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  • nice
    its lovely love it it nice i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve it by on 12/13/2014
  • Cats love it
    My cats love this and I think it is a great value! by on 12/13/2014
  • Maggie approved product
    My cat Maggie is very finicky. However, I have been concerned with giving my cats foods that are truly healthy for them....less grain more protein. I was concerned that Maggie would not eat this food because she would go days without eating her dry food. Since you need to change food gradually and mix old food with new food, I mixed the dry food I had been giving her with Purina Naturals. Maggie picked out, piece by piece Purina Naturals food and ate it and left her old food in the bowl. Therefore Purina Naturals is Maggie approved, and that is saying a lot! Thank you Purina Naturals. by on 12/13/2014
  • Choosy cats love it!
    My cats are very selective about what they eat. When they were introduced to Naturals they just gobbled the food. by on 12/13/2014
  • It's one of my cats' favorite foods!
    My cats love the taste of this food! And I have to admit I like the way it smells too :) by on 12/12/2014
  • My cats love it!
    Purina Cat Chow Naturals is one cat food that all of my cats agree upon. Although there's a little difference in their ages, they all thrive on Naturals. I feel good about giving them a food they love because it's Purina. by on 12/12/2014
  • review
    My cats really didn't care fir the taste of it. I have the bag away to the spa as a donation. by on 12/12/2014
  • awesome product
    my cat's are very picky eaters and they love this cat food. by on 12/12/2014
  • Excellent!
    My cats love the taste of this kibble and I love the benefits it has for them! by on 12/11/2014
  • The Meatiest Cat Food I've Found
    I am a committed ingredient reader, and was impressed by Purina Naturals because it actually listed a meat source first - that was not true of so many other dry cat foods. by on 12/11/2014
  • Absolutely the best
    This is the best cat food on the market for our furry friends. I have been giving Cat Chow to my cats for over 20 years now and they all seem to have loved it and it keeps them very healthy. by on 12/11/2014
  • Awesome
    I really love purchasing this product for all my cata by on 12/11/2014
  • Added Variety
    My cats have been on Purina Cat Chow and Purina Indoor for many years. I decided to check out the Purina Natural for them. They all went for it. One cat in particular was trying to wrangle his way into another cat's food after his was gone. He has always been a rather picky eater. It was well received by all. I would recommend it to other feline owners even though it is a little costlier because the bag has less in it. by on 12/11/2014
  • Great product!
    My cat is a super picky eater, and is a little over 19 years old, so I try and get her food not only she enjoys eating but that will help keep her weight up with a healthy appetite. She LOVES this food, and I love the fact it's full of protein and no preservatives. by on 12/11/2014
  • GREAT!
    I really enjoy that this is an affordable, without artificial ingredients. by on 12/11/2014
  • •No added artificial flavors or preservatives
    nothing in it is artificial the that works for my kittys by on 12/11/2014
  • Kitty tested, Mom approved
    This brand is perfect for my cat she loves it, even begs for it. the pieces are small enough that it is easy for her to chew, I also love that the ingredients are based on the wild eating habits, because she was rescued from the wild and fend for herself for many years. Thanks for creating such a great product!!!!!!!!! by on 12/11/2014
  • New for my cats
    I recently added Purina Cat Chow Naturals to my cats diet because of the whole grains and protein sources. My cats are very picky with what they eat and they love it. by on 12/11/2014
  • Fantastic
    My cat is incredibly picky and doesn't like most foods, but she loves this! by on 12/10/2014
  • excellent food and value.
    We feed this to our 6 cats and they love it. Much better quality than most cat foods and price is reasonable. by on 12/10/2014
  • Good for kitty!!
    I transitioned my cat from healthy weight to naturals and he definitely enjoys this food the best. It has all everything he needs to live a healthy prolonged life. by on 12/10/2014
  • Kitty cat tested and mom approved
    My cats just love this food! Good quality too. Great price! by on 12/10/2014
  • Wonderful product
    Its good to have an all natural cat food from catchow. by on 12/10/2014
  • Helps my kitty's tummy.
    I have found that my cat's tummy isn't as upset when feeding this food. Coat is better and she readily eats. by on 12/10/2014
  • Great Product!
