to eat & they know this flavor is on its way, they get very excited & rush to their dishes. I love that, plus the fact that it is a natural food product. I buy the big bag & it is a great value for the money. We're all happy with this food! by on 12/20/2013
  • Best Cat Food
    My kitty, Aria, throws a tantrum if she does not get her Naturals. by on 12/20/2013
  • Love it!!
    I have a very picky cat and I was giving him cat treats of different textures, some he liked, some he didn't. I happened upon Purina Naturals and began to give him a handful as a treat. He absolutely LOVES THEM!!! He eats Purina cat chow and then he waits for his TREATS. The price is great also. by on 12/20/2013
  • Tabithia's favorite
    The Purina Cat Chow Naturals is her favorite dry food. She gets some wet food as a treat each day, but she will nibble through out the day from her bowl of dried food. We like it because it is a more natural product. When she first moved in with us a few years ago, hairballs were a problem. This year no problem at all since she has regularly been eating it. We're sold on it! And she loves it! Try it, it has Miss Tabithia's seal of approval! by on 12/20/2013
  • Tiger lilly approved!
    My cat, Tiger lilly, is pretty picky when it comes to her food, but this is one of the foods that she really likes. The product seems to help some with hairballs, but she still has problems about once a week. by on 12/20/2013
  • Great taste!
    This is one of the best cat foods that I have ever purchased. My cats all love it! The only problem that I have is that it is only sold in the small bags in my area. I have 28 cats and the small bags disappear quite quickly! by on 12/20/2013
  • One of the best
    This is one of the best foods I have found for my furry family! by on 12/20/2013
  • Happy, healthy cats
    My two cats just love their Cat Chow Naturals. They both have soft, shiny coats and are excited when the pantry door opens at feeding time! by on 12/20/2013
  • Naturals PURINA CAT CHOW is GREAT!
    We have been buying PURINA CAT CHOW Naturals for Our CATS , especially the Ones who have Long Hair. Not only do the Cats LOVE the Food, it has helped with the 'Hair Ball'' issue. We are so Pleased! by on 12/19/2013
  • awesome
    My cats used to be on hills science diet. Recently we have been having to cut back so I tried this food for them. They love it and the price is great. It even looks similar to science diet. by on 12/19/2013
  • Keeps my kitties happy!!
    This is the best cat food that I have found!!! My cats love the taste and it keeps their digestive systems healthy!! by on 12/19/2013
  • 2 best things:
    The two best things about this product: My cats love the taste, and I know it is all natural for them. Loooove it! by on 12/19/2013
  • Tommy Katts Favorite
    He was a cat chow kitten, and has tried almost all of Purina dry foods. Likes Naturals best. by on 12/19/2013
  • Funny Cats
    They won't eat canned food; they won't even eat real fish. But they love Purina Cat Naturals...I even had a coupon for IAMS and began to feed it to them. Not a good idea. The food sat in the bowl for two days while they whined! So, lesson learned, it's Naturals or nothing! by on 12/19/2013
  • Nemui says 2 paws up.
    What a wholesome blend to feed my four legged baby! by on 12/19/2013
  • Cats love it
    My cats love the taste and I like that it's got natural ingredients. by on 12/19/2013
  • Great Product for your "special friend(s)!
    This is great for any age cat; from adult to senior. My 17 year old prefers soft food, but likes this too! by on 12/19/2013
  • Special Treats
    I buy this brand a bit more often during the year. They love change but they love this the most. Not a crumb is left in their little bowls. That's how I know they loved their treat... by on 12/19/2013
  • Love Purina
    When I bought this food I expected our fussy eater to refuse to eat this food.Well i was so suprised that he liked it. by on 12/19/2013
  • Cat Chow Naturals is the Best!
