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Rated 5 out of 5 by 7342 reviewers.

  • YUMMY!
    my cats loved the free sample of this product! I think that I will purchase this kind of food in the future by on 08/13/2014
  • Great Product!
    My cat loves this food...:) It has great ingredients. by on 08/13/2014
  • They Love it....
    After they got to old for kitten chow ( they don't think there ever to old..ha) I tried both the complete, then indoor. Natural was the Winner... I'm so satisfied with the quality and price I have since switched my dog to Natural as well. by on 08/13/2014
  • Love it!
    The very best cat food at a great price! Hobo and I love it. We will never buy any other product. by on 08/13/2014
  • Amazing!
    Best cat food out there! Wont give my baby anything else! by on 08/12/2014
  • loves
    My cat really loves the natural line. She grew a thick coat when she switched to this line. She seems more active and overall a happy cat by on 08/12/2014
  • Quality Food
    My older cat enjoys this healthy and natural cat food. His health has sown improvement after I switched his food to Purina Naturals cat food. by on 08/12/2014
  • Love it!
    My older cat truly loves the Cat Chow Naturals. It is the only food that limits her hairballs and vomitting. She is very picky about the foods she eats, but will eat all cat chow brands. by on 08/12/2014
  • Great Product!
    I love that I can feed my cat food that is healthy and not full of fillers. I love that Purina Cat Chow naturals has fiber in it! My cat loves it! by on 08/12/2014
  • Great product
    This is a wonderful product that i recommend anyone to try! by on 08/12/2014
  • Great cat food
    With my tom cats I need a formula that will keep their coat healthy and help prevent hairballs. This works great. by on 08/11/2014
  • My cats do not like
    My three cats do not like this flavor of Purina Cat Food. They like all the other flavors except the one. My strictly indoor cat will not even taste it. She smells it and walks away. by on 08/11/2014
  • Probably Wouldn't Buy Another From Another Brand, Even If I Had More Money To Spend
    I used to feed my kitties Iam's (Healthy Naturals). I decided that I needed to do more research online to find some dry kitty food that was best for my kitties (and a brand I could trust). I eventually found GoodGuide, which made me feel honestly confident about Purina. There was a time when even the humans were hungry, so we temporarily transitioned to extremely generic cat food for just a brief amount of time. No kidding, the kitties would rather be hungry than eat the generic kitty food. I felt terrible for all of the cat owners that give their kitties that garbage... In any case, I feel very confident continuing to use exclusively Purina products for my felines. Can't imagine switching to another brand. by on 08/11/2014
  • My cats run to the bowls!
    Only thing I'll buy!! All of my cats eat Purina Naturals and can't get enough! All of they're coats are full shiny and smooth! by on 08/11/2014
  • A Special Treat
    Though most of the time I purchase regular Purina Cat Chow because it's a stable choice for my cats. I also give my cats Purina Natural sometimes as a special treat. They love the flavors and it adds variety to their diet. by on 08/11/2014
  • Great
    My 3 cats love this always empty bowls and they want more. by on 08/11/2014
  • Easy on the tummy
    My cat tends to get an upset stomach quite easily. Purina cat food is the only brand he can eat without getting sick. by on 08/11/2014
  • Small pieces
    Nice to have the smaller pieces of food for the smaller younger kitties.The fact that it is natural ingredients is a plus. I trust Purina for all my kids by on 08/10/2014
  • Natural is the only way to go!
    Purina Cat Chow Naturals would be a good idea for any pet owner that has a cat with special needs or tastes. My cat, for instance has dry skin, and I think by changing her diet to Naturals, is good for her skin, and weight, because it has no artificial coloring or preservatives. My cat really likes a little veggies in her dry food, too! At seven years old, she needs a good combination of high protein, veggies, and high fiber, so she can live a long, happy, healthy life. I recommend this product for your cat's health and happiness! by on 08/10/2014
  • Happy birthday Tooloose!
