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  • Yummy
    We have tried several dry foods and this seems to be the only one that both our cats like and that doesn't upset their stomachs. Good food! They love it! by on 01/24/2015
  • If Kitties Could Smile
    My indoor cats get a mix of this and Purina's Indoor Catfood. The male cat will head butt me after I put this in the bowl and then go eat it. I think it's his sign of approval. by on 01/24/2015
  • My cats consistently like it
    A great cat chow that all my (3) cats consistently like. They've been eating it for years without growing "bored". by on 01/24/2015
  • Vet Tech Recommened
    My vet tech recommended Purina Cat Chow Natural dry food when my cat was having loose stools. It really helped! by on 01/24/2015
  • Great food
    I have three cats, and one of them has a sensitive stomach. I've tried more expensive foods and my poor cat still got sick from the food. I finally tried Purina Naturals and to my surprise she didn't get sick once. I've been feeding it to her for about nine months now and she is defiantly healthier. by on 01/24/2015
  • 6 kitties
    i have 6 kitties all different ages and sizes. They all love the taste of purina naturals. It aids their digestion and I no longer have hairball issues. Their coats are pretty and shiny. I can tell they feel good and i would recommend purina naturals to anyone who wants to keep their cat healthy. by on 01/24/2015
  • We have found the food!
    Between my daughter and me, we have four rescues - two ten-year-old healthy males; an eight-year-old female with allergies to fleas, grass, and PLASTIC, of all things; and an obese three-year-old female. Everybody had upchuck, hairball and often smelly stool problems, no matter how expensive and "special" the food. A friend said her old cat loved and was thriving on Cat Chow Naturals, so I decided to try it. They all love it, and WE love finding fewer hairballs and smaller, less-pungent deposits in the litter boxes. The boys still upchuck more than the girls, but then they tend to eat like puppies instead of grown-up cats. I also like your site and intend to explore it in greater depth when I have time. We have to figure out how to get our youngster's weight down, and I saw some ideas about that. Thank you for making a great product affordable. by on 01/24/2015
  • Both our cats love it
    We have always had cats that were picky eaters. This is one of the first foods both cats like. We orginally found this as a sample in a Tidy Cats litter pail. by on 01/24/2015
  • My cats LOVE this food!
    I have been feeding my seven cats this food for years and they love it! All are healthy and happy and maintain their weight. I would recommend Purina Naturals to anyone with cats! Thanks for a great product. by on 01/24/2015
  • My skinny cat loves this food
    My cat has always been small and I was worried that she was losing weight. I noticed she didn't eat much of the food I was feeding her, so I switched to Naturals and she loves it. She is putting weight back on. by on 01/24/2015
  • my cats favorite
    both of my cats really like this food. never had a problem with them not liking it. great product for the price . by on 01/24/2015
  • Really Good
    My Cat enjoys this, also it is very nutritious. :) by on 01/24/2015
  • great product
    I have 4 cats and they all love this food. thier bowl is empty 10 minuits after I feed them. It makes thier fur shiny and they look good and healthy. Thanks so much for making this product by on 01/24/2015
  • Good Choice for Your Cat
    One cat loved it, the other didn't, so we'll have to try something else. But the one who liked it seemed very pleased! :) by on 01/24/2015
  • Feel Good About What You Feed Your Cat
    I read labels and hands down this beats most of them. It was a done deal as soon as my cats tried it. They have never turned their noses up at it. by on 01/24/2015
  • our cat and our grand-cat love this stuff
    I have a kitty that will be 13 in August, and this is the only kibble she'll eat. She gets some pouch or canned food as well, but she really gets excited when I shake the kibble bag. Our daughter's cat, a big young, guy, also eats this and is very healthy. by on 01/24/2015
  • Begging for more!