    My 1 1/2 year old cat loves the Naturals cat food. It is also helping maintain his weight and keep him healthy! by on 12/10/2014
  • Great!
    my cats love this food, does not upset their stomachs and no gas by on 12/10/2014
  • Hungry cat
    My cats just love Purina. It is really good for them. I have a cat that was loosing weight, but when we started to give her Purina Naturals, she started to gain weight and is now closer to her normal weight by on 12/10/2014
  • Picky Cats
    My cats are very picky and will stick their noses up to a lot of foods. I use to buy them Rachel Rays cat food and Iams. They ate it. But not much. Then eventually stopped eating it. I gave up and grabbed this Naturals from Purina. I am glad I did. They can't get enough of it ! They are healthy again and always wanting more. Thank you purina. So much. by on 12/10/2014
  • Great food
    This is my favorite cat food. Both of my cats love by on 12/10/2014
  • Good food
    I'm a little picky with foods for my cats so it needed to have good ingredients but it also needed to be affordable for a college student by on 12/10/2014
  • Nummy Nummy
    My sweet baby kitty seems to absolutely love this food! He now turns his nose up at all other types of foods. And I love it because its healthier for him! I suggest this Purina Cat Chow Naturals for all other cats too. Thanks a lot Purina! by on 12/09/2014
  • Naturals
    My mom's cat switched to this food when we recently came to stay with her. He kept sneaking food out of my cats' dishes and she finally just gave him a bowlful and he began to refuse his other food. by on 12/09/2014
  • Great Product
    My cat loves the taste and the health benefits are awesome. The price is affordable and doesn't give my cat bad breath! by on 12/09/2014
  • Amazing :)
    My cat loves this formula and eats it right up, and I am in love with the fact that it is natural and affordable by on 12/09/2014
  • Her Favorite Food
    This is the only cat food my fur baby enjoys! I also feel good feeding her it because of the ingredients and quality. by on 12/09/2014
  • excellent cat food
    My cats are absolutely crazy over this food. Fight over it. by on 12/09/2014
  • Naturals review
    My daughter read the ingredient panel on all the varieties available in our local stores. She chose Naturals based on the ingredients. I continue to use Naturals because the healthy results speak for themselves. by on 12/09/2014
  • cat loves it!!
    my cat loves this food and she does not get so sick from it by on 12/09/2014
  • Ok but not his favorite
    Jake does enjoy this flavor sometimes, but for some reason he gets real picky with this one. by on 12/09/2014
  • Refused
    My kitty refused to eat the sample I had so she could try it. by on 12/09/2014
  • Great Product!!!
    I have 2 cats. One has a vitamin B deficiency and was always vomiting. The other one has issues with UTIs. We were looking for something they both could eat and neither would be sick or have issues on. I saw this food one day while shopping and decided to give it a try, since it is natural and has vitamins and minerals. What could be the harm, right? My cat was getting sick on everything we had tried. The other foods would be okay for awhile, but ultimately after he adjusted to it, he would start vomiting again. Low and behold, we have been using this food for 3-4 months now and he has not vomited even once. The other cat has been doing great too, no bladder issues. So, great choice for me to get this food for them. It has helped tremendously. by on 12/09/2014
  • Not expensive, and not completely unhealthy!
    If you've got a budget to follow but you're scared of some of the ingredients in most "bargain" cat food products, this is the clear choice. While I'm iffy about all of the grains in it, this is by far one of the healthiest cat foods available on the market in its price range. I''ve been feeding my cat the Naturals line for almost a year now with no issues. by on 12/09/2014
  • Love the product for the price
    My cat loves this cat food and I love it for its quality and cost. by on 12/08/2014
  • Naturaly great
    I love that it is all natural! That really matters, I like the best for my cats by on 12/08/2014
  • Quality Food
    With 8 cats in this household, Purina cat food has proven itself to be the overall best food that the cats love and has maintained good health and appearance.Other cat foods simply don't compare.They may be cheaper but they end up all over the floor and many other places. My cats continue to thrive on PURINA!!!! by on 12/08/2014
  • Excellent change of taste!
    It has been said variety is the spice of life, and for cats this is a must! Petey can be a finicky feline, and when he is, I just change his bowl with a different flavor of Purina Chow, he loves Purina, and so do I. by on 12/08/2014
  • Eveyone Loves It!
    I own four cats and that range in age from 16 to 1 year and it can be hard finding the right kind of food that they all enjoy without breaking my budget. Ever sense I began buying Purina Cat Chow Naturals it is almost the only kind of food they will eat. I have even tried the new Purina Beyond, which is higher in price, and they wanted their Naturals back. by on 12/08/2014
  • Wonderful Cat Food!
    Of every other brand I have used and friends of mine have used, this is truly a great brand! I love Purina Naturals cat food, my cats love it, and the cats I have rescued and rehabilitated loved it too. It keeps them fit, happy, healthy, and energetic. Their coats are smooth and soft. :) by on 12/08/2014
  • An Excellent Basic Food
    My Dad found a burly orange tabby lost in the woods. We call him Charlie and he loves to eat. He really likes his Purina Naturals kibbles. by on 12/07/2014
  • Perfect!