    Tooloose just turned 21 and is so healthy for his age! He lost weight on Purina Cat Chow and has kept it off. His hair and skin are healthier than ever, too! Thank you Purina! by on 08/10/2014
  • yummy purrrrrr
    My cats went nuts over this naturals cat food!!! I can't believe it either because my cats are so picky. They ran up to it and didn't stop until it was gone. It makes me feel good to feed them something good!! I will continue to buy and tell everyone to get their cats on a better diet. by on 08/10/2014
  • Cats love it!
    My 7 cats will eat nothing else!!! And I wont buy them anything else!! by on 08/10/2014
  • Puddin will not eat anything else !
    My little cat Puddin is super fussy she is a princess after all, i had tried many other dry foods but she will have a mouthful and just walk away fluffy tail swishing back and forth in disgust until she gets her Purina Cat Chow Naturals . She loves the taste and i think the main thing for her is she has a very small mouth and loves the smallness of the biscuit and the bonus for me is i know she is eating something healthy ....Our family of cats especially Puddin just loves this product and give it a 5 star recommendation ! by on 08/10/2014
  • Great natural cat food
    I love feeding my cats natural food with the great ingredients Purina uses. by on 08/10/2014
  • Purina Cat Chow Naturals
    We just bought a bag of Purina Cat Chow Naturals for our multi-cat home and all of our cats love the taste. We will be adding this to our rotation of food to buy. This is a great food at a reasonable cost. I will also recommend this to my friends and family. by on 08/10/2014
  • Natural is wonderful!
    All my cats love this cat food. Maybe it's because chicken is their favorite flavor. I especially love the extra protein. by on 08/10/2014
  • Absolutely naturally fantastic
    This natural cat food seems to be the best thing for my kitty. He loves it! by on 08/10/2014
  • Good product
    I have 2 cats and I have had a hard time finding a food 1 of them wont spit back up. This product has worked so far and they both seem to live it. by on 08/09/2014
  • Good product for price
    My cat loves the taste - and I love that's it's the same price for "natural" food for my lovely! by on 08/09/2014
  • Feeding Fosters
    I foster for my local animal shelter so I always have a large number of cats that I am feeding at any given time and it is hard to find something they all will eat. But it is perfect for older cats, younger cats, cats with sensitive stomachs and digestive issues. by on 08/09/2014
  • Easy on the Tummy
    My cats would always eat then throw up, I switched to this food and that stopped so i assumed that its easier on their tummies =) by on 08/09/2014
  • Cats love it
    I would always use Purina indoor formula because my cats are strictly indoors and it gave them the nutrition that they needed. But then I discovered Purina Naturals so I figured I would try it. I cannot express how much my cats love it other then saying they will literally rip open the bag if I do not open it fast enough. They love it, I have always been very happy with Purina, but this product will be the one that I stick to. I will recommend this to all my friends! by on 08/09/2014
  • so good
    My cat is so hooked on this food, he loves this one so much! by on 08/08/2014
  • Purina Cat Chow Naturals
    Purina Cat Chow Naturals is now our preferred variety, because it really is more natural than the other formulas. It doesn't have the dyes that make our cat sick. by on 08/08/2014
  • Awesome!
    This is literally the only food my cats will eat. Not only do they like the taste, but it is also helping to keep them at a healthy weight and it is very affordable for a cat lover on a budget! by on 08/08/2014
  • Kitty Mow Mow loves it!!
    My cat really, really loves this cat food. It's the only dry food she will eat by on 08/08/2014
  • Cat Chow Naturals
    Its not my cats favorite. My cat may be pickier than most though by on 08/08/2014
  • Cats won't eat anything else
    My cats refuse to eat any other good after eating this! The price is great for a food of good quality. Highly pleased! by on 08/07/2014
  • Cat Chow® Naturals
    Used this food for my three cats and they loved it. Food pan was empty in about three to four days of filling it. Every time I refilled the pan all three would come running after heard their food bucket opening, just opening it. (used a cleaned 5 gallon bucket for storing the food) I would have to push them away from the pan just to fill it, that is how much they loved this food. by on 08/07/2014
  • My kitty loves it!