    My 2 cats absolutely love Purina Cat Chow Naturals! My cat Felix can not wait until I open a new bag and I have to hide it or he will eat through the bag! It is important that it is natural and has no artificial colors. by on 01/24/2015
  • excellent products
    have 6cats.2on meds.This feed fits all their needs by on 01/24/2015
  • my cats
    My 4 cats love Purina naturals. Glad I tried it and so are they. by on 01/24/2015
  • Kitty Love
    I have 3 rescues who LOVE Purina Naturals. When I bring the bag in they walk circles & climb all over the bag and attack it like a brand new toy every time! I'm glad my kitties love their food so much? by on 01/24/2015
  • Great!
    My cats love this food! They always meow for more! by on 01/24/2015
  • great for my elderly kitties
    I have elderly very picky kitties and after trying many foods they love the Purina Naturals. by on 01/24/2015
  • My cats love this!
    I have three indoor cats and they really love this food. One cat is particularly finicky and he really enjoys this food. It has a nice amount of protein but what I really like is the moisture content. One of my cats was suffering from bladder crystals and the vet wanted him on canned food. He absolutely will not eat any kind of canned food but through thorough research found Purina brands had the highest moisture content than any other dry cat food. And did I say they love it! by on 01/24/2015
  • Feline delight
    I have tried other brands and had my cat turn her nose up to them. This is my kitty's favorite, her coat shines and she sheds less. I like the price and she loves the taste. by on 01/24/2015
  • Naturals
    I have one fussy cat and she loves Purina Naturals by on 01/24/2015
  • Awesome!
    My cats & all of the strays love Cat Chow. They went on strike last time I bought a Cheapie brand of cat food. Leason learned! by on 01/24/2015
  • great taste
    my cat loves cat chow its the only brad I buy I recommend it to all my cat people by on 01/23/2015
  • My cats
    I have 20 cats in my house as I use to do cat rescue with a rescue group in town; and have always used Purina Naturals for years. The cats seem to like it a lot. I have also used Purina Kitten Chow for any babies I had. by on 01/23/2015
  • Naturals
    This is the only food that Baby will eat! I have tried other foods and brands to no avail. She is very finicky, she doesn't even like treats. She's a Natural girl!! by on 01/23/2015
  • Cats Love It!
    both of my cats are very picky eaters and this is the only food they will eat. by on 01/23/2015
  • Never found a cat that didn't like it
    Purina Cat Chow naturals is a staple in our household. Every cat we have ever owned has loved it. We even carry a bag with us to feed to any cat we may run across that needs a meal. Thanks Purina by on 01/23/2015
  • New cat
    I added a new cat to my household so I thought it'd be perfect time to switch foods. I bought Naturals and all three cats are maintaining the correct weight. I am sticking to exact measurements and they are very happy and healthy. by on 01/23/2015
  • Sheba thinks it's yummy!
    Sheba really loves Naturals. I've noticed that she eats every piece and doesn't pick any out she doesn't like (just like a kid and veggies). by on 01/23/2015
  • All of my many cats love Natural Cat Chow!