    I feed this to my older cats. They love it! They won't eat anything else. by on 12/07/2014
  • Great product
    I got this cat food for my cats to try, because its all natural. They really seem to like it. I think I found a new cat food for them. by on 12/07/2014
  • i have hooked other cat owners to this great brand
    my cats have been eating purina for a long time. I have recently talked other members of my family and friends into trying the great purina cat food brand. their cats also love the taste of this great cat food. by on 12/07/2014
  • pleasant surprise!!
    Both my cats are very picky and I have been trying to feed them a more balanced, healthier version of the other brands that were just as much price wise and others that were not in my budget. But my girls surprisingly like this flavor !!! Yeah! by on 12/06/2014
  • Delicious and healthy
    My cats really love the natural taste and quality of this delicious and nutritious product by on 12/06/2014
  • Amazing
    This product is great for cats. It has all the right ingredients a cat needs in their day. by on 12/06/2014
  • Cats love
    My older cats just love this! I recommend. Great value. by on 12/06/2014
  • Wonderful
    Just bought a bag cause we were wanting to try natural products. Love the ingredients. No more coughing up fur balls so far. And the cats go wild for the taste. They do not leave a morsal. Price is not bad either. by on 12/05/2014
  • naturals
    So far this is the best food for my cats. They love the taste and they aren't going outside their litter box. by on 12/05/2014
  • Best Value for money
    It's so great to be able to purchase a quality, all natural cat food that my cats LOVE at a great price! by on 12/05/2014
  • Good stuff
    I feed this food to my cats at home and also feral colonies around my town. It's a good product that's resonably priced. You don't have the artificial colors that are injected for the pleasure of the human eye. The kibble is small and great for a cats mouth. My cats want nothing else:) by on 12/05/2014
  • definately recommend!
    My cat has been eating this food for years! The fact that it's natural is important to me. I still think it's awesome when I get a new bag and my cat knows it, and when I open it to pour it into the food container she tries to get inside the bag! She loves it when it fresh from the bag, even after all these years. by on 12/05/2014
  • Natural is better!
    I recently switched my cats to this product. I kinda mixed it with their other purina food until the old stuff was all gone. They transitioned over well with no puking or diarrhea. I am hoping this will help with my one "fatty" out of the five. Since I do have 5 cats it's almost impossible to feed them at certain times of the day so they have free range. I have also been trying to get her to exercise a little more by getting the laser light out. If this doesn't help, I may have to switch to the indoor food. by on 12/04/2014
  • My cats love this food!
    I have cats and I have been feeding them another brand of food for years. I had a sample given to me, and from the very first meal, they loved this food. It is HALF the price of the other food and has all the goodness and nutritional value. I am so happy because we are on a budget and I didn't want to have to sacrifice a healthy product just to save some money. I love my cats too much! Highly recommend this product. by on 12/04/2014
  • Great quality
    My 4 cats love the taste and eat these as treats. It's good to know that there is variety in Cat Chow products especially one that is of natural ingredients. by on 12/04/2014
  • Really Good
    This food is really good for my cat mostly because she is very picky! by on 12/04/2014
  • Callie
    I went through several brands and types of cat food. Purina naturals plus vitamin and minerals is the only one the my Callie kitty would eat and shes been eating it ever since. by on 12/04/2014
  • Natural
    This is awesome! My cat has a sensitive stomach. This is the food I buy her and it works wonders. by on 12/04/2014
  • Excited about every bag
    Both my cats enjoy when I crack open the bag to fill up their crunchy bowl. From the very first time I introduced Naturals to them up to now they have not grown tired of the taste. They have more energy and I am glad that I can feed them a more natural diet. They seem more spunky as a result. by on 12/03/2014
  • Great food
    My kitties love this particular formula. It's great for homes such as mine with multiple kitties. This product seems to suit all of my kitties needs by on 12/03/2014
  • great stuff
    The only dry food that my cats eat I have tried other brands and end up throwing that out and now just stick to what the cats eat by on 12/03/2014
  • Good
    My cats love its flavor, and I love its price, and the colors used. by on 12/03/2014
  • kitty cats
    Good food if you want a more natural food for cats, without the food dyes. by on 12/03/2014
  • purina naturals
    Cats enjoy this cat chow. I've tried several types. by on 12/03/2014
  • This is a great product!
    This is a great product! My cat absolutely loves it. It's great quality, my cat enjoys the taste and it's a great value for my money. she's a picky cat, so it's hard to find something she truly enjoys. by on 12/03/2014
  • It's great!