    We started buying this for my kitty a couple months ago and she loves it! I have noticed she has more energy and her coat seems softer! We will always buy this cat food from now on. by on 08/07/2014
  • cats loved it
    Received a free sample of the purina cat food, used it like treats and they loved it .Thought it was a new treat, couldn't get enough of it. by on 08/07/2014
  • My 2 Cats Love It
    I have been feeding my 2 little girls Cat Chow Naturals for about a year now. Both of my cats gobble their food when I feed them. As soon as I get out the food container, both of them are right there meowing. I like that it doesn't have any artificial flavors or preservatives. I don't want to give my cats a bunch of fake stuff. by on 08/07/2014
  • Best Purina dry cat food for the price
    I feed my cats Pro Plan hairball formula and Naturals. They have loved the Naturals from day one. I like it because there is no dye in it and the pieces aren't too big or small. If you can't afford Purina One or Pro Plan, this to me is the best quality alternative lower priced Purina dry cat food out there. by on 08/07/2014
  • My cat says YUMMMM!!!!
    My cat likes the flavors and textures. He likes the taste and enjoys this brand very much. by on 08/07/2014
  • Great change the kitties enjoy
    I give this to my kitties when I want togive them a special treat without having to give them typical treats. This isn't their normal food so they love the flavor change! by on 08/06/2014
  • Good Food!
    My cat Philius loves this food, every time we go out to buy cat food he is always excited to see us bring him a bag of Purina Naturals. I recommend this food for finicky cats. by on 08/06/2014
  • Too many fillers
    This is branded as natural, and it very well may be, however it is full of fillers like corn and corn gluten meal. These are not harmful to your pet, just a waste that is undigested and comes out as stool. by on 08/06/2014
  • Natural
    Want something natural for you kitties? This is a great clean and filled with vitamins. by on 08/06/2014
  • Naturals
    My cat loves this food and she has a beautiful shiny coat from eating this food. Great price for great food by on 08/06/2014
  • Favorite
    This is my cats favorite food! I like that it is natural. It's a win-win. by on 08/06/2014
  • yum yum
    very good they seem to think and it is supposed to also be good for them by on 08/06/2014
  • good product.
    He only problem I had with this brand of food, it is overpriced for me. by on 08/06/2014
  • healthy food my for cat
    We've only ever fed our fur babies Purina. My kitty loves the indoor formula! by on 08/05/2014
  • purina cat chow naturals
    I got a bag of this from a friend to let my cats try it. One of my cats are very picky and the other one will eat anything. They both like it and I would recommend this product to everyone who wants a good food to feed to their cat/s! by on 08/05/2014
  • great quality!
    when I purchased this cat food my cats literally lined up to try it I actually had to refill the plate so they could all do love it that much! by on 08/05/2014
  • Great
    Just got this for my mom's picky eater cats and they do love it! by on 08/05/2014
  • My Old Guy Gets What He Wants
    Succa [sue ka] my 13 1/2 year old snowshoe is an oldie but a goodie. He is my favorite cat ever and as a CCL I have had many. I have had him on many premium and no grain foods in his lifetime, but lately his stomach has become more sensitive and has what I believe is a touch of IBS. I would buy him any food that prolongs his life and health. His previous foods I think have become too rich for him and he tolerates Purina Naturals very well. He has fewer bouts of throwing up and diarrhea which he is prone to get if he eats the wrong stuff. I feel that this food is gentle on his stomach, and beneficial because it has no added preservatives or additives. He is a VERY picky eater (needs to have quiet, no other cat in the room, sometimes I cant even look at him while he eats- really spoiled lil bugger) too and seems to love this food. Of course we get treats from time to time...but his main food is now Purina Naturals. Now If I could just keep my two kittens out of his bowl he would just love that too! by on 08/05/2014
  • not good
    My cat would not touch it....he would not easy a bite of it and it did not smell very good by on 08/05/2014
  • kitty loves
    My cat enjoys eating her food.It is satisfying and she does not overeat by on 08/05/2014
  • My cats love it.