    I have 7 indoor rescue cats, ages 1-12. I also feed some neutered strays. This is the one food ALL of my cats love. They've been eating it for years; I'm just grateful to find larger bags more easily these days (the 3 lb would be gone in a flash). Great product! by on 01/23/2015
  • My cats 'favorite' food
    I have fourteen cats, and this is their favorite food. We always run out of it sooner than the other Purina products we buy. by on 01/23/2015
  • Cat loves it
    Naturals is my cat's favorite flavor and I like it because it doesn't have any orange/red food colors. by on 01/23/2015
  • great product
    both Tom & Betty love it, us it in conjunction with Purina Indoor Formula. Both great products. by on 01/23/2015
  • My Tiger's sensitive belly
    Well tried many foods and formulas... My Tiger has a very sensitive stomach. Lots of gurgling and difficulty in litter box. Purina Naturals saved us. Much cheaper and worked the same as Science Diet Sensitive! Thanks Purina. Now if my two 7 mos old kittens could only eat the Kitten chow exclusively.......... by on 01/23/2015
  • My cat loves Purina
    We have 6 cats in our family. We inherited 5 outdoor cats whom we love dearly and my 8 year old indoor cat. They all are fed purina and love it. It's healthy for them and keeps their coat nice and shiny. by on 01/23/2015
  • Good Eats
    My kitties love all Purina products! They especially love the treats!! by on 01/23/2015
  • My older cat loves this
    My older cat was having problems with her food so I decided to switch to the Natural. She loves it. She feels better and her throw up issues stopped. I am so glad I made the switch. I want to give her the best years I can and this food sure helped. by on 01/23/2015
  • Playful Cats
    Both our cats like Purina cat foods. They have eaten Cat Chow, Indoor Cat and now Naturals. They are healthy and beautiful from inside out. by on 01/23/2015
  • Worth it
    My fiance and I used to argue about what brand of cat food to buy, some are A LOT cheaper than others and some way more expensive. We were feeding our kittens the kitten chow by Purina and I didn't want to change brands so I picked this one. The name appealed to me because I didn't want to feed my cats garbage, and when compared to other cat foods, the Naturals hold up, I even compared it to Blue and there wasn't much a difference except price. I definitely think feeding my cats this food is what makes them as healthy as they are now. by on 01/23/2015
  • Cats know what they like best to eat
    I have had a lot of cats for over 20 years and over the years i have tried so many types of food for them. Learned that food dye or colored food does not do to well for cats. Came across the green natural bag and will never try another food for them. They love this food so much I buy it in 18lb bag 4 times a week cause they love it so much. When I first started buying natural green my Bengal cat would just tear into the bag so he and the others could eat it as soon as I brought it home. Now when I bring it home I just cut a square out of the middle of the bag and him and the other prefer to eat it right out of the bag anytime they want.This food is the best and I'm a cat owner of multiple breeds of cats and I have learned a lot from them on what cats like best out of all the different types and tastes of hard food this is number one. by on 01/23/2015
  • Your cats will thank you!
    Our furry girls enjoy this and I like that we are giving them something that is decent for them. :) Can't justify spending the extra money for the "even more natural type" dry food and will continue with Purina Naturals. by on 01/23/2015
  • My cats love Purina Naturals
    My cats agree that this food is really good. They have been eating it since it first came out. It was a real event when they first tasted the sample Purina sent us, and they prefer it over canned cat food. In all those years they have been happy, healthy and full of energy. by on 01/22/2015
  • My cats love this!
    I feed all my cats this food, they all love it!!!! by on 01/22/2015
  • My kitties love it!
    Everytime I pick up the bag they all come running!! Must be delicious! by on 01/22/2015
  • My cats love it better than catnip
    This product is great and I normally mix it with the Indoor Forumla. The cats love it and literally run when they hear me open the bag. They have even been known to sit by the bag when I get home from the store waiting for me to hurry up with the human groceries and get to them. by on 01/22/2015
  • Great for my cat!
    My cat instantly fell in love with the food and he keeps begging for more! by on 01/22/2015
  • Good Value & Good For Them
    I watch what I feed my family and our cats are not any different. I feel better knowing that our cats are getting their nutrients and energy without all the artificial ingredients. by on 01/22/2015
  • Love this product
    One of my cats has a very sensitive stomach and this is the only food that has greatly reduced the amount of vomiting he has. We have tried all kinds prescriptions included this one is the best! by on 01/22/2015
  • My cat love this food
    I always have three different dry food bowls out and Natural is the first food they go to. by on 01/22/2015
  • My kitty-cat's favorite dry food.