    I have been a cat lover all of my life (33 yrs)! For the last 7 years I have been feeding Cat Chow Naturals to my kitties! It all started after receiving a free sample.....the rest is all history. I will be in distress if they ever quit making it! My oldest cat loves it, and I also just adopted (well, took in 2 kittens dropped off along the road), and they love it much more than the Cat Chow, so now I just buy the big bag. Love, love, love this product! by on 12/19/2013
  • Love of Purina
    My cat absolutely loves this brand of Purina Cat Chow as she loves all the different brands of Purina Cat Chow. When it comes to Purina products, my cat will sit by her bowl waiting for more! by on 12/19/2013
  • love the naturals
    I wish I could buy this every time but it cost a little much by on 12/19/2013
  • Buttercup's favorite
    Purina Naturals is the only food my cat will eat. She even walks away from canned tuna to eat her food. by on 12/18/2013
  • awesome!!
    my cats love it!! even my very picky calico will eat purina cat chow!! :) by on 12/18/2013
  • Jake
    We use Naturals about ever 4th bag of food. Just as a change the we go back to the Purina Chow. It keeps thier interest up and weight too. by on 12/18/2013
  • Great for my cats
    This is one of the Purina family products I buy for my kitty bunch. They like the taste, I like the quality. by on 12/17/2013
  • Best Product
    My cats love the taste and the crunch. Has the right amount of minerals and vitamins they need. They love it. by on 12/17/2013
  • Good Product
    My cats enjoy this food and I like that it has no artificial colors or preservatives by on 12/17/2013
  • Great!
    My cat loves this cat food! It's her favorite kind. by on 12/17/2013
  • Naturals
    We only feed our 3 cats products like Purina Naturals. We feel feeding them anything that is not natural is but for their health. In our opinion Purina Cat Chow Naturals is the best product on the market. by on 12/17/2013
  • good food
    My Cat Macaroni loved the taste of the food. I like that it is Natural. My only cmplaint is that it is a little expensive. by on 12/17/2013
  • Great Natural Product
    I have six cats who eat this and they all love it! I love that it's a great price and natural! by on 12/17/2013
  • Cats like it
    Our cats prefer this food above other brands. They do prefer the taste of the Purina original formula but they like this also. Nutritious food that the cats like by on 12/17/2013
  • Happy cats !
    Excellent product, my two cats love it ! We are very happy with it! by on 12/17/2013
  • Cats pleasure
    Keeps my cats healthy and active with shiny coats. by on 12/17/2013
  • My cat loves Purina Cat Chow Naturals.
    My cat love's Purina Naturals Cat Food, and I feel good about giving my cat this product. I had been looking for a product like this one. I also love the different varieties of choices for different cat's tastes and needs. I can switch things up sometimes and give my cat different varieties so that he doesn't have to always have the same thing. Thanks Purina. by on 12/17/2013
  • in between
    usually feed Iams all the time but I do offer Purina naturals inbetween. by on 12/17/2013
  • The natural cat
    My cat is pretty picky so I try various brands of dry food for him. Tried this and he liked it. After a couple of weeks he gets bored so I try and switch up with other purina dry foods by on 12/17/2013
  • Good food for the price
    My cats love it. Good food for the price. No digestive issues. by on 12/17/2013
  • Natural with Great Taste
    The Purina Natural food tastes so good, my cat is convinced he is eating a bowl of treats. I like that the food is not artificially colored. by on 12/17/2013
    Good tasting if you ask my cats. They enjoy the taste at dinner. by on 12/16/2013
  • Excellent cat food at a great price!
    My cats do very well on this food. They love the taste and I love that there are no artificial colors added. by on 12/16/2013
  • Sensitive tummy
    My kitty cat, Catullus, has a very sensitive tummy. He can only eat dye-free food, and the more natural the better, as far as I'm concerned. He loves and hollers for his Purina Naturals. He eats it like he's attacking it, and it never upsets his little tummy. It took us awhile to find this food for him. We tried many more expensive brands that still made him throw up or have diarrhea. I was thrilled when he settled on the Naturals, cause it's cheaper, and easier to find. by on 12/16/2013
  • My Cats Fav!