    It's a great food that my cats enjoy, very good for them. by on 08/04/2014
  • Good
    My cats love its flavor, and I love the fact that it is all natural. by on 08/04/2014
  • natural menew
    My cat Menew loves this product. I like that it is healthy for her. by on 08/04/2014
  • Kiki and Kity love Naturals
    My cats love the flavor of Naturals. They wait every morning by their bowel to get filled, if for some reason i miss it and they can get to the bag, Kiki will open the bag with her nails right down the center. needless to say that I have to get a draw for their Naturals since they will eat til they drop and leave the trails of food all over the room. by on 08/04/2014
  • Worth It!
    This is the only food my cat will eat - it does not have any of the by-products in it and is reasonably priced. Would definitely recommend it! by on 08/04/2014
  • New food
    I switched my cat to this food from kitten food. He really enjoys this and had no problems switching over by on 08/04/2014
  • Naturals
    Purina Cat Chow Naturals is a terrific wholesome product to make sure your cat is well fed. by on 08/04/2014
  • Good value for good food
    I switched my one and a half year old cat from the Healthy Weight Cat Chow to Naturals recently, and it's gone well. She wasn't really losing weight on the previous formula and seemed to not be particularly in love with the taste, so I decided to go with the Naturals formula as it contains meat protein as the first ingredient (rather than corn or soy). My cat likes the taste of the Naturals formula much better--she often finishes the entire bowl, which she never did with Healthy Weight. I also like that the Naturals formula isn't really much more expensive than the other formulas, yet she's getting a higher quality of food. by on 08/03/2014
  • great taste
    Cats love this natural blend of food. And we love that it is all natural like we would love them to have as cats. It is so great to get away from all those by products they sell today. by on 08/03/2014
  • Amazing!
    My cats can not get enough of this food! Could not be happier with my purchase. by on 08/03/2014
  • Great for cats that love variety
    My older cat loves variety it drives me crazy sometimes because goes tired of the same food very has being and excellent option without sacrifice of good nutrition. by on 08/03/2014
  • Great
    I have tried alot of different cat foods for my cat trying to find one he will like and thats good for him and this is one that he really enjoys. We are very happy with it. by on 08/03/2014
  • Great product
    A few of my cats love this food. It is like a Filet to me. by on 08/03/2014
  • Yummy for Kitty's Tummy
    I have three cats. After my Orange Tabby had digestive issues, I realized that neon-orange vomit wasn't normal and switched to a cat food with less dye. It totally fixed the problem. I now only use this kind of food, and I use natural treats whenever I can find them. The cats love it, and yeah, it's a little more expensive than the regular brand, but I think it's healthier, so I'm okay with it. by on 08/03/2014
  • cats love it
    my cats wont eat anything else, since they've tried this one by on 08/02/2014
  • Purina Naturals
    Purina Naturals is small bits and easy for them to swallow. My three cats LOVE it!!! by on 08/02/2014
  • A Great Alternative
    I was interested in a finding food that didn't have any red coloring/dyes..and found this product. My three cats all LOVE it, and it was a great move!!! by on 08/02/2014
  • Tasty and Natural
    My cat seems to really like this and even with her sensitive stomach and issues, Purina Naturals have no side effects. I would even say my cat appears a bit perkier and livelier too. by on 08/02/2014
  • Go Natural!