    These small, bite-sized morsels are just right for any cat. It provides my cats with an easy source of vitamins and minerals. No need to attempt to have the cats take separate vitamin sources. by on 01/22/2015
  • Ms Sue Riley
    My cat loves it. And it is good for him. He would eat 24 hours a day if it were up to him. by on 01/22/2015
  • Excellent but Pricey
    This is my cat's favorite! She likes the taste. She has a sensitive stomach and this is easier on her than any other food I have tried. I alternate between this a wet food and she prefers this even over the wet! This is the only brand I buy, just wish it wasn't so pricey! Admittedly, it is no more expensive than comparable brands. by on 01/22/2015
  • The only food my guy will eat
    I've tried a lot of different cat foods with my cat and this the only one he will always eat! by on 01/22/2015
  • great product!
    This is the only dry cat food that I feed to my indoor cat. She loves it and does very well on it. I would recommend Naturals. by on 01/22/2015
  • Great natural nutrition
    Both my cats love this food and I love being able to feed them a healthier food without artificial preservatives. by on 01/22/2015
  • Making Purrl purrrr....
    I recently adopted Purrl. She is a beautiful young adult Maine Coon. I have been trying to find the right food for her. I have found that in Purina Cat Chow Naturals. When I brought it home and just tried a few morsels she immediately ate them and wanted MORE. Now when I feed Purrl she Immediately purrs. by on 01/22/2015
  • Finally!
    I have 5 cats and a kitten, all of whom have different dietary needs. My middle cats were getting ill on the high price foods and my elder cats were having trouble with the consistency of the kibble. I had tried most everything. My sister-in-law, another multi-cat owner, had similar issues so she switched her cats to Purina Naturals and had wonderful results. I trust her judgement and I am so happy I did. While my kitten is still on a special formula, all my other cats are satisfied with the Purina Naturals. Pepper/Roni no longer get ill and Gandolf/Mija can easily chew the kibble. I recommend this product to my other cat loving friends. by on 01/22/2015
  • good to the last kibble
    harley loved the kibble. she ate every little morsel and asked for more. however, since watching her weight, she only get a specific amount each day. i like that there are no artificial ingredients and that vitamins are already added to the kibble. so it makes a complete meal. by on 01/22/2015
  • Great Cat Food
    My cats, and I have a bunch, all love this food. It is easily digestible and we don't have any problems with it. No bad odors. Works great ! by on 01/22/2015
  • Number One Purina Product
    Just started purchasing this for my new kitten, Miley. I can tell that she likes it because she meows as I am pouring it. I feel good about giving it to her because it actually looks appealing and has a nice smell. This is affordably priced, all natural and good to feed to your animal. I couldn't be happier. by on 01/22/2015
  • Cats love this food!
    I have four cats and if I try to switch from Naturals, they definitely let me know they are not happy about it. It seems to agree with all of then, providing great nutrition and fills them up most of the day. With other foods, I have a problem with them constantly wanting to graze and eat. With Naturals, I feed them and they are not begging me for hours to eat again. It's a great product - just ask Taz, Cola, Peyton and Colt! by on 01/22/2015
  • My cat loves it
    My cat loves the Naturals Cat chow. I tried to switch a couple times and she wouldn't eat the other brand (my local store didn't carry this at the time). She also doesn't have 'hairball' issues - I've had cats in the past have had this problem. by on 01/22/2015
  • Purina Naturals - only thing my cat will eat
    Tried all different varieties ..and this is the only food my cat will eat. by on 01/22/2015
  • My cat loves the naturals dry foods
    This is one of Purina line of foods that my cat loves to eat. I usually mix this with other dry foods and I believe it helps entice him to eat his kibblets. After the thyroid treatment (about a year or so since), my cat becomes quite finicky with his foods. I've been feeding this to him several years already and so far he continues to consume this product. Will continue to feed him the Naturals product. by on 01/22/2015
  • great!
    My cat clearly prefers this product to her old food, and I love that it's natural. I hate the idea of feeding her a ton of fillers and preservatives. by on 01/22/2015
  • Naturals Chow
    Two of my three cats really like the Naturals cat chow. I used to give them only the regular cat chow. Now I get both as they seem to enjoy having more of a varitey in their diet. A freind of mine had told me about Naturals and I gave it a try. Good thing I did as two out of three of them go to that flavor first. I also like to give them a choice for dinner. by on 01/22/2015
  • Best Food Ever!