    We used to use meow mix, but it made our cats get diarrhea. So we switched to this cat food. It's the best cat food we've had. Thanks! by on 12/03/2014
  • Purina Cat Chow Naturals - filled with whole grain and Protein
    Purina Cat Chow Naturals is filled with whole grain and Protein and is a complete food for my cat. It is an excellent source of fiber and is very healthy for my cat. by on 12/03/2014
  • Awesome product
    My cats love this product! when they hear the bag open they run toward me. plus, it's a really great price. by on 12/03/2014
  • Good Product
    I used to feed my cat Purina Complete Cat Chow but my cats refuse to eat it since the formula was changed. I figured I would try Naturals Cat Chow and they seem to love it. by on 12/03/2014
  • No artificial preservatives or flavor
    Purina Naturals is one of my favorite dry foods that I like to feed to my two cats, because it contains no artificial preservatives or flavors. Natural is healthier than artificial. by on 12/02/2014
  • Toulouse loves it
    My kitty loves it, when I poored it in his bowl he are it right up, leaves him feeling pretty full. I recommend it. by on 12/02/2014
  • No Red 40
    I searched and searched for a cat food that did not contain ( Red 40) this is not something you want in your cat's food. Especially if you have male cats with urinary issues. My cats really enjoy this food and I don't plan on changing. by on 12/02/2014
  • Kitten to Adult Food
    I chose this food from kitten chow for my cat changing to adult cat food. He loves if if not more then his kitten food, even by purring when I go into the kitchen. And mom loves it too since its all natural for my baby. by on 12/02/2014
  • My Cat would't touch this stuff
    I had gotten a free sample of this a while back and I fed it to my cat, but she wouldn't even taste it. It's not a bad product or anything, My cat just doesn't like. by on 12/02/2014
  • Cat Chow Naturals
    I have a cat who was not eating very much. I fed her this cat food and she loveed it. Also this same cat was throwing up and the naturals cat food helped that too. Now that is all her and the other 3 eat by on 12/02/2014
  • all seven
    all seven of our rescue cats love this product; from little to big by on 12/02/2014
  • cats love it
    My cats love it! I Was looking for some food that wouldn't get them sick and i'm so glad I found this . by on 12/02/2014
  • Great food
    Love that its natural and my cats loves me piece of mind, to know im giving my cats good nutritional food. by on 12/02/2014
  • The Best Cat Food!!!
    I've tried at least ten different types of dry cat food. By far, my cats love Purina Naturals the best. They scarf down every morsel of this stuff and seem to always be eager for more. Other food has been left untouched all day or just pushed out of their dish onto the floor. But I never see them waste this cat food. I can also say that my cats have beautiful soft and shiny fur coats and that they don't seem to shed as much as other cats. With some of the other brands I tried, I would notice that the dye in the food would make its way into what I was cleaning out of the litter box. YUCK! That can't be healthy. My cats never seem to have any digestion problems with Purina Naturals. by on 12/02/2014
  • great product!
    I like this one best. One of my cat's do too. They all like it but he like's it very good. by on 12/02/2014
  • great cat food
    It is the only dry cat food the cats will eat. I would recommend to my family and friends. by on 12/02/2014
  • Picky kitties!
    This is LITERALLY the only food my girls will eat! I buy them Naturals and nothing else - they are addicted. I only feed them dry food, twice a day, so they aren't crazy spoiled, but they do beg for it! by on 12/02/2014
  • Great Product
    I love this product because it's affordable, yet a high quality food that I know is good for my cats. And more importantly THEY love it. by on 12/02/2014
  • Naturals is the way to go
    Cats love this. I love it because it has less dyes in it. by on 12/02/2014
  • Energy
    My cat has so much energy lately. It's almost like he's a kitten again! Really liking this! by on 12/02/2014
  • Favorite Food
    My cats are all indoor cats. This is one of the very favorite foods. It is well balanced for flavor and quality. They can't seem to get enough of it. by on 12/02/2014
  • Good
    natural ingredients mimic the diet of wild cats and controls hairballs by on 12/01/2014
  • Cat likes
    Cat likes this food. Wasn't sure at first took him a couple of days and now it's one of his favorites. by on 12/01/2014
  • Good Stuff
    I recently purchased my first bag of Cat Chow Naturals, frankly because it was the last and only bag of Cat Chow brand on the shelf. We usually use original Cat Chow and I definitely couldn't go home without food. I would of had six angry cats, but it worked out. They really all seem to like it. Their bowls are always empty. by on 12/01/2014
  • Good, healthy food for a reasonable price
    It was hard to find a quality cat food without bha, this was the one that caught my eye. My cat has yet to not eat an entire serving. I highly recommend this product. by on 12/01/2014