    Purina "uses the finest ingredients and a selective blend of protein, carbs, and fat in every bag of Purina® Cat Chow" I think that is a healthy diet and great to be natural by on 08/02/2014
  • Semi blind taste review
    My baby is semi blind and suffers from seizures. Also when she was little she suffered from a severe sinus infection. She is a picky eater due to these problems so it was hard for me to find a product she would eat. But when I tried Purina she seemed to enjoy so she is a total Purina cat. by on 08/02/2014
  • my animals like purina
    Not all my cats liked naturals, but the majority did. It is a little higher priced but of excellent quality by on 08/02/2014
  • Love Purina!
    Natural ingredients are super important to me. I'm extremely happy that Purina offers this product. by on 08/02/2014
  • my picky kitty
    My cat is so picky tried so many different cat food. It was hard getting her to eat what is good for her until a friend recommended Purina Cat Chow Naturals & she loved it. I no longer have a picky kitty I have a very happy kitty by on 08/02/2014
  • All Natural and All Good
    My cats love this food. I like that it's all natural. I don't like to feed them lots of additives. by on 08/02/2014
  • Food
    My cats love this food! They always try to rip into the bag when I bring it home. by on 08/02/2014
  • Naturals
    This is a great food for my indoor cats. They maintain weight and enjoy eating the food. I have noticed less hair balls as well. by on 08/02/2014
  • My kitties were never so happy!
    This food is healthy and my cats love the taste of it! You need to try it. Strongly recommend. by on 08/02/2014
  • good!
    i think it s very good product for my kitty ijhis iforuj rig by on 08/02/2014
  • All natural
    I love how this food is with all natural ingredients. I only want to feed my cat the best food so this is it. by on 08/02/2014
  • Great Food For Finicky Eaters
    One of my senior cats is a bit of a finicky eater. I picked up some of this food to try and see if I could tempt his palate. He loves it! He gets fed separately from my special needs cats, so it isn't a problem that he has his own food. I'm thankful that I could find a quality food that I could afford that he likes! by on 08/02/2014
  • would recommend
    I had my two kitties on this for a while. They loved it. We have switched now to healthy weight. but they loved this food and now they love healthy weight too. by on 08/02/2014
  • Great for everyone!
    I switched to this type for my oldest cat, she has tummy sensitivities and hair ball issues. But all three of my fur babies love it! by on 08/01/2014
  • Love it!
    I recently switched from the normal multi-cat food to this one and my kitties absolutely love it! And I feel better knowing they're getting natural food and no processed junk :) by on 08/01/2014
  • A toy more than food
    My cats love to wack it around the house more than they love to eat it by on 08/01/2014
  • they all ate it
    all three of my cats like this food i will keep buying it and would recommend to anyone by on 08/01/2014
  • I like it. My friends cats love it. Jonas doesn't! :(
    I bought this for Jonas because I was impressed with the natural ingredients in it. I thought he'd really like it. Well, he didn't. He looked at it, smelled it, looked at me, "covered it up" and walked away in a dejected fashion. Seriously, I couldn't help but feel as let down as he looked because I changed his kibble. I left this out for him for 24 hours & he didn't eat one kibble. I gave him his Purina Healthy Weight kibble & he chowed down. The next day we went through the same procedure & got the same result. I kept a baggie full of the Naturals & gave the rest of the bag to my friend that has two cats. They loved it! I continued to try offering it to Jonas throughout the week & no change. by on 08/01/2014
  • Natural Dry cat food
    This is one great cat food with daily dose of Petramalt. I like how they have shiny coats and healthy looking teeth by on 08/01/2014
  • Going Natural
    We have been having some issues with one of our cats that our vet thinks may be allergic to the regular Purina Cat Chow we've been feeding her for years. Giving this one a try to see if it helps. Nice to have a more natural option in the line of food we're used to using. by on 08/01/2014
  • great stuff
    I use this for my cat that has a sinsative stomach and it works great and he loves it. by on 08/01/2014
  • My Cat loves it!
    After trying many different dry cat foods, my Cat is very happy with Naturals. by on 08/01/2014
  • naturals cat chow
    Makes my cat happy and enjoys the product. Makes them full and completes their daily food requirements by on 08/01/2014