    I have (3) cats and all of them love Cat Chow Naturals. All of my cats are healthy and active and this food provides all the nutrition they need to look beautiful and to enjoy life! This is an excellent product. by on 01/22/2015
  • Quality food!
    I was looking for a less expensive alternative to the "premium" cat food I was buying, and found Cat Chow Naturals. I was impressed with the ingredients...or lack there of. No by-products or excessive fillers like most budget friendly brands. The best part is my cats love it! by on 01/22/2015
    I have been searching for years for a cat food that BOTH of my cats love. A friend of mine (who has several) cats was experiencing the same thing until she tried Purina Cat Chow Naturals. I switched to Naturals about 3 months ago, and they BOTH love it. It also seems to be easier on both of their digestive systems. Thank you, Purina!!!! by on 01/22/2015
  • Kat enjoys it best
    Although the smell isn't the greatest...This is by far my cats favorite food. Most times I have to put her food bag directly into its container because if I don't she will tear the bag open by the end of the day, even when she has a full bowl! by on 01/22/2015
  • best
    all four of my rescues love this only food they eat by on 01/22/2015
  • Higher protein
    I like the higher protein content in the Naturals over the "Complete" variety and my cats really like and prefer it as well. No problem with their appatite! by on 01/22/2015
  • Owner of multiple cats who LOVE this
    This is the only brand of cat food we purchase (with exception of special need kitty) and we go through a 16-pound bag every two weeks. I was so happy one of the stores I purchase this from started to carry the 22-pound bag. The cats love it, even the one who is extremely sneaky. We have one female who struggles with her weight and she receives the Purina Veterinary Diets food but we sneak the Naturals in as a treat for her. by on 01/22/2015
  • Fantastic product.
    I have two cats that have refused other products. it was only after bringing Cats natural by Purina i saw that the cats were very satisfied and I was relieved everything is natural . Thank you for so a great product from Red and Kunta by on 01/22/2015
  • Feline Favorite
    My cats love Purina Naturals! I tried it at home when purchasing a bag for my husband's office cat, Polly. It's definitely the preferred kitty krunchies at our house. We have four cats at home, plus neighbor cats who come to visit. There's a feeding station at the front door for the visitors. Everyone loves the Purina Naturals & I purchase 3-4 of the 16 pounds bags each month. by on 01/22/2015
  • All of the Cats love It!
    I've been buying only Purina Naturals for the cats' dry food for several years because they all like it AND it has greatly reduced the amount of hair balls and vomiting of some very old cats. They range in age from 2yrs. to 18yrs. We have 15 cats so we spend quite a lot on food and litter. All cats are spayed/neutered and live inside. They are ALL SPOILED ROTTEN! Lol by on 01/22/2015
  • Macie's Favorite
    My cat Macie will know if I try to slip her something different and just stare at me until I serve her favorite... Purina Naturals. I am happy about this and know I am feeding her a healthy and natural diet. by on 01/22/2015
  • Great natural cat food for the price
    My cat has a sensitive stomach but is fine with this brand. by on 01/22/2015
  • Kitty loves this food!
    My cat absolutely loves Cat Chow Naturals. I've bought expensive cat food in the past but my cat didn't really seem to like it much ( I would even catch him eating out of the dog's food bowl despite having a bowl of his own food). I decided to try Naturals and haven't looked back. And my cat hasn't eaten any if the dog's food since! by on 01/21/2015
  • cat loves it
    My cat loves this food. Good value. Would recommend this to all of my friends and even people in the store looking for cat food. I will continue to buy your product and hopefully he keeps liking it through the years as he gets older. Hopefully we have him healthy for many many many many many many many many many years to come. by on 01/21/2015
  • Reduced Carpet Bombs!