    I have tried many brands ranging from High to Low...but had to stick with what my cat likes the best and it is this Naturals formula cat food. No complaints here! :) by on 12/16/2013
  • finicky cats
    Ive pretty much bought all the lines that purina has out for cat chow. Or anything that purina makes, really. I trust them completely to provide nutrients to my cats and dogs. My cats are finicky, and only ever eat purina dry foods their whole lives by on 12/16/2013
  • Cats Love It
    I have 7 picky eaters and all my cats love the Naturals by on 12/16/2013
  • purina naturals
    'I feed the stray cats this brand and they won't eat anything else now by on 12/16/2013
  • My Cat Loves It
    My cats loves Purina Naturals. He eats it better than other brands. by on 12/16/2013
  • Natural ingredients without the expensive price tag
    I have been using Purina Cat Chow for many years, but since I tried the Purina Cat Chow Naturals, it is the only one that I buy. The ingredients really are "natural" and great for your cat. My three cats all love the taste and come running as soon as they hear the bag open. I enjoy feeding my cays quality food, and that is exactly what I feed them when I give them Purina Naturals. by on 12/16/2013
  • Easy switch
    I switched my youngest over to this by adding a few of her fav treats to it. She was a stray and born in our garage and I wanted to start her out with a healthy food. by on 12/16/2013
  • Cat loves the flavor
    I feed this to my cat on occasions. I think she likes variety (but that could just be me). She seems to enjoy that it's different than the other foods purina provides. I like that she actually eats it. by on 12/16/2013
  • Good alternative to higher priced remium brands
    I have multiple cats so feeding them the expensive premium brand dry food is a luxury. Cat Chow Naturals is a great alternative because I believe they still receive higher quality nutrients and less filler but at a much more moderate price. And they go crazy for the taste! Thanks, Purina, for offering this option. by on 12/16/2013
  • Jordan loves it!
    My kitty is a picky eater and so she is really hard to please. She loves the taste of this and she gets all the nutrients she needs for great health plus it gives her long coat a beautiful shine and silky feel. by on 12/16/2013
  • Great Nutrition
    I love the natural food for my cats. They both love it, too. I sometimes use it as a treat instead of commerically available treats. It is complete nutrition with no additives ad packed with protein. by on 12/16/2013
  • Picky cats
    I have 3 cats, momma and two siblings and all are very picky. Purina naturals is their favorite dry food, and my vet says they must be getting proper nutrition as they are the correct weight have good, clean teeth, and show lots of energy. by on 12/16/2013
  • My cats love this product
    My cats love Purina Cat Chow Naturals! I fill the bowl and they eat every piece of food. They are picky eaters but they enjoy Purina Cat Chow Naturals. by on 12/16/2013
  • Great product
    Cats really really like Purina Cat Chow Naturals. I feed this with Indoor and Complete--I have "Happy Cats" by on 12/16/2013
  • All Natural
    I like that there are natural options available for my cats. And they love all of the protein that it has! by on 12/16/2013
  • My "Princess" loves this food.........
    Our cat, Miss Kitty absolutely loves this food "hands down" over any other dry that I've ever given her!! She looks great too, coat is very shiny and she's even kept a good weight while on it. It's definitely her FAVORITE!!! I'd definitely give it 5 stars! by on 12/16/2013
  • My cats love this!
    My cats love this food. They get very excited when they see me walk thru the door and set the bag down. They immediately run to it and start scratching at the bag. I have noticed less throwing up as well. by on 12/16/2013
  • This food saved my cat
    My cat has very bad digestive issues. He could not eat most of the foods on the market. Purina Naturals is the only food that he can digest safely. I highly recommend it. by on 12/16/2013
  • Cozmo loves it!
    Our cat Cozmo loves this food. He's got an amazing shiny coat! by on 12/16/2013
  • My Kids Love It
    The Love the flavor and they know when momma has some for them. by on 12/16/2013
  • Awesome!
    Cats love this formula, and I feel great about giving it to them! by on 12/16/2013
  • My Kitties think Naturals is a Treat!
    Since I'm always trying to watch my cat, TC's weight, rather than give them regular kitty treats, I buy a small bag of Purina Naturals, put them in a container and give it to him and his sister, Jolie, as treats. They love them! They normally eat Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula, which they also seem to enjoy. I try to give my babies what is best for them and also cost-saving for me. by on 12/16/2013
  • Cat loves this
    My cat loves this so much he will open the bag so I hide it in the refrigerator by on 12/16/2013
  • Good product
    My cat did not love this but would eat it if nothing else was offered. She is a picky eater so it was not the product it was just her taste preferences. by on 12/15/2013