    I have used this formula for over 4 years. I tried this formula to try and combat my cats sensitive tummy. He seemed to have trouble with and red dye type of foods and just seemed over sensitove to most foods but this formula calmed all that activity down. We have went from daily events to maybe a few times a month. I only buy this formula! All 3 of my cats love the flavor and crunch and size of kibble. Yea less throw up! by on 01/21/2015
  • An easy way to include our cats in natural eating
    In our house, we have always purchased Purina pet foods. About 2 years ago, we decided to start eating in a more healthy manner by cutting out as many manufactured and non-organic foods as possible. We decided to include our cats in the effort and it has made a significant difference. They are more energetic and really look forward to meal times instead of just grazing as they did before the switch. by on 01/21/2015
  • The Best!!
    I've tried many dry cat foods and Naturals is by far the one that my cats enjoy the most. by on 01/21/2015
  • My cats love it!
    My cats love Purina Naturals enough that yhey will tear into the bag and start eating from the hole if I don't get it open quick enough! by on 01/21/2015
  • An EXCELLENT dry food choice~
    I am the recent proud owner of two rescued kittens! Most of my life Ive been a dog person, not knowing what to feed them I had to try out a few brands then I came across this option and liked the natural diet with no preservatives because I really want them to stay frisky and healthy for as long as they can! I was amazed at their love of this choice of dry food, they rush to their bowls when they hear them being filled with Naturals! I have noticed a tremendous difference in their fur coats, overall health and activity levels as one seems to have been taking on allergic reactions that are now gone!! I will continue to purchase this product for them, and I guess I am officially a cat person now!~ by on 01/21/2015
  • my cat just finished the bag
    I love this product because my cat does She actually just finished this bag and now opened the cat chow indoor cat chow by on 01/21/2015
  • Paws up from foster kitty!
    We are fostering an adult shelter kitty. He just loves this food. Kibble shape is perfect for him, his coat is shiny & his energy level has greatly improved. No issues in the litter pan. Everything is normal. We have been given other foods for him but he really likes this one best. Stick with what works for him. We buy this so he stays on a diet he is thriving on & enjoys eating. by on 01/21/2015
  • Wonderful product
    I was hesitant to change my cat's food but after reading the ingredients on the package I was convinced to give it a try. So glad I did! My picky cat loved this and he's been eating it ever since. by on 01/21/2015
  • Great healthy food for the price
    My fussy kitty eschews most dry food but loves the taste of this formula. She's on a weight-reduction diet and this food has a lower carb count than many "diet" foods with much higher prices. It's excellent quality, particularly for the price. by on 01/21/2015
  • Great for my indoor cat!
    I like that my cat goes crazy for this food. She is a picky eater and she have not turned her nose up at this food. by on 01/21/2015
  • best way to feel love is through the belly.
    I have always said to that if you want to feel the love coming from your animals then be sure to feed them like you would your children. make sure its healthy and real food not corn bi-products. This food is real and smells great and my kitties just love it and they even beg for it. when I tried to give them some cheaper food they turned their noses up at it then when I brought back this food they loved me again. by on 01/21/2015
  • Love Love Love
    my cat thanks me for this ... his stool was very soft since I rescued him until I came across this product that made him regular finally . I've tried many other productsto correct his soft stools and nothing comes close to Purina Naturals. His tummy thanks me and I thank Purina by on 01/21/2015
  • Cats love it
    Our cats love this food. It has made their coal silkier too. We put out this and another type of food. This one was eaten in before half the other one was gone. The ingredients are good for them too. by on 01/21/2015
  • Great Kibble!
    My kitties won't eat anything else, and the ingredient list is considerably better then most other way more expensive brands. by on 01/21/2015
  • Wrong bag, Right choice. . .
    I had someone go to the store to pick up cat food for me, the grabbed the wrong bag, but my cats still liked it. by on 01/21/2015
  • Great Value
    My cat, Monster loves this cat food. He gets so excited that he growls when he is eating. by on 01/21